10 PC Games With The Biggest Impact On E-Sports Growth: Page 4 of 10

An image of Tracer from Overwatch with guns charged and ready.
Overwatch wasted no time securing a slot in the top 10 PC games with the biggest impact on e-sports growth.

4. Heroes of the Storm

This welcome clip had me hyped, what about you?

Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s recent MOBA is number 4 on the list of PC games with the biggest impact on E-sports growth. It is impressive for such a new game to jettison to the top with such haste. Then again, are we that surprised? It’s Blizzard after all.

Ahhh, Blizzard's distinct look and feel.

Focusing less on the traditional MOBA experience, Heroes of the Storm incorporates mini-objectives into the traditional moba-mix which infuse it with an authentic player-versus-player-versus-environment feel all its own. According to Esports Earnings, Heroes of the Storm tournaments have generated a whopping $4,610,149.10 in 2016.

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