[Top 9] Dark Souls 3 Best Burial Gifts That Are Useful

[Top 9] Dark Souls 3 Best Burial Gifts That Are Useful
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Burial Gifts are one of the many things that you can select when creating a character in Dark Souls 3. They are usually small items that fulfill a certain niche in gameplay, such as adding fire damage, giving your Firebombs, or increasing your HP. You are free to choose between these items as you wish, depending on your goals. Most players don’t pay much attention to Burial Gifts but they can be a great augment to your playthrough, even if it is in a smaller capacity.

9. Young White Branch

The Young White Branch is a fun little item that transforms you into something in the environment, making you blend in and be undetectable by enemies. They are great when you’re trying to get past a tricky area with many enemies. It functions in the same way as the Chameleon sorcery, so you have that and the Branches to choose from. Even though they are attained as a Burial Gift, you can get more Young White Branches by talking to the giant that throws the spears at the white tree in the Undead Settlement. Just remember that you need to empty your inventory of branches before getting more from the giant.

What makes the Young White Branch great:

  • Great value
  • Can blend into your surroundings
  • Easily attained in-game
  • Cheap

8. Rusted Gold Coin

Now we come to the Rusted Gold Coin, a Burial Gift that greatly increases Item Discovery for 60 seconds. The Item Discovery gained upon use is 100, and it stacks with other items that grant the same effect, such as the Symbol of Avarice. The Rusted Gold Coin is great for players that want to farm for certain low drop chance items, and want to get a specific item quickly. Its niche is very specific, but it gets the job done wonderfully.

What makes the Rusted Gold Coin great: 

  • Increases Item Discovery
  • Stacks with other items that grant the same effect
  • Great for farming items

7. Sovereignless Soul

The Sovereignless Soul is ideal for players that want a slight head-start in the game, seeing as the item itself gives you 2000 souls upon use. Other than that, the Soul of a Nameless Soldier can be found frequently throughout the game, which grants the same effect. 

What makes the Sovereignless Soul great: 

  • Good head-start in the beginning
  • Grants a level at the start

6. Cracked Red Eye Orb

This Burial Gift focuses on the PvP aspect of the game, allowing you to invade the worlds of other players, specifically co-op games, with other phantoms present. Unleash your inner annoyance, and be a menace. Despite this, it is possible to invade a solo player. Upon use, the item will not be available anymore, but more can be found in the game. The Cracked Red Eye Orb is a great item that enables PvP, an amazing experience that every Souls player should try out, because testing your own skills against other players is awesome.

What makes the Cracked Red Eye Orb great:

  • Fun to use
  • Enables PvP
  • Multiple can be found in the game

5. Hidden Blessing

A little niche item that mostly just applies itself to one situation, the Hidden Blessing will fully restore your FP upon use, ideal for players that rely on FP, such as Pyromancers, Clerics, or Sorcerers. Aside from the Ashen Estus Flask, this item is great to keep in your inventory for emergencies, and it’s easy to get after finding the Dreamchaser’s Ashes. 

What makes the Hidden Blessing great:

  • Fully restores FP
  • Cheap after getting the Dreamchaser’s Ashes
  • Great for emergencies

4. Divine Blessing

The Divine Blessing is the counterpart of the Hidden Blessing, which fully restores HP while also removing the Frostbite, Poison, and Toxic status effects, as well as their build-up. Functionally, this item is great to have in your inventory in a pinch, as sometimes you might not have other items that cure these status effects, and the bonus of HP is fantastic for certain situations.

What makes the Divine Blessing great:

  • Fully restores HP
  • Cures certain status effects and their build-up
  • Can be bought in-game
  • Great for emergency situations

3. Black Firebomb

One of the more situational items in the game, the Black Firebomb is perfect for the early game when you have to deal with enemies that are weak to Fire damage, such as Iudex Gundyr’s second phase. Firebombs make the fight trivial. They scale well with Strength and Dexterity and can be bought for cheap from Unbreakable Patches.

What makes the Black Firebomb great:

  • Great Fire damage
  • Scales with Strength
  • Ideal for early game
  • Extremely cheap when purchased from Unbreakable Patches
  • Can be buffed by items such as the Fire Clutch Ring

2. Fire Gem

This Burial Gift is the only one that directly modifies the damage output of your weapon. It is used to infuse a weapon, removing the stat scaling, but adding Fire damage, which can further be increased by using the Fire Clutch Ring. Overall this item is great for players who want a specific build and have a clear goal in mind, such as Pyromancers.

What makes the Fire Gem great:

  • Adds Fire damage to your weapon
  • Can be buffed by other items like the Fire Clutch Ring
  • Added stagger effect for some enemies
  • Raises elemental damage for shields

1. Life Ring

Now we come to the final, and most popular entry on the list: the Life Ring. This Burial Gift will increase your maximum HP by a certain percentage, starting at 7% and scaling up to 10% at +3. Overall it is a great item for the beginning of the game when you need some help surviving the initial onslaught of enemies before you can establish your build. 

What makes the Life Ring great:

  • Raises maximum HP by 7%, 8%, 9% and 10%, respectively
  • Ideal for extra survivability in the early game
  • Can be bought later in the game

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