[Top 12] Pokemon Scarlet Best Tera Raid Pokemon

Tired of getting kicked out of the Tera Raid dense several times? Well, there's lots of Pokemon that'll help fix that problem!

In Tera Raids, four trainers team up to take on a Terastallized Pokemon in a boss battle. But what Pokemon you bring into these battles can make a big difference between victory and defeat. With this guide, you can learn the best Pokemon that can help you win as many tera raids as possible!


1. Flutter Mane

Flutter Mane will scare Tera Riad bosses with its magical prowess!

Flutter Manie is a powerful Special Attacker, able to dish out scary damage with STAB from Shadow Ball and Moonblast. This Paradox Pokemon is able to learn Fake Tears to lower the boss’ Special Defense. It can even use Mystical Fire to lower an opponent’s Special Attack while dealing some fiery damage. 

Flutter Mane is also immune to Normal, Fighting, and Dragon types, making it useful for any Tera Raid Bossesthat use those moves. Add this with Flutter Mane’s immense speed, and it’s sending Tera Raid bosses back into the den!

Flutter Mane Strengths

  • Can reduce HP fast with its high Special Attack
  • A swift fighter its Speed stat
  • Benefits from Shadow Ball and Moonblast
  • Good for Tera Raid bosses with Normal, Fighting, or Dragon type moves


2. Koraidon

With the power this dragon boasts, it's no wonder why Koraidon is called the "Winged King".

Koraidon shines bright with its offensive power and seven type resistances. With Orichalmum Pulse as its ability, Koraidon can reduce Water type damage, activate Protosynthesis for any Tera Raid allies, and strengthen Fire type moves. Koraidon will also power up from its ability, which is amazing thanks to its powerful moves.

Koraidon can learn Screech, which lowers an opponent’s defense by two stages, increasing its already tough as bricks Attack. Koraidon can even learn Fire Fang and Flare Blitz, which power up from the sun, and Drain Punch, which heals depending on how much damage Koraidon deals. Koraidon’s a good choice if you’re looking for a strong, supportive physical fighter.

Koraidon Strengths

  • Orichalchum Pulse buffs Koraidon and any Fire Type or Ancient Paradox allies
  • Can learn strong Fire type attacks that gets boosted by Orichalchum Pulse
  • Can learned Screech to lower Tera Raid boss’ defense harshly
  • Can use Drain Punch to recover any damage taken


3. Tinkaton

What it lacks in power, Tinkaton makes up ofr with its support options and resistances! 

Tinktaton may not have the best offense, but she’s got other strengths going for her! With its Fairy/Steel typing, Tinkaton is resistant to nine types and is immune to Poison and Steel type moves. Tinkaton can also learn Reflect, Light Screen, and Thunder Wave, making her a good partner for support and defense.

It helps to give Tinkaton Leftovers for health recovery or a Light Clay for increasing the turns Reflect and Light Screen are up. And to make up for its lack in offense, Tinkaton can learn Swords Dance to double itsAttack stat. This'll help moves like Gigaton Hammer and Play Rough deal even more damage.

Tinkaton Strengths

  • Nine type resistances, with Poison and Dragon immunity
  • Can learn both Reflect and Light Screen to support allies.
  • Can use Thunder Wave to slow down Tera Raid bosses and keep them from attacking
  • Learns Swords Dance to make Gigaton Hammer and Play Rough deal more damage


4. Armarouge

With its amazing defenses and blazing firepower, Armarouge will scorch anything tricks Tera Raid bosses have up their sleeves! 

Armarouge blazes through its opponents with its powerful defensive stats. Moves like Iron Defense are good, but Calm Mind will boost its Special Defense and already high Special Attack.

While its Special Attack is boosted, you can use moves like Fire Blast, Flamethrower, or Psychic for powerful damage. Stored Power is good too, as the move increases in power based on how many of Armarouge’s stats are raised. Basically, Armarouge shines with its power and protection!

Armarouge Strengths

  • Can take hits with its high Defense and Special Defense
  • Can boost its offense and defense with Calm Mind
  • Blasts away Tera Raid bosses with Fire Blast and Stored Power


5. Clodsire

Sometimes defense is the best offense, and Clodsire can deliver on taking hits from plenty of Tera Raid bosses.

Clodsire is a good teammate for supporting allies and weakeningopponents. Clodsire has bulky HP and Special Defense, making it worth bringing or tanking the boss’ attacks. It gains immunity to Water types with Water Absorb and can heal off any damage with Black Sludge.

