[Top 5] Dark Souls 3 Best Crossbows That Are Fatal

[Top 5] Dark Souls 3 Best Crossbows That Are Fatal
So anyway I started blastin'

Crossbows are a great ranged alternative to Bows, largely due to their high damage and stagger potential, allowing you to blast enemies away efficiently. Most of them are quite powerful, with some exceptions, but this article will focus primarily on raw damage, as well as how useful every Crossbow is. One thing to take note of is that every Crossbow has the same Weapon Art – Tackle, which shoulder-bashes the targeted enemy, creating distance for a deadly counter-attack.

5. Light Crossbow

How to get the Light Crossbow (3:11)

The Light Crossbow is a very alternative Crossbow choice for the early game, as it is quite reliable and simple to use. The damage is great compared to the other Crossbows, but it does get overshadowed by them at later levels. 

What makes the Light Crossbow great:

  • Reliable 
  • Good for early game
  • Great damage

Light Crossbow damage:

  • Regular: 64 physical damage
  • Regular +3: 112 physical damage
  • Regular +6: 160 physical damage
  • Regular +10: 224 physical damage

4. Sniper Crossbow

How to get the Sniper Crossbow (3:51)

With the highest range out of any Crossbow, the Sniper Crossbow is an excellent choice for any player wanting some extra range and solid damage. It is relatively easy to get the weapon, and when you do, you’re guaranteed to have a great experience. While it does have incredible range, the time it takes to reload after each shot can be annoying sometimes.

What makes the Sniper Crossbow great:

  • Extremely high range
  • Great damage
  • Easy to get

Sniper Crossbow damage:

  • Regular: 70 physical damage
  • Regular +3: 122 physical damage
  • Regular +6: 175 physical damage
  • Regular +10: 245 physical damage

3. Avelyn

How to get the Avelyn (0:55)

The Avelyn is the only multi-shot Crossbow on this list, so the timing and opportunities to deal damage are a bit more finicky than other weapons in the same class, but if you manage to land all three shots, they inflict massive damage, proving that the Avelyn is an amazing weapon to aim for at later levels. 

What makes the Avelyn great:

  • Multi-shot
  • Huge damage
  • Great for close-range

Avelyn damage:

  • Regular: 64 physical damage
  • Regular +3: 83 physical damage
  • Regular +6: 102 physical damage
  • Regular +10: 128 physical damage

2. Heavy Crossbow

How to get the Heavy Crossbow (1:35)

There aren’t many special aspects of the Heavy Crossbow, since it just deals massive damage. To get it you need to farm some pretty tough enemies, so the reward for completing that is quite good by many standards. Overall, it is a great choice and an excellent ranged weapon.

What makes the Heavy Crossbow great:

  • High damage
  • Great overall choice of weapon

Heavy Crossbow damage:

  • Regular: 72 physical damage
  • Regular +3: 126 physical damage
  • Regular +6: 180 physical damage
  • Regular +10: 252 physical damage

1. Arbalest

How to get the Arbalest (0:00)

At the end of the list, we have the Arbalest, an absolute monster of a weapon. This thing isn’t a Crossbow, it’s a handheld ballista that fires death bolts. In terms of raw, consistent damage, the Arbalest shines and is very potent in that regard. It is an amazing choice for a reliable ranged weapon that will destroy anything in its path.

What makes the Arbalest great:

  • Reliable
  • Massive damage
  • Works well against all enemies

Arbalest damage:

  • Regular: 78 physical damage
  • Regular +3: 136 physical damage
  • Regular +6: 195 physical damage
  • Regular +10: 273 physical damage

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