[Top 10] The Long Dark Best Clothing And How To Get Them

Fashion over Function

The Long Dark’s Great Bear Island is a harsh and cruel environment where “Survival of The Fittest” is implemented to its fullest. And unlike the many inhabitant wildlife on the island, you don’t have any fur or a thick hide to protect you from the elements or some of its more fanged and clawed population. Luckily for you, you have the next best thing: Clothes. This Guide will help you determine the best clothing in the game, how they’ll help you survive and how to get them.  


10.  Rabbitskin Hat


"Warm And Cute"

Starting with the Rabbitskin Hat. This piece of craftable outerwear gear is great for beginning your perilous journey into Great Bear Island. Easy to Craft and Maintain while still offering a lot of good stats.

Why it’s great:

  • Easy to craft as Rabbits and Guts are abundant in Great Bear

  • Easy to maintain as it only costs 1 cured rabbit pelt and 1 cured gut to repair
  • Fantastic for early game exploration as it offers a great warmth bonus while still being fairly light.

How to get it:

You need to cure 3 rabbit pelts and 1 gut, spend 3.5 hours to 5.6 hours (depending on if you’re using a sewing kit or fishing tackle) to be able to craft this item on a workbench.

Item Details:



9. Rabbitskin Mitts

"Like a pair of furry, delicious, furry friends on your hands"

Another Rabbit-based Item. The Rabbitskin Mitts offers the same pros as it does with its headpiece counterpart. There are PLENTY of rabbits in great bear and a lot of them are going to help you survive as proven with these pieces of clothing


Why it’s great:

  • Offers great protection while still being light

  • Great waterproof stats
  • Very easy to craft and maintain

How to get it:

  • This item needs to be crafted at a workbench with 4 cured rabbit pelts and 2 cured guts after investing 5 to 8 hours of crafting time (depending on whether a sewing kit or fishing tackle is used)

Item Details:



8. Thin Wool Sweater

"Not Exactly Sweater Weather Out In Great Bear Island but this will do"

Starting in Great Bear, you’re not gonna have much and you’re gonna need everything you can get your frozen little hands-on, thankfully the thin wool sweater is as good as common items can get. Can almost be found everywhere, good stats, and fairly light for all its bonuses

Why it’s great:

  • Very Common
  • Has great warmth to weight ratio for a non-craftable item
  • Goes great with heavier outer clothing to maximize carrying capacity

How to get it:

Everywhere, it’s so common that you can find it all over great bear.

Item Details:



7. Mukluks

"Like the Song: These Boots Are Made For Walking, and getting attacked by Wolves"

Out there in the wilderness, things are gonna get rough, things will be chasing after you and will eventually get you. That’s where the Mukluks come in, offering great protection bonuses while still being easy to maintain. It's one of the best boots in the game

Why it’s Great:

  • Offers great protection from attacks
  • Has great mobility
  • Light for everything it has to offer

Where to find it:

Possible spawn locations are:

  • Signal Hill
  • Trapper's Homestead Safe
  • Carter Hydro Dam Safe
  • Trapper's Homestead
  • Old Spence Family Homestead
  • Hunting Lodge
  • Hibernia Processing Safe
  • Draft Dodger's Cabin
  • Maintenance Yard
  • Milton Credit Union in the locked safe
  • Lonely Lighthouse
  • Angler's Den

Item Details:



6. Wool Ear Wrap

"Small and Light but it's the performance that counts"

Great Bear is cold, very very cold. The Wool Ear Wrap helps with that in very little but impactful ways while still leaving slots open for other more crucial pieces of clothing. Incredibly Light and offers Good Bonuses for basically nothing.

Why it’s Great:

  • Offers a lot of bonuses to warmth, protection, and windproof
  • Incredibly Light
  • Doesn’t take up any Clothes Slots and goes into the Accessories Slot

Where to find it:

it is a rare item so the best places to look for it are in Safes and High Loot Locations like Lodges, Homesteads, and Cabins

Item Details:



5. Balaclava

"Cyka Blyat - A Great Bear Proverb"

When Mutated Wolves, Hungry Bears, and the unforgiving cold of Winter are coming for you, it doesn’t hurt to look a little silly with the Balaclava. Offering one of the best warmth-to-weight ratios in the game, it is considered rare but worth the effort to look for. 

Why it’s Great:

  • One of the best warmth to weight ratios in the game
  • Durable
  • Offers a lot of bonuses when worn on the inner gear slot

How to find it:

it is a rare item so the best places to look for it are in Safes and High Loot Locations like Lodges, Homesteads, and Cabins

Item Details:



4. Deerskin Boots

"The Boots With The Fur"

What Humans need, Mother Nature provides. Durable and Gives Great Protection all around. The Deerskin Boots are one of the best examples of that. It is craftable so it can be found more easily compared to its other higher rarity counterparts.

Why it’s Great:

  • Offers high stats all around
  • Fairly Easy to Craft
  • Very Durable

Where to find it:

This item needs to be crafted at a workbench for 12.5 hours to 20 hours (Depending on if you’re using a sewing kit or a fishing to tackle to craft) with 2 cured Deer Hides and 4 Cured Guts.

Item details:



3. Wolfskin Coat.

"Keep your friends close and your wolf enemies close...by wearing their skin"

Having the Wolfskin Coat ironically proves that you’re more than sheep in wolf’s clothing. Incredibly Useful when you are low on Ammunition and trying to avoid confrontations with wolves. It is also useful for hunting trips as it gives you a bit more room to breathe while you're out tracking game.

Why it’s Great:

- Offers great stats.

- Fairly Easy to Maintain for what it offers

- Gives a chance to scare away Wolves that have detected you.

Where to find it:

The Wolfskin Coat can be crafted on a workbench with a Hunting Knife after 25 Hours with 4 Cured Wolf Pelts and 4 Cured Guts.

Item Details:



2. Expedition Parka

"When you're trying to climb the highest peaks or just trying to avoid going 6ft under"

Adventure Calls, you’re willing to answer and for the long haul of that perilous trek, The Expedition Parka is your best companion. Offering the Overall Best Stats in The Game while also being incredibly durable and effortlessly easy to maintain

Why it’s Great:

  • Offers the best stats in the game
  • Great Protection Bonus
  • Very Easy to Maintain

Where to find it:

An extremely rare item and can only be found in safes and locations like Signal Hill, Echo One Radio Tower, and Maintenance Yard.

Item Details:



1. Moose-hide Satchel

"Let me carry your bags for you sir"

In a game where you’re constantly bogged down at every single turn, The Moose-Hide Satchel lets you take a load off your shoulders. The only item that provides you with Positive Weight Ratios. 

Why it’s Great:

  • Permanently Increase your Carrying Capacity by 5kg.
  • Only needs Cured Leather to Maintain
  • Extremely Light for What it Does.

Where to find it:

Can be crafted on a Workbench after 10 to 16 hours (depending on if you use a sewing kit or fishing tackle) with 1 Cured Moose Hide and 2 Cured Guts.

Item Details:



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