The 10 Best Hunting Games Ever Made

Best Hunting Games
Shooters are best when nobody is shooting back

Want to mount trophies on your wall without Social Justice Warriors getting on your back?

Try one of these top 10 PC hunting games

Have you moved to the city and are now deprived of the vast wilderness in which to stalk and shoot your quarry? Well then do we have a list for you. Many of us do not have the wildlife or the climate for big game hunting. To tide you over before you can get back into the hunt for real, try one of our top 10 hunting games where you can bag a stag without the messy clean up or Ricky Gervais getting on your back.

10) theHunter

Unleash your inner Dick Cheney and go hunting with your friends

TheHunter is a free to download game from Avalanche Studios available on Steam and if you want realism in your hunting games this is for you. Players are invited to design their character and stalk a wide range of wildlife across ten huge environments.

The locations range from the scorched Australian outback to the Arctic tundra of Alaska and allow players to hunt a wide range of animals including kangaroos, bear, birds and of course deer. Players most obey strict hunting regulations such as what guns to use on what animals and deal with dynamic weather all of which can change the outcome of a hunt.

TheHunter also is not limited to solo stalking, up to eight friends can play in co-op mode.

You will not find a more realistic experience for free than the theHunter.

My rating: 6/10

Hunting deers with bow and arrow

You don't mess around in my 100 Acre Wood.

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