[Top 3] TFT Best Kai’Sa Builds That Are Powerful

Best Kai'Sa Builds in TFT
Feed the beast... or be its meal.

Kai'Sa was taken by the Void when she was a child, but she was determined and strong-willed enough to stay alive. Her past has made her a dangerous hunter, and some people see her as a sign of a bad future they would rather not see.

After forming an uneasy partnership with a living Void carapace, she will soon have to decide whether to forgive the people who call her a monster and work with him to fight the coming darkness. or just to forget as the void devours the world she left behind.

This is a full article on how to best place Kai’Sa in TFT to make sure that your void monster consumes your opponent.

Forgiveness is hard, but so very worth it.

Kai'Sa's unremarkable beginning may be her most outstanding trait. She was not a tribal warrior or called from afar to combat the unknown threat under Shurima. She was a normal girl, born to loving parents in the harsh southern deserts. She played with pals and dreamed of her life here.

Kaisa's ninth summer transformed her life. If she had been older, she would have seen more of the weird happenings in the villages, but her mother told her to remain home every day for fear of outsiders demanding homage to evil forces below. Kaisa and her pals didn't believe it until they saw a corral of sacrifice goats purchased from nomad shepherds one evening. She broke their tethers and released the animals into a gorge with her father's ninth birthday knife. Then the unimaginable occurred. The earth shook, sparks seared the sky, and the children fled for their lives.

Void awoke. A huge gap swallowed Kaisa's hamlet and everyone in it, leaving only sand punctured with black columns.

Kaisa woke up stuck underneath. The faint screams of fellow survivors gave her hope despite her overwhelming anxiety. They repeated their names weakly. By day three, just her voice remained. Her loved ones were gone. She was alone.

She glimpsed the light when everything seemed lost. She pursued.

She ate little. Torn waterskins and rotting peaches were left behind as a result of the collapse—anything to avoid famine. Kaisa's hunger turned to terror again. In a large tunnel lit by an eerie purple hue, she saw she was no longer alone.

Deep creatures scurried. Kaisa grabbed her knife and defended herself against the first attacker. The voidling creature pushed her down, but she plunged the sword into its throbbing heart, and they fell further into the abyss.

The beast was dead, but its weird skin had engulfed her arm. Dark and steel-hard, the shell tingled. Kaisa smashed her knife, removing it in a hurry. She used it as a shield to avoid the bigger monsters.

She understood that the shell was becoming her. This second skin and her willpower strengthened as her daily battle to live lasted years.

She had hope and a plan now. Strive. Live. Recover.

She transitioned from victim to predator, from fear to bravery. She has lived between two worlds for over a decade to protect the Void from devouring Shurima and Runeterra. She'll stop that.

She knows that many of the people she protects would consider her a monster despite her numerous Void-construct kills. Her name has become a legend, echoing the horrors of doomed Icathia.

Kai'Sa, not Kaisa.

Best Kai’Sa builds in TFT Set 8

Kai’Sa’s stats:

  • Cost: 3 Gold
  • Health: 650 / 1170 / 2106
  • Mana: 60
  • Armor: 25
  • MR: 25
  • DPS: 28 / 50 / 91
  • Damage: 35 / 63 / 113
  • Atk Spd: 0.8
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 4

Kai’Sa’s traits:

1-Star Guardian

Gain more Mana from all sources.

  • 3 40% additional mana
  • 5 70% additional mana
  • 7 120% additional mana
  • 9 200% additional mana


Innate: Gain 2 hex Attack Range. If there is an enemy nearby, Recon units will dash to safety before casting their Ability.

  • 2 +20% Crit Chance
  • 3 +75% Crit Chance
  • 4 +100% Crit Chance and Recon Abilities can critically strike

Kai’Sa’s ability


Passive: Kai'Sa's attacks apply Plasma. Her next attack against a target with 2 stacks of Plasma deal magic damage.

