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Dark Souls 3: 10 New Things Fans Would Love To See

5. Keep advancing the graphics

It's all in the details...

Graphics have never been central to Dark Souls in the way that they have to other game series; but fans are still going to want to see improvements. With each new game it seems companies are fighting to develop better environments and lighting programs to reflect real life details. In particular when graphics improve it can enhance the environments of the game just look at the Fable Series. And of course, whilst graphical improvements can seem marginal during play, when compared to other emerging titles, it can render previous games as clunky and less engaging. Everyone has one of those games that they remember being beautiful and with stunning graphics, only for it to look like a Picasso gone wrong when they play it a few years later. Anyone who is old enough to remember the hype machine surrounding the original Unreal and its water effects knows exactly how this feels.

Fans will not want to see an over focus on graphics however, particularly if it compromises gameplay just another area to carefully tread. Too many games focus on AI assisted mechanics such as 'backstabs', 'cutscene deaths', and 'quicktime events': Dark Souls 3 players will need no such pandering, since their success is all in deft touch of the fingers and swift blow of a blade.

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