Clodsire can learn Mud Slap which, while it doesn’t deal lots of damage, is able to lower the boss' accuracy by 1 stage with each hit. Since Clodsire is tanky enough to not get taken down any time soon, you’ll have plenty of time to lower the boss’s accuracy, making you and your allies less likely to get hit.

Clodsire Strengths

  • Can take hits from Tera Raid bosses with its Special Defense and HP
  • Immune to Electric and Water type attacks thanks to being a Ground type and Water Absorb
  • Black Sludge and Leftovers can help recover its high HP
  • Learns Mud Slap for lowering Tera Raid boss’ accuracy


6. Grimmsnarl

With its good physical moves and support options, Grimmsnarl shines in overshadowing Tera Raid bosses! 

Grimmsnarl thrives as a good support in Tera Raids. It’s capable of using both Reflect and Light Screen to boost its ally’s defenses. For some extra support, it can even learn Torment and Taunt to disrupt what moves the boss uses.

To add to this, Grimmsnarl’s Dark/Fairy typing makes it immune to Psyching and Dragon type moves. Grimmsnarl also has pretty good offensive stats, so teaching it moves like Foul Play Play Rough will help with taking down the boss. If good offense and support is what you prefer, you might get a kick out of using Grimmsnarl.

Grimmsnarl Strengths

  • Supports teammates with Reflect and Light Screen
  • Limits boss’ moves with Taunt and Torment
  • Immune to Psychic and Dragon type moves


7. Corviknight

When it comes to Tera Raid boss fights, Corviknight is all about metal-strong defense and razor-sharp offense!

Corviknight is a proud warrior, shining in its offense and defense. Corvikights typing makes it only weak to Fire and Electric types, resistant to eight types, and immune to Poison and Ground type moves! It also has a really good Defense stat, making it helpful for taking hits from bosses!

Corviknight can boost the team’s defense with Reflect and Light Screen, or even lower the boss's defenses with Metal Sound and Screech. It can also help its good offense with moves like Drill Peck, or Bulk Up to boost its Attack and Defense.

Corviknight Strengths

  • Strong and solid Defense stat
  • Only weak to Fire and Electric type moves
  • Can learn Reflect and Light Screen
  • Immune to Dragon and Poison type moves
  • Can lower boss’ defenses with Metal Sound and Screech


8. Scizor

Scizor cuts through Tera Raid bosses with its immense strength and takes their hits with its great physical defense!

Scizor’s offense makes it good for dealing strong damage against bosses. It can boost its Attack with Swords Dance and its crit ratio with Focus Energy. It can learn a variety of powerful moves such as X-Scissor, Brick Break, and Acrobatics.

Scizor has an incredible defense stat, and with its Bug/Steel type, Scizor is resistant to eight typings. It can even boost its defense further with Iron Defense. If you want good Attack, Defense, and many resistances, you might take a liking to Scizor!

Scizor Strengths

  • Cuts the competition with a boost from Swords Dance and Focus Energy
  • Can learn high power moves like Acrobatics and X-Scissor
  • Resists eight types


9. Krookodile

With its unbelievable power, Krookodile eclipses Tera Raid bosses and leaves them in the dirt.

Krookodile isn’t called the “Intimidation Pokemon” for nothing. It’s Grpund/Dark typing is good for having immunity to Electric and Psychic type moves, but this croc’s got way more bite than that.

Krookodile has a massive Attack stat that synergizes well with its hidden ability Anger point. This ability activates when Krookodile’s hit by a move with a critical hit, but here’s the best part: once this ability activates, it raises Krookodile’s Attack stat by 6 stages max! This ability even activates if Krookodile is hit when using Substitute.

Combine this with a move like Power Trip, which increases in  damage based on the user’s raised stats, Krookodile becomes one heck of a powerhouse. Though even without Anger Point, it learns plenty of other solid moves like Bulk Up, Earthquake, and Scary Face to help out in Tera Raid boss fights.

Krookodile Strengths

  • Proves its might with its high Attack stat
  • Anger Point can boost its Attack to the max
  • Immune to Electric and Psychic type attacks


10. Fezandipiti

Fezandipiti offer very good support and a useful ability to help its allies claim victory against Tera Raid bosses.

