10 PC Games With The Biggest Impact On E-Sports Growth: Page 9 of 10

An image of Tracer from Overwatch with guns charged and ready.
Overwatch wasted no time securing a slot in the top 10 PC games with the biggest impact on e-sports growth.

9. CrossFire

Corny? Yes. Graphics? Dated. Top 10? Check.

A recent entry into the top 10 games with the biggest impact on e-sports growth, CrossFire is a popular F2P FPS that can easily slip under the radar. At first glance you might mistake it for Counter-Strike, but a closer look reveals many differences. Dated graphics reminiscent of CS 1.6 are one blatant distinction, as are the warring factions known as Black List and Global Risk. Over 10 modes of gameplay only serve to widen the gap between CS and CrossFire.

Bookstores are for shootouts.

Still, gameplay born of unforgiving precision and tense atmospheres is fully alive in CrossFire. The gameplay is so intense it had players battling over a $493,348.49 prize pool so far this year, according to Esports Earnings.

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