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10 Biggest VR companies 2017
Sony is leading the consoles in VR technology

10. Owlchemy Labs

Think they will ask you to come in on Saturday?

VR gaming is supposed to be fun. Owlchemy Labs does fun VR better than anyone else out there right now. While most of the companies on this list focus on hardware, this Austin based game developer make games so all that expensive hardware doesn’t collect dust. Owlchemy Labs well known after their physics based racer Snuggle Truck achieved decent success. The developer really hit their stride with original VR concoctions like the goofy Job Simulator and Aaaaaculus!, a flying “simulator”. Currently they are developing a Rick and Morty simulator that looks to fit the style of the famous cartoon very well.

Dat official site.


They don’t call themselves “absurd” for nothing

Virtual Reality, as we know it, is still a new concept for entertainment. VR could end up being a bubble, relegated to gimmick status or it could truly be the future of gaming but any way you look at it, these companies are pushing the boundaries of computer graphics and interfaces in a way we have never seen before and that is a truly exciting event to witness.

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