[Guide] R6 Best Ways To Get Renown Fast

Renown is money, money is honey!

Are you struggling to gain renown in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege? We’ve got you covered, today I'll be showing you five efficient methods to gain renown in R6 without grinding for hours.

Why is renown so important in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege?

  • It’s the main currency in Rainbow Six Siege.
  • You can use it to buy operators, which is a vital aspect of the game since operators give you more strategic freedom to play the game however you like. They cost from 10k to 25k renown!
  • You can use it to buy weapon skins and operator skins to look more unique and customise your operator.
  • You can use it to buy charms, which hang from your weapon for you and your teammates to see!
  • Used to buy alpha packs, which are packs you gain from either playing and winning games or purchasing them with renown. Alpha packs drop some unique skins and charms that you can’t buy from the in-game store.

Now that you know what renown is, let’s show you how to get thousands of it.


5. Community Challenges

Our fifth method is community challenges. It's not the best or fastest, but it works.

Every week or event, Ubisoft drops a community challenge in R6 for you to complete. These challenges include:

  • Gather 10 million headshots.
  • Destroy enemy gadgets.
  • Destroy attacker drones.
  • Eliminate opponents

To make the most of these challenges, I suggest you take a look at your challenge board when you first log in or while you search for a match. These challenges are completed naturally most of the time since they tend to be very basic, and you only need to contribute once to receive the reward once the challenge is over.

You can’t say no to effortless renown, right?


4. Weekly Challenges

Doing weekly challenges is vital for long-term renown gain; it gives you a sense of goal and achievement, so you’re both farming renown and spicing up your gaming experience in Rainbow Six Siege.

These challenges are slightly more specific than community challenges, so they usually require you to adjust your playstyle to complete them. Don’t worry, though; they’re not that hard. Each challenge awards 250 renown, so that’s a good 1-1.5k renown every week.

Here are some weekly challenges and ways to complete them quickly:

  • Win rounds as Operator X, Y, or Z: Keep picking the required operator and do your best to win the round. Most of the operators mentioned in this challenge are legacy operators; they’re only worth 1000 renown each, so make sure you buy them first.
  • Get kills using a specific type of weapon: this comes naturally unless asked for shotgun kills; make sure to check and adjust to it.
  • Win rounds as an attacker; come naturally; if you’re struggling, try staying alive, droning, and overall playing more carefully and strategically.
  • Win rounds as a defender: same as above, do your best to stay alive and hold angles.

Always remember to check your weekly challenges through Ubisoft Connect.


3. Enjoy the game

The third way to make renown in Rainbow Six is simply by playing!

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that is meant to be played for a while, and the learning curve explains it all: It takes a while to get good at the game! Which also means that you can’t just buy everything there is to buy in a few hours.

A game of ranked averages 200 renown per game and lasts around 30 minutes. Doing the maths, it takes about 20 hours to unlock a new 25k renown operator without boosters. And almost everything is around that 25k renown mark. So be patient. Try climbing step by step instead.

To enjoy playing Rainbow Six Siege, I suggest:

  • Forget about renown and focus more on learning the game. Currency is merely the tip of the iceberg in Siege.
  • Learning the game not only helps you win games and gain more renown, but you can also enjoy the sweet taste of a hard-earned victory.
  • Watching pro league esports in R6 is very competitive, so there’s a lot to learn.


2. Renown Boosters

Ah yes, time for the shortcuts!

Renown boosters are by far the key to getting fast renown in Rainbow Six Siege. You can purchase them with real money or collect them from the Battle Pass if you prefer not to spend on microtransactions.

A booster gives you 100% bonus renown; that means a 30-minute ranked game gives you twice as much renown. You also get a +10% renown bonus for teammates and a +50% bonus for a full team with active boosters. Meaning that you can stack up to a total of +190% Renown bonus.

You can get 3, 7, 30, or 90-day renown boosters through microtransactions (which are honestly not that expensive) or by ranking up in the Battle Pass.

Keep in mind that boosters also count menu time; to get the most out of them, try to play as much as you can while they’re active.


1. Play with friends

We’ve reached the end of our guide, and our best method to gain renown fast in Rainbow Six Siege is a combination of all the previous strategies plus one new factor: friends.

Rainbow Six Siege is a team game; you need as much information as you can get, so playing with people you know is mandatory; it’s a 5v5 no respawn strategic shooter after all. Teaming up not only helps you learn from your friends and teach them, but you can also gain thousands of renown while you’re at it!

How to maximize renown while playing with friends:

  • Activate five boosters at once to get that +190% renown bonus.
  • Play for as long as you can while the boosters are active.
  • Playing ranked (unranked for those of you worried about getting tired and de-ranking) or casual can be fun, but mathematically, there’s not much of a difference between game modes.
  • Try your best to win; victories give way more renown than defeats, so make sure you’re playing to win the game, not to finish it.
  • Keep each other entertained and enjoy the game as much as you can!

That brings us to the end of our guide. I hope you guys make good use of this information. Make sure to save up for new operators every season!


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