[Top 10] Dark Souls 3 Best Builds That Wreck Hard!

[Top 10] Dark Souls 3 Best Builds That Wreck Hard!
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FromSoftware games are notorious for their versatility and engagement in the custom aspect of gameplay. Most builds you choose for your character will be very easily modified for your goals, down to the smallest facets of the build, such as rings and armor, and this article will cover some of the best builds you can utilize in your next playthrough to defeat the many enemies that come your way. Each stat that can be levelled can dramatically change the pace of the game, and focusing your intent on one is important, so these builds will center around a specific stat, or combination of stats, to maximize their potential.

10. Faith (Sunlight Straight Sword)

 At the start, we have the Faith Build, special spells governed by the Faith stat that enable you to cast restorative or damaging Miracles in many situations. This build focuses on the Sunlight Straight Sword, a standard sword that scales well with Faith (C), as well as some decent scaling with Strength and Dexterity. To make the build work, you need to gather the necessary Titanite to upgrade the weapon, as well as some Tomes to make sure you use the build to the fullest. At the end, you should have a very solid weapon and a great method of making your way through the rest of the game! 

What's great about the Faith build: 

  • Very fun
  • Miracles are very useful in many situations
  • A strong weapon early in the game
  • Sturdy character, tanky

Link to the build

9. Bleed 

 Bleed builds are an ideal way of shredding your way through any bosses and enemies in your way. After landing a certain number of hits, the effect will proc, causing enemies to take a percentage of max HP in damage, as well as an additional flat amount. To make this build work, you need to choose a weapon that has built-in Bleed, infuse it with Hollow, for extra Luck scaling, and just play the game normally, levelling your stats according to your weapon needs and using Carthus Rouge before every fight. 

What's great about the Bleed build:

  • Strong burst damage
  • Easily set up
  • Great Luck scaling
  • Extremely fun against bosses and enemies alike
  • Many weapons to choose from

Link to the build

8. Strength/Faith Hybrid

This build takes the best aspects of a strong offensive playstyle and augments it with some additional support from Faith, such as restorative spells and support spells. Here we will be focusing on the Knight class and a heavy weapon, such as the Zweihander or the Claymore to dish out significant damage. This build does not have that many flashy aspects to it, as it is quite simple in nature, but handling yourself with extra spells while demolishing your enemies is something exciting nonetheless. 

What's great about the Strength/Faith Hybrid build: 

  • Quite strong offensively
  • Additional potential of Miracles and Faith
  • Versatile
  • Very fun
  • Can take a good bit of damage due to the stats

Link to the build

7. Hexes

 Hexes are a bit of an underrated build path in Dark Souls 3, seeing as there aren't that many of them and a good number of bosses are strong against Dark Magic. However, utilizing this build properly is far from bad and can be a great little detour from the normal way of playing the game, seeing as these spells in general are quite fun to use and are quite unique to their own situations. 

What's great about the Hex build:

  • Unique playstyle
  • Great spells for different situations
  • Can be buffed with items for more potency
  • Good utilization of Dark

Link to the build

6. Archery

 Like other FromSoftware games, it is nice to step away from the already-established playstyle laid out for you when starting a new game. Utilizing archery, an underappreciated mechanic, we can have a completely different experience when going through the world of Dark Souls 3. This build is fun because it breaks the mold of standard gameplay and offers something fresh, with an additional challenge. 

What's great about the Archery build:

  • Offers an added challenge
  • Very fun
  • Long-range gameplay
  • Decent damage
  • Something new

Link to the build

5. Pyromancy

 Some of the most entertaining and fun builds to run in Dark Souls 3 are precisely Pyromancy builds. The buildpath allows you to use fire-slinging spells to destroy your enemies from a distance, eventually upgrading to much more potent fire magic: Dark Pyromancy. All of these spells are relatively easily obtained through Cornyx of the Swamp, as well as other means. The thing that makes this build fun is the element of distance where you assault your enemies in a calculated way, never being close to danger, unless your choose to.

What's great about the Pyromancy build: 

  • Extremely good damage
  • Easily obtained spells
  • Straightforward build path
  • Many different spells

Link to the build

4. Strength

 When in doubt, club. Incorporating a full-Strength build into your game is quite simple and does not require any special planning, just get the biggest weapon you can, level Strength to the max, and pummel everything in front of you until the final boss. What makes the build fun is the fact that you don't have many cares or technicalities while running it, it can be started easily and you just dish out so much damage it doesn't seem fair for your enemies. Definitely consider running this if you haven't already. 

What's great about the Strength build:

  • Extremely high damage
  • Tanky
  • Hyper-armor with some weapons
  • Easy to set up
  • Simple progression and upgrading

Link to the build

3. Sorcery

 Let's face it, a sorcerer is cool no matter the setting. This is no less true for Dark Souls 3 than it is for anything else, so the next entry in the article belongs to the Sorcery build. This build is insanely fun and allows you to bombard your enemies with volleys of magic from a distance, making them rue the day they crossed you. It is relatively easy to set up, with simple progression and upgrade paths. You can also include different weapons to mix and match your experience.

What's great about the Sorcery build:

  • High versatility
  • Lots of spells to choose from
  • Very fun
  • Can be paired with other playstyles
  • Very strong against bosses and enemies alike

Link to the build

2. Dexterity

 One of the main paths that any player might start in their first playthrough of Dark Souls 3, the Dexterity build is an ever-present favorite among new and veteran players. It allows you to dish out large amounts of damage in a small span of time, largely due to the rapid attack speed of some Dex weapons. Utilizing the proper infusions and upgrades will make sure that you are rending away bosses and enemies no matter the stage of the game. 

What's great about the Dexterity build: 

  • Extremely high damage
  • Constant pressure
  • High attack speed
  • Some of the best offensive power in the game
  • Proper infusions allow for alternative playstyles
  • Reliable

Link to the build

1. Quality Build

 Here we come to the best build you can run in Dark Souls 3 as a new player: the Quality Build. This build focuses on two stats, Dexterity and Strength, while also focusing on one weapon that scales well with both stats. Utilizing this build you can achieve some massive damage that is reliable in many situations. It is also new player-friendly, seeing as Quality builds are easily set up and progressed through all stages of the game. You should definitely consider running this build at least once to have a well-rounded, enjoyable experience. 

What's great about the Quality build: 

  • Reliable
  • Great damage
  • Beginner-friendly
  • High versatility
  • Very fun in any stage of the game

Link to the build

And with that, we have come to the end of the article. Each of these builds is extremely fun and usually wrecks bosses quite easily, so you should consider them in your next playthrough, mixing and matching to see what fits your playstyle best. We all have something that makes the game enjoyable on a personal level, it's just up to us to find that specific thing that makes dying 200 times a day worthwhile.

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