[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Attackers 2019

Rainbow 6 Siege Best Attackers
The Operators fighting to be considered for this top 5 list.

Who Are The Best Attackers in R6 Siege?

Attacking in Rainbow Six Siege can be a truly overwhelming experience. You know where the bomb site is, but there are dozens of ways to approach it. Along with that, you have to worry about roamers flanking you, and people running out of windows to peek you before you are ready.

Once you pick a strategy and a place to enter, you have to worry about people pixel peeking, pre-firing, and straight up destroying any possibility of you having a good time.

Attacking effectively requires team coordination, a good sense of map knowledge, gun skill, and the correct choices when you choose an operator. Now ranking operators is no small task, because while Sledge may be overpowered on Theme Park, he can be less useful on a map like Tower.

But there are certain operators that transcend the map and can be great choices in a pinch if you are trying to learn the game, or just have to choose an operator and you don't know who to choose.

5. Sledge

You can't get more simple than using a sledgehammer to ruin the enemies day.

Sledge was one one of the original operators released with the game, and has been incredibly useful since the beginning. His Operator idea is simple, he has a giant sledgehammer which destroys anything made out of wood and a lot of opposing Operator gadgets. He has a high skill ceiling, but also a low entry skill level. So if you are new, he is a great operator, and if you are an advanced player, there are smart strategies to be picked up using him. It is always a tough choice between Buck and Sledge, they serve generally the same function, but Buck has more versatility on what he can destroy. Buck can destroy floors and ceilings above him, but I value Sledge more for the fact that his assault rifle is extremely easy to use and generally a solid choice at all times.

Why Sledge Is A Great Attacker:

  • Sledge's weapon choices are a high damage, low recoil rifle and a powerful secondary SMG which can make quick work of opponents if used correctly.
  • His sledgehammer can destroy Maestro cameras, bulletproof cameras, soft walls, castle barricades, regular barricades, un-reinforced hatches, and the occasional person unlucky enough to not be paying attention.
  • He is one of the few attackers to have frag grenades which, combined with droning and intel from teammates, can make defenders life a living hell.
  • His sledgehammer, along with being used to destroy barricades and gadgets, can be used to open up invaluable pathways to sites through soft walls.
  • He is easy to pick up for any new player and interesting to master for any more experienced player

Best Loadout for Sledge

  • Primary Weapon : L85A2
  • This low recoil, high damage rifle can really terrorize players on the enemy team. Along with the fact that the ACOG allows you to hold good angles when breaching, and most opponents will have a tough time dealing with a good Sledge. The other option is a M590A1 Shotgun, this is generally not a great choice simply because of the power of the Assault Rifle and the fact that the sledgehammer can make any entry holes that you will need.
  • Secondary Weapon : SMG-11
  • This SMG is a powerful second choice. If you are in a jam and run out of ammo in your rifle, you can feel comfortable knowing that the extremely high rate of fire here will help you when you need it. Be aware that the recoil will be nearly uncontrollable, so practice burst-firing with it to be effective. The other choice for a secondary is the P226 pistol, which is a great pistol, but the SMG is too powerful to not bring.
  • Gadget : Frag Grenades
  • Once again, this may be the most powerful secondary gadget in the game. One well thrown grenade can kill or knock down multiple opponents, and you get two. Practice droning and gathering intel before you throw these things and you can guarantee some major damage will be done. You can also choose stun grenades. These are frustrating gadgets, when they work, they are amazing, but they are not consistent and will hurt you as often as they help you.
  • Unique Gadget : Sledgehammer


Tips for playing Sledge

  • Sledge is utterly invaluable when you use vertical play. That means, when there is an objective with a destructible ceiling, you better be up there destroying it. Opening up that floorboard allows you to look directly into the site, and catch defenders unaware.
  • After opening up the floor below you, or the ceiling above the enemy, combine this with the ability to chuck frag grenades down into the objective and you will definitely enrage the opponent team. Open up multiple holes in the floor before you start shooting though, enemies who pay attention will prefire the holes you just made, and opening up multiple holes will keep them guessing.
  • Make sure to bring a teammate with you and drone out very carefully when you are planning on playing vertically. Good roamers know to defend weak points and will be happy to pick you off while you cheerfully smash the wooden floorboards to bits. Bringing a good teammate to watch flanks allows you to do your job well and securely.
  • Make sure to open up unreinforced hatches, castle barricades, and anything else your teammates beg you to smash for them, that is your primary job and it will push the tempo in your favor.
  • Don't be afraid to switch to your SMG-11 in close situations. Burst-fire with it and you will be able to hold your own.

