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Best Hunting Games
Shooters are best when nobody is shooting back

3) Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures 2009

One of the few times it is socially acceptable to say ‘that’s one heck of a rack’

Not content with just butchering the multitude of mammals that inhabit the land of North America, Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures 2009 takes your quest to kill every living creature to the skies and seas. You play a kind of reverse Noah as you hunt and fish across North America’s top hunting regions. The game does include strict hunting rules and thus limits the guns that can be used on certain animals. You can compensate for this by making use in tactics and animal calls. Your friendly walkie-talkie will guide you throughout.

There are plenty of options for customization and 50 regions providing plenty of gameplay as well as realism. The game’s best feature is an ability to aim for an animals vital organs for a top score.

My rating: 8/10

Your best friend is a walkie-talkie.

The only way this could be less fair is if you called in an airstrike

If you can think of a better way to teach kids anatomy I’d like to hear it

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