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10 Biggest VR companies 2017
Sony is leading the consoles in VR technology

9. Linden Labs

VR… inside of a video game? The future is here.

Linden Labs is most famous for their popular MMO Second Life. The San Francisco located company is now throwing their hat into the VR ring with Project Sansar. Sansar is meant to be a VR “experience creator” for everyone. Instead of pre constructed play places like most VR games out there, it will give users tools to make their own spaces. This will go past gaming as well. Linden Labs CEO, Ebbe Altberg, wants his VR to encompass the spectrum of entertainment, business and lifestyle. The open program is currently in a “beta” of sorts, and is usable by invite only. Its release is slated for some time in 2017.

Linden Labs CEO speaking about the future of VR

Sign up for the creative preview of Project Sansar here.

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