Active: Kai'Sa gains Attack Speed for 10 seconds. This bonus stacks!

Attack Speed: 40% / 50% / 65%

Damage: 150 / 225 / 385

Kai’Sa’s best items

1-Guinsoo’s Rageblade

Basic Attacks grant 5% bonus attack speed for the rest of the combat. Stacks with no upper limit.

2-Statikk Shiv

Grants 15 bonus Ability power. Every 3rd attack unleashes chain lightning that bounces to 4 enemies, dealing 30 magic damage and reducing their magic resist by 50% for 5 seconds.

3-Giant Slayer

Grant 15% bonus Attack damage and 15 bonus Ability power. Abilities and attacks deal 30% more damage to enemies with more than 1600 maximum Health

Best comps for Kai’Sa


The core of this combo is Vayne stockpiling Attack speed to enable her to do actual damage through sniping.

You should aim to bring everyone on your board to level 3, but notably Vayne and Nilah, since she will be your major frontline, as quickly is possible in this reroll to level 8.

Best team for this build:

1-Since Vayne will have the Anima Squad, Duelist, and Recon qualities active, she will be the primary source of damage.

2-When it comes to main battle tanks, Nilah is where it's at. Three lockets of the iron solari may be worn at once, and their combined bonuses to Duelist and Star Guardian will be substantial.

3-Because he has the same Ox Force, Aegis, and Mascot as your squad, Alistar is an integral part of your front line.

4-Jinx is a new addition to the Anima Squad and Pranksters, and she uses a cannon to temporarily paralyse her foes.

5-Kai'Sa, as a member of the Recon and the Star Guardians, is able to do a great quantity of damage while remaining in the rear line.

6-Ekko is a powerful frontliner with the Aegis and Prankster qualities that make him a reliable tank and summoner.

7-The combination of the Ox-Force and Duelist skills gives Fiora a powerful effect on the front lines.

8-With the Ace trait activated and the Anima Squad trait shared, Miss Fortune is an unstoppable force of destruction even without any special AP gear.


Threats are playable because of their magical abilities; hence, a squad composed of tanky Threats and the Recons would be rather formidable.

This is a mid-slow reroll to level 8 with a strong economy striving to get the Recons to 3 stars.

Best team for this build:

1-Ashe is a powerful backline attacker for LaserCorps and Recon.

2-Once Kai'sa activates her passive and the Recon trait is applied to her, she does a tonne of damage.

3-As a member of the Recon, Vayne can do significant damage to tanks and successfully avoid attacks.

4-Ezreal, given his role as a recon, can do a lot of damage from behind the lines.

5-Rammus is a powerful Threat member because to his passive tanking ability and his ability to knock up an enormous circle of foes while reducing their Attack Damage.

6-Zac can do a lot of damage to adversaries before needing to recover himself, and he can also split into tiny replicas of himself to distract them.

7-While Cho'Gath scales, it becomes a magic-resistant beast with increased maximum mana.


You need a solid economy at level 8 if you want to get an edge over your opponents while trying to reach three stars on Ashe and Ezreal.

He does a lot of damage with his LaserCorps, and his squad of four recons can easily outrun any nearby enemies, making this a formidable force.

Best team for this build:

1-Ashe is a powerful backline attacker for LaserCorps and Recon.

2-Due to his use of the Ace trait and the fact that he is a fellow member of the LaserCorps, Mordekaiser is a formidable champion.

3-Sejuani is a top-tier frontliner due to her high health pool, high area stun range, and Brawler and LaserCorps characteristics.

4-When Kai'sa activates her Recon trait and ends her passive, she does enormous damage.

5-Vayne's abilities as a Recon member include the ability to do significant damage to tanks while remaining unseen.

6-Renekton has the traits of a LaserCorps and a Brawler.

7-Yasuo, uses his LaserCorps ability to wipe out a whole row of foes at once.

8-In his role as a recon, Ezreal is able to do heavy damage from the shadows.

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