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Best Hunting Games
Shooters are best when nobody is shooting back

4) Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

Scholars still debate over how effective gunfire would have been against triceratops

Finally a game that lets you live out the dream we have all had since Jurassic Park 2.You are on the dinosaur planet discovered by dino-corp which allows heroic and fool hardy hunters such as yourself track and kill dinosaurs.

Players choose from a pistol, shotgun, crossbow or rifle to hunt their prey, a location and a dinosaur species to hunt. As you hunt you earn credits which unlock additional perks as well as more deadly dinosaurs. It has a limited number of options but has the added excitement of the dinosaurs being able to kill the hunter. Work your way up from stalking the lumbering Amargasaurus to stealthily sniping the king of all predators the T-Rex.

So if deer are too timid and bears don’t offer enough of a threat then test yourself against the colossal monsters that inhabit Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter.

My rating: 7/10

Instead of a pick up truck you instead get around via a 20 foot drone.

It’s not the land before time. It’s actually the future, on a different planet, with dinosaurs.

Going Medieval on their prehistoric asses

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