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Many well-known faces appear in a variety of Telltale games

5. 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die, as you can see from the trailer, is not for the light-hearted. It’s a survival game – a zombie survival game. Imagine Minecraft with less pixely graphics and more zombies! (But, if you don’t like the idea of zombies but love the idea of a building game, then you can always just turn off the zombies!)

Players are thrown into a huge world, either a pre-made world or a randomly generated one, and the aim is to, well, survive. You can break apart just about anything to get necessary materials to build things, such as tools and weapons, as well as walls and windows to make the perfect base – don’t forget your defences! The default setting is that zombies are slow during the day and they can run at night – you can also edit that to your pleasing if you’d like (I personally like it when they walk slowly day and night – the standard original kind of zombie).

This game is also perfect for multiplayer and has online play built into it. You can work together to make a base, or even go against each other if you want to! Let your creativity go wild and defend yourself from the zombies!

Build a base to protect you from the living dead

Zombies are unfortunately not the only enemy you will face


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