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Dark Souls 3: 10 New Things Fans Would Love To See

4. Save the Environments!

Breath taking details...!

Ask a hardcore gamer to name a beautiful gaming environment, and chances are that might tell you all about the Infinity Engine; it created the worlds for the Baldur's Gate games and they were each works of art. But that was top-down graphics.

Tower of fire..

So when or if Dark Souls ever grows a pair and asks gamers if they want to stop and admire the view, most fans of the game will happily do so; because the worlds of Dark Souls is insanely detailed and complex reflecting the true spirit of ancient RPGs. They nailed the environment and whoever that artist was Bandai needs to keep them on the payroll because it would be a sad day if they let them go. I would personally fight for their reinstatement and chain my self to a—I’ll stop. 

Look at all the great little details from the buckles to the pattern on the armor!

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