Attacker Rating 8/10

Sledge Trailer
Sledge Guide

4. Jackal

There is no one more hated than a good Jackal, be hated.

Jackal is a bit more of a controversial choice, simply because his win rate is not good among most players. I feel as though that has way more to do with the way he is utilized rather than what he is. Jackal is one of the more imposing anti-roamer Operators. He has a powerful assault rifle in his C7E, and most importantly he can make a roamers life a living hell. When his visor is activated he can see where, on the floor near him, enemy Operators have walked for the last 90 seconds, he can then scan those footprints to have the enemies location pointed out for short intervals, for five full cycles. He can be used to keep an eye out for roamers, and flankers by using one of the more Sci-Fi gadgets in the game; a visor which can scan footprints and locate the owner of those footprints. He is a powerful operator when used correctly and an average one when not.

Why Jackal Is A Great Attacker:

  • His C7E is, in my opinion, the best weapon in the game. A controllable recoil with a high rate of fire and high damage. You can equip an ACOG on it, and hold great angles against flankers and roamers.
  • He has a secondary shotgun which, while not very effective against opponents, can make short work of unreinforced hatches and walls, barricades and floorboards.
  • He holds smokes as a secondary gadget which allows him to be effective when flanking and planting the bomb.
  • His ability to scan footprints will make roamers almost useless on some maps and help your team feel comfortable enough to push.
  • His secondary shotgun allows for vertical game play and can further allow you to create absolute chaos for the defenders.

Best Loadout for Jackal

  • Primary Weapon : C7E
  • This rifle is immensely powerful and will make short work of defenders. The controllable recoil, ACOG, high damage and high rate of fire make it one of the few weapons without any real issues or drawbacks. The PDW is one of the best SMGs in the game, but I find that assault rifles will always perform better for attackers because of the amount of corners and angles you will have to clear. The shotgun is generally not a real choice. There are other operators with better shotguns, and the secondary can make any rotation holes you will need.
  • Secondary Weapon : ITA12S
  • This is primarily a shotgun that should be used for creating holes or breaking wooden parts of the map. The damage is strong, but if the enemy player is further than 2 meters, you will be shooting blanks. Only use it in absolute emergencies or if they are downed. It is great for making holes from above and scanning footprints or just harassing defenders. You can also make holes in wooden walls to escape bad situations you may have gotten yourself into. The USP40 is a respectable pistol, but the utility of this mini-shotgun is too much to give up.
  • Gadget : Smoke Grenade
  • This is not an easy choice. With breach charges, you can destroy floorboards and scan footprints, or attack defenders. But the shotgun should also be able to do that. Smoke grenades can provide valuable cover for flanking, planting, and maneuvering and it would be a shame to give that up for something your secondary can accomplish.
  • Unique Gadget : Eyenox Model III (x3)

Tips for playing Jackal

  • Be sure to try and spot where roamers are running at the beginning of the round with your drone. Find where that is and, with a buddy, make your way there to scan their footprints. Keep an eye out for reinforceable hatches that roamers are usually sent to get and make sure to scan the footprints around there.
  • This is an important one because I feel it gets a lot of Jackal players killed. Do not get tunnel vision for the footprints. It is a game changing gadget, but only use it when you are absolutely safe or covered by a teammate. It takes time to scan the footprints and in that time you are completely vulnerable. Make sure to clear rooms and areas before settling down to scan enemies.
  • Do not keep your visor activated unless you are scanning. Mute jammers, and bullets will make it fuzz up and obscure your vision.
  • Make holes in the floorboards with your shotgun and scan the footprints below of any anchors you wish to point out to your teammates. The visor can scan footprints a full floor below you if you can get them in sight, so try to utilize that vertical gameplay.
  • If you see footprints but are unsure about how to safely scan them, you can throw a smoke down and scan the footprints through the smoke.

Attacker Rating 8/10

Jackal Trailer

Jackal Guide

3. Ash

The meme queen herself, the smallest head hitbox in the game, use it to your advantage.

Although her wonderful ACOG has been put to rest, Ash is still a valuable and powerful breacher. Her utility is very simple, but versatile. She has two powerful assault rifles that play two different roles, so choose one that suits your gameplay style. Her gadget is a grenade launcher that can break open unreinforced walls, hatches, certain gadgets, deployable shields and barricades. She is primarily a character used to kill other players, and can be utilized by anyone who is familiar with first person shooters.

