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Best Hunting Games
Shooters are best when nobody is shooting back

6) Cabela’s African Adventures

It is like GTA but with stampeding animals instead of cops.

Hunt Africa’s deadliest animals in a free roaming environment. Traverse the wild continent on foot or take command of numerous vehicles to traverse the dusty landscape and locate wild game.

Gameplay centres on a search for hidden tribal idols which are located in the dens of the most dangerous of Africa’s animals. The game provides a series of missions that lead towards epic boss battles with Africa’s Big Five; Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Elephant and Buffalo. There is also a massive free roaming world for the player to explore at will. African Adventures finds a good balance between realism and fun game play.

My rating: 8/10

There is a slight issue with the forward roll being the quickest form of transport.

Bring Mufasa’s killers to justice

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