[Top 3] TFT Best Sylas Builds That Are Powerful Set 11

Best Sylas Builds in TFT
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Sylas is a great tier 4 frontline in TFT Set 11, not just dealing high damage with a single hit, but he also swipes to deal even higher damage.

Sylas also sustains a lot of damage using his ability.

In this guide, explore the winning strategies for the top 3 TFT best Sylas builds that are powerful in Set 11, the highest win rate items, and expert tips.

Let me help you think for yourself.

Sylas in TFT Set 11 shares two critical traits: the umbral, which changes the hexes into powerful ones for those who stand on them.

Sylas also shares the Bruiser trait, which grants him extra health.

Below, we'll explore Sylas’s stats, traits, and recommended items tailored for TFT Set 11, empowering you to maximize his impact within your team composition.


Sylas Powerful Builds for Dominance in TFT Set 11

Sylas’s stats – Set 11:

  • Cost: 4 Gold
  • Health: 1000 / 1800 / 3240
  • Mana: 40
  • Armor: 50
  • MR: 50
  • Ability Power: 100
  • DPS: 43 / 77 / 138
  • Damage: 50 / 90 / 162
  • Atk Spd: 0.85
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 1

Sylas’s Traits – Set 11:

1. Umbral

The moon illuminates hexes, Shielding units placed in them at the start of combat.

Umbral units in illuminated hexes execute low Health enemies.

  • 2 – 200 Shield; 10% Health execute
  • 4 – 500 Shield; 18% Health execute
  • 6 – 1000 Shield and illuminate the whole board
  • 8 – Executed enemies have a 100% chance to drop loot; 40% Health execute

2. Bruiser

Your team gains 100 maximum Health. Bruisers gain additional maximum Health.

  • 2 – 20% Health
  • 4 – 40% Health
  • 6 – 65% Health
  • 8 – 80% max Health, Every 3 seconds, Bruisers deal 6% Health bonus physical damage on their next attack.


Sylas’s ability – Set 11

 Unchain The Demon

Dash around the target and slam, dealing magic damage and healing. Swipe after, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

  • mana cost: 0 / 40
  • AP Damage: 110% / 165% / 495%
  • AP Swipe Damage: 100% / 150% / 450%
  • AP Heal: 110% / 140% / 350%


Priority Items for the Carousel

To ensure success in your TFT Set 11 matches, prioritize the following components at the start of each carousel round. These items are essential for crafting key items that synergize with various team compositions:


Sylas’s items in Set 11:

1. Bloodthirster

Gain 20% Omnivamp.

Once per combat at 40% Health, gain a 25% max Health Shield that lasts up to 5 seconds.

Omnivamp: heal for some of damage dealt

2. Hand of Justice

Gain 2 effects:

  • 15% Attack Damage and 15 Ability Power.
  • 15% Omnivamp.

Each round, randomly double 1 of these effects.

Omnivamp: heal for some of damage dealt

3. Titan’s Resolve

Gain 1% Attack Damage and 1 Ability Power when attacking or taking damage, stacking up to 25 times. 

At full stacks, gain 20 Armor and 20 Magic Resist.


Top 3 TFT Best Sylas Builds That Are Powerful


1. As usual, Teemo is cunning; he shares the Trickshot, which enables him to ricochet and deliver extra damage.

2. Given that they both possess the Lovers and the Alturist traits, Xayah and Rakan are excellent choices.

3. The primary damage dealer, Kai'Sa, also shares the Trickshot characteristic and the Inkshadow, which grants you access to exclusive equipment.

4. With the Bruiser and Inkshadow traits, which give him extra health, Aatrox is an excellent frontline in the early game.

5. Sharing the Bruiser attribute, Sylas is your primary tank on the front lines.

6. Sivir is a strong choice because she possesses the Storyweaver and Trickshot abilities. She also gives her nearby teammates attack speed.

7. At least three Storyweaver members must deal massive quantities of damage in order to call Kayle, who also gives her nearby teammates additional ability power or attack speed.

8. Galio is a fantastic choice since he not only possesses the Bruiser and Storyweaver traits—both of which are necessary for this combo—but he also teases the majority of his opponents.

9. Riven is an excellent choice for both inflicting and taking damage because she possesses the Storyweaver and Bruiser abilities.


1. Sylas is a fantastic front-line player who possesses both the Bruiser and Umbral qualities, making him an excellent damage and tank dealer.

2. Thresh is a massive tank since he possesses both the Behemoth and the Fated qualities.

3. Sett is essential because, in addition to giving his nearby comrades more power, he also shares the Fated and Umbral, which enable him to kill opponents and obtain extra stats.

4. Ornn is one of the best frontliners due to his enormous health from sharing the Dryad and his tankiness from sharing the Behemoth.

5. Because Kindred possesses both the Dryad and Fated qualities, she is an excellent damage dealer in the early game.

6. Ahri has both the arcanist and fated attributes, and he does a respectable amount of damage.

7. As a Tier 1 champion, Yasuo uses the fated attribute early on.

8. With the Fated and Arcanist attributes shared by her, Syndra serves as your primary damage dealer during the mid- and late-game, giving her an abundance of bonus experience points.


Sylas is a great Tier 4 champion who shares the Umbral trait.

Yone is another Umbral member, which would deal huge amounts of damage.

Sett is your tier 5 Umbral, which can deal high damage and empower adjacent allies while also activating the Warden trait, which makes him a semi-tank.

Yorick is a great damage dealer in the early game, sharing the Umbral trait.

Nautilus shares the Warden trait, which makes him a tank on the frontlines.

Darius shares the Umbral trait, which allows him to deal more damage.

Alune is a great fit, as she shares both the Umbral and Invoker traits.

Azir is a Tier 5 Invoker, which increases the team’s mana regen. Not only that, but he also deals high damage and summons soldiers to defend him.


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