10 PC Games With The Biggest Impact On E-Sports Growth

An image of Tracer from Overwatch with guns charged and ready.
Overwatch wasted no time securing a slot in the top 10 PC games with the biggest impact on e-sports growth.

For years, E-sports have been a welcomed extension of the video gaming industry. Teams enjoy high-octane competition while making money and enthusiasts are given another venue to share hype over their beloved titles. The games fueling the competition driving the E-sports economy boast solid gameplay which grants victory to players whose strategies and reflexes best fit their in-game predicaments.

Do yourself a favor, blaze ahead and encounter the top 10 games fueling the PC E-sports economy and the numbers backing up the hype. Thank you to Esports Earnings for providing the internet with this data.

1. Dota 2

Fat men plus magic; there is something special about the combination.

If you play PC games, then chances are high you have heard all about Dota 2. You most likely play it. Then it should be no surprise that Dota 2 is the flagship game in E-sports with a firm grip on the title as the game with the biggest impact on E-sports growth.

Plenty of aesthetic options for everyone.

Just how much of an impact, you ask? According to Esports Earnings, Dota 2 tournaments have generated $36,451,051.07 in 2016 alone. Negative, moba-man, your eyes do not deceive you. That number, thirty-six and a half million dollars is not a typo.   


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