[Top 10] Dark Souls 3 Best Rings That Augment Your Gameplay

[Top 10] Dark Souls 3 Best Rings That Augment Your Gameplay
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While small, rings have a massive influence on the way you play, even if it is just a small increase in stamina or FP regeneration. You can find them throughout all stages of the game, and they have their respective upgrades, either by upgrading them directly or by just finding them in the world. This article will cover ten of the best rings in Dark Souls 3.

10. Dusk Crown Ring

How to get the Dusk Crown Ring

When you’re trying to establish a solid magic build, you’re going to want as much FP as you can get your hands on. Some spells consume a very large amount of FP too quickly, so having your spells consume less FP is quite helpful in the middle of battle, even at the cost of some HP.


  • Reduces the consumption of FP by Pyromancies, Miracles, and Sorceries by 25%
  • Reduces HP by 15%

9. Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

How to get the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

Farming is often a very important part of the game, and this ring helps with that nicely. There are multiple versions, all the way to level 3, and each version makes enemies drop more souls upon death. 


  • Fallen foes yield 10/20/30/35% more souls

8. Sage Ring

How to get the Sage Ring

This ring helps you to create a speedy casting build, seeing as it increases your virtual Dexterity, or the hidden value that determines how quickly you can cast spells. Usually, this effect isn’t that noticeable, but even a minor increase can mean the difference between life and death in a boss fight.


  • Increases virtual Dexterity by 30/35/40 
  • 20/15/10 Dexterity to reach the casting cap

7. Prisoner’s Chain

How to get the Prisoner’s Chain

For players who prefer some extra survivability, the Prisoner’s Chain is an excellent choice, seeing as it increases your Vigor, Endurance, and Vitality at once. This adds extra bulkiness since this is a hard game and you need every edge you can get.


  • Adds 5 Vigor, 5 Endurance, and 5 Vitality
  • Lowers the Absorption stat

6. Carthus Bloodring

How to get the Carthus Bloodring

The Carthus Bloodring is an excellent choice when you want to improve your dodge rolls, as they are a fundamental part of the game and those extra milliseconds can be a huge help during fights and boss battles. The ring does come at a cost though, as it lowers your Absorption by 30%, so you better make those dodges count!


  • Increases invincibility frames during rolls
  • Lowers Absorption by 30%

5. Flynn’s Ring

How to get Flynn’s Ring

Flynn’s Ring is one of those items that fit a handful of very specific situations, as incorporating it into any build can be difficult, due to the relation between the ring and weight. The less weight you carry, the higher your damage, up to 15%. It is great on low-weight builds that prefer to run around naked for challenge runs.


  • Lowering equip load increases AR up to 15%

4. Hornet Ring

How to get the Hornet Ring

Some builds prefer to use quicker weapons with a high critical value to really pack a punch against bosses. The critical strikes can’t be influenced easily, so this is where the Hornet Ring comes in. It primarily increases critical damage by a flat percentage and changes the motion values of certain ripostes and backstabs. 


  • Increases critical damage by 30%

3. Hawk Ring

How to get the Hawk Ring

Ranged combat is more than viable in a game like Dark Souls 3, and this ring helps you get the maximum effect out of it. The Hawk Ring increases the range of bows and crossbows and has some favorable effects on Throwing Knives and Firebombs.


  • Inceases range of bows and crossbows (65%)
  • Decreases the damage falloff of Throwing Knives, Kukris and Poison Throwing Knives over long distances
  • Larger throwing arc of Firebombs, Lightning Urns, and Black Firebombs

 2. Chloranthy Ring

How to get the Chloranthy Ring

Stamina is everything when you’re trying to avoid deadly damage from bosses, so this ring is crucial to stay safe. It increases your stamina recovery speed, much like the Grass Crest Shield does. Speaking of the Grass Crest Shield, it and the ring stack, as well as other Green Blossom items. 


  • Increases stamina recovery speed by 7/8/9/10 points per second

1. Ring of Favor

How to get the Ring of Favor

And now we come to the best general ring you can have on any character or any playthrough. The Ring of Favor provides increased HP, stamina, and equip load by a flat percentage, depending on the level of the ring. These stats have some variety to them, so you’re not tying yourself to one stat increase. It is amazing for general survivability in a game like this and you should consider it for any playthrough.


  • Increases HP by 3/4.5/5/6% 
  • Increases stamina by 8.5/9.5/10.5/11.5%
  • Increases equip load by 5/6/7/8%

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