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10 Biggest VR companies 2017
Sony is leading the consoles in VR technology

​6. Microsoft

You won’t get to play with one of these babies for a long time

Oculus, Sony, HTC; all of these companies have cornered the VR market. To compete against them Microsoft started development on hologram based technology. Enter the HoloLens. The HoloLens isn’t just VR or augmented reality; it is mixed reality. Draw a character in a 3D modeler and he will pop up on the desk next to you. Guide Conker (yes that Conker) across your couch and entertainment center in search of coins. The promise of the HoloLens is certainly visible in these early apps and the possibilities for gaming or more commercially minded enterprises is limitless. The developer edition of the HoloLens is going to set you back 3,000 dollars which is unfortunate for us peasants because there is no solid release set for the home edition.

Get jealous at the HoloLens official site.

Conker bounces on your couch!

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