This avian ally of The Loyal Three works best as a support for the team with moves like Charm for lowering the opponent's Attack and Light Screen for boosting the Special Defense of his allies. This lets you be a bit more flexible with your support since Tera Raid bosses will sometimes nullify its own or your own team’s stat changes, good or bad. Fezandipiti has high Special Defense and Speed, but is pretty good in its other offensive stats too, making it useful for moves like Moonblast and Acid Spray., which can lower an opponent’s Special Defense. 

You’ll want to use an attacking move thanks to his ability, Toxic Chain. With Toxic Chain, any of Fezandipiti’s moves will have a chance to badly poison an opponent when the move hits them. When an opponent is badly poisoned, they’ll take some damage after each turn, and that damage will increase as each turn passes.

Fezandipiti Strengths

  • Catches boss’ off guard with Charm and Lights Screen
  • High in Special Defense and Speed
  • Learns Acid Spray and Moonblast
  • Toxic Chain can baldy poison Tera Raid bosses


11. Munkidori

Munkidori swamps Tera Raid bosses with its powerful Special Attack strength and its excellent ability!

Munkidori, one of the members of The Loyal Three, is a Special Attacking monster with the right moves. Munkidori has the Toxic Chain ability like Fezendipidi, but he also has the move Venoshock. Venoshock doubles in power if the opponent is already poisoned, and Munkidori’s high Special Attack will definitely leave his opponent’s shocked

You can use Acid Spray to lower the opponent's Special Defense while getting Toxic Chain to kick in. When it does, the boss will be poisoned while having its Special Defense lowered, making Venoshock deal even more damage! Munkidori can even learn Nasty Plot to boost his Special Attack.

Munkidori Strengths

  • Overwhelms bosses with its high Special Attack
  • Has Toxic Chain to badly poison bosses
  • Can learn Venoshock, which double in power if the opponent is poisoned
  • Learns Acid Spray for lowering boss’ Special Defense
  • Can learn Nasty Plot to double Special Attack


12. Ogerpon

Ogerpon blooms in Tera Raid bosses with its thorny Attack, blizting Speed, strong moves to learn, and many options for switching its typing!

Ogerpon has lots of variety when it comes to Tera Raids. Ogerpon is a pure Grass type with the Teal Mask, but can turn into a Fire, Water, or Rock dual type with its masks. Her signature move, Ivy Cudgel, changes typing depending on the mask.

Teal Mask Ogerpon has the ability Defiant, which boosts her already high Attack stat for  every stat that is lowered, and gets Embody Aspect which will boost her Speed when Terastallized. With her Attack stat raised and STAB, Ogerpon can use Horn Leech to deal big damage while healing and Ivy Cudgel for some powerful attacks. These attacks will hit a lot harder if you use Grassy Terrain beforehand.

Hearthflame Ogerpon’s ability is Moldbreaker, which lets her use moves regardless of the opponent’s ability. With her Fire typing, Ivy Cudgel gets an increase in power from Sunny Day and Ogerpon’s Synthesis will heal even more HP. Combined with Swords Dance, and another Attack boost from Embody Aspect, Ogerpon will blaze through whatever tricks a Tera Raid boss brings to the battlefield.

Wellspring Mask Ogerpon has Water Absorb, making her useful for Water Type Tera Raid bosses Terastallized into a different type. Ogerpon’s Ivy Cudgel benefits from a boost in Rain Dance and can heal from Horn Leech, making her especially good against Ground and Rock Tera Raids. Embody Aspect will boost her Special Defense too.

Cornerstone Mask Ogerpon gets Sturdy, letting her survive any powerful attacks. But Embody Aspect will boost her Defense and her Special Defense gets an increase during Sandstorm weather.

Also, her Grass/Rock typing covers most of Grass types weaknesses and using the Cornerstone Maskmask gives Ogerpon a strong boost in her Defense. This works with a move like Charm for lowering an opponent’s Attack stat. Bringing Swords Dance and Ivy Cudgel into the mix, Cornerstone Mask Ogerpon has a mix of good offense and defense.

Basically, Ogerpon is a very versatile Pokemon. Every form has its strengths and setbacks, so either of the four options is a good pick!

Ogerpon Strengths

  • Strong and Swift with its Attack and Speed stat
  • Can switch her typings with her masks
  • Gets useful abilities that synergize with her typings
  • Gets a free stat boost with Embody Aspect

These Pokemon are a big help when it comes to Tera Raid battles. With these Pokemon on your side, you’ll be well prepared to take on lots of Tera Raid bosses. So get out there