10 PC Games With The Biggest Impact On E-Sports Growth: Page 8 of 10

An image of Tracer from Overwatch with guns charged and ready.
Overwatch wasted no time securing a slot in the top 10 PC games with the biggest impact on e-sports growth.

8. Smite

Smite's gameplay is revolutionary within the MOBA genre.

Smite is an oddball on the stage of E-sports because its gameplay is vastly different from that of the rest. Storming onto the scene in 2014, it skyrocketed in popularity by taking a risk in delivering a 3rd person MOBA. This concept was new and well received by the community.

Boom, baby!

The risk paid off; SMITE tournaments have paid out $1,592,692.04 in 2016, according to Esports Earnings.  

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