Why Ash Is A Great Attacker:

  • Her R4-C and G36C are both great assault rifles and definitely some of the best in the game. They suit different playstyles which allows her to be one of the most versatile characters in the game.
  • She is a 3 Speed operator which means she can rush objectives and enemies when they least expect it, she makes very little noise and is great and stunning opponents with her speed and weaponry. If overwhelmed, escaping is easier because of her speed as well.
  • Her gadget allows unreinforced walls/hatches and barricades to be opened up from far away. This negates the risk that most players have to take to open them up with breach charges and risk being shot.
  • Although flashbangs are inconsistent, her playstyle allows them to be powerful, you can throw your flashbangs into the room and run in before they even know what is going on. She is a powerful rushing character, but only when played intelligently.
  • Her head hitbox has been a thorn in the side of most people playing against her, although it may seem cheap, headshotting her seems to be harder than most characters so you have that to help you out.

Best Loadout for Ash

  • Primary Weapon : R4-C or G36C
  • Listing both options seems to defeat the purpose of doing something like this list but hear me out. If you like to rush and overwhelm the opponents with stunning speed and aggression, then take the R4-C, it is a powerful gun suited for closer ranges. If you like running in, holding angles, and being less aggressive, use the G36C. It is a powerful assault rifle, but more suited for medium range, it also has an ACOG unlike the R4-C which allows for better long distance aim.
  • Secondary Weapon : M45 Meusoc
  • This pistol contains less than half as much ammo in its mag than the 5.7 USG, but it provides much more damage and if you are using a pistol, usually you want that extra hit to help out. It holds 8 bullets, with one in the chamber, and with great aim, this is a worthy sidearm.
  • Gadget : Stun Grenades
  • Although I generally don't like recommending the flashbang, Ash's playstyle heavily benefits from these things. Throw two or three into a room to make sure they land well and you can push more easily. The breaching charge also accomplishes the same thing as Ash's grenade launcher, so having two of the same types of gadget seems unnecessary. Now there are very crafty ways of using her breach charges, but the stuns are going to get more use.
  • Unique Gadget : Breaching Round (x2)

Tips for playing Ash

  • Although she is fast, don't blindly rush into rooms. Do your due diligence, drone and use intel from teammates. If you know where they are, it is much easier to win firefights.
  • Make sure to use your breaching rounds to open up important entry points for your teammates. Many Ash players run away from their team as soon as possible to rush enemies, but be a team player. You can push with your teammates from several points.
  • Flashbanging into a room and pushing with a teammate can make the defenders shake with rage. Between your speed, the powerful assault rifles and having two targets to try and kill, they will get overwhelmed quickly.
  • Another good way to play Ash is to push from the opposite side of the map with one teammate and flank roamers and defenders from unexpected areas. Use the breaching rounds to open up useful entry points into these areas and gain control of the map.
  • Remember that you have some of the best assault rifles in the game, but remember that doesn't mean anything if you are blindly rushing into objectives and rooms. A prepared anchor or roamer can make you irrelevant fast without map knowledge and intel.

Attacker Rating 9/10

Ash Trailer

Ash Guide

2. Thatcher

Underchosen and undervalued but one of the best operators in the game.

An undervalued and underappreciated character which has utility no matter what you do. He has two great assault rifles, and one of the most powerful gadgets in the entire game. His gadget can make whole strategies useless on enemy teams, but only if used correctly. Thatcher has EMP grenades which can destroy most gadgets on the enemy team and allow reinforced walls to be blown up by a Thermite if there was a Bandit, Mute, or Kaid standing in the way.

Why Thatcher Is A Great Attacker:

  • His EMP grenades can clear the way for a Thermite to blow an important wall, and can clear the ground of Gu traps for a Montagne pushing. Kapkan traps, and Maestro and Valkyrie cams tremble at the of the bluish hue of Thatcher’s grenades.
  • His rifles are great, steady and controllable choices which can easily outgun a defender.
  • He has a claymore as a secondary gadget which helps greatly against runouts and flankers, which you will have to deal with. Because he is key to opening up reinforced walls, be aware that flankers will try to kill you before you have a chance to throw a single grenade.
  • His utility is very simple, throw a grenade at a reinforced wall that is Muted or electrified. Afterwards, throw them in doorways or high traffic areas that traps often lay.
  • Often a necessity on maps, and will be appreciated by all players.

Best Loadout for Thatcher

  • Primary Weapon : L85A2
  • The same weapon as I recommended for Sledge. A steady and strong choice for medium to long range fights. His AR33 is more suited to close quarters, but I find the L85A2 to be a better choice because of the controllable recoil.
  • Secondary Weapon : P226 MK 25
  • The only choice for a secondary weapon for Thatcher. A serviceable pistol that can get the job done when necessary.
  • Gadget : Claymore
  • The claymore is a necessity in my opinion. There have been countless times when roamers run out trying to prevent us from breaching, only for the claymore to save my life. Claymores are a valuable tool for preventing flanks and getting easy kills, while the breaching charge's utility is common among characters.
  • Unique Gadget : EMP Grenade (x3)

Tips for playing Thatcher

  • Stick with your Thermite and Hibana and follow their lead, or lead them if they are unsure. Your synchronization with those two can save entire games. Every important reinforced wall will usually be electrified or Muted, so make sure to disable them and allow an important breach.
  • DO NOT DIE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE ROUND. I know this may sound aggressive, but I have seen many rounds ruined by the Thatchers inability to stay alive for the first push. Once Thatcher goes down, the main strategy of a round goes down. Make sure to stay alive and not to risk your life before the first wall gets breached.
  • Make sure to place your claymore down in risky places when breaching. All attention will be on the wall being breached, so make sure something or someone is covering your back from roamers.
  • After you use your EMP against the reinforced wall and it gets opened, don't be afraid to throw it in high traffic areas, especially against a team with a lot of traps. Disabling Gu traps, cameras, and Kapkan traps are just some of what you can do with these grenades and you shouldn't be afraid to throw them.
  • This is truly an advanced tactic and one that is hard to master. But to stop a Bandit trick, which is when the Bandit sits near the wall and listens for Thermite’s breaching charges just to place down his gadget and destroy it, throw your EMP at the trapped wall, and then throw another one two seconds after. This should destroy the first trap and likely destroy the one being placed as well. Just make sure your Thermite is placing his charge as you throw your first grenade. He may get a little shocked, but that is worth it for opening up an important wall.

Attacker Rating 9.5/10

Thatcher Trailer

Thatcher Guide

1. Thermite

You will more than likely regret not picking a Thermite rather regret picking one.

This is it, the most important operator in the game. He is the only character which can open up multiple reinforced walls with large holes and change the game. With the introduction of Hibana, it seemed as though he was being replaced, but after a number of nerfs for her, he is back to being the best hard breacher in the game. While Hibana is good for hatches and making holes in reinforced walls to shoot through, Thermite is who you want to bring if you have to get through a wall. His assault rifle is good, and he has a claymore to make work of flankers and run-outs.

Why Thermite Is A Great Attacker:

  • He can open up any reinforced wall that isn't electrified or muted, and with the help of Thatcher can open up any reinforced wall. This allows important points of entry into objectives. There are operators with stronger guns and more powerful gadgets, but there is no operator which changes the course of a match as much as a Thermite does.
  • He comes with three exothermic charges, so he can open up multiple walls and hatches, and has room for error with Bandit tricks.
  • His rifle is powerful and will do well against opponents, just aim for the head and you will win most fights.
  • His claymore helps against runouts and flankers and allows teammates to push comfortably and safely
  • He is another operator which is necessary on most maps, and teammates will be grateful for a good thermite.

Best Loadout for Thermite

  • Primary Weapon : 556xi
  • This assault rifle has controllable recoil, and great damage per bullet, but the slow rate of fire can really make it suffer. Aiming for the head or having a great reaction speed makes this weapon very powerful, but it isn't one of the strongest rifles in the game.
  • Secondary Weapon : M45 MEUSOC
  • Much like Ash, this pistol is stronger than the other option but has less ammo. Great for finishing off opponents and great in emergencies.
  • Gadget : Claymore
  • The claymore is almost always a better choice than the stun grenades. Use them to stop run outs and flankers and comfortably blow open any wall you need to.
  • Unique Gadget : Exothermic Charge (x3)

Tips for playing Thermite

  • Just like Thatcher, STAY ALIVE, a dead Thermite is a useless Thermite, and you can say that two times if the only reasonable point of entry was a reinforced wall. Thermite and Thatcher are the ultimate team players, you help everyone on the team, but you must be alive to do so.
  • Make sure you know what wall you are blowing and make your way there with your trusty sidekick, Thatcher. You will likely need a Thatcher, so if you are playing Thermite and no one chooses him, kindly ask if they would.
  • You rifle has a slow rate of fire and generally isn't the best one in the game, so make sure to hold tight angles and be prepared for fire fights.
  • Set your claymore down so that run outs can't kill you while you open up walls.
  • If a Bandit is Bandit tricking and your Thatcher can't time it correctly, either ask someone to shoot down into the area Bandit is in, or go and do it yourself. You can also bait a Bandit into placing his battery by starting to place your charge and halfway through placing it, canceling the movement.

Attacker Rating 9.5/10

Thermite Trailer

Thermite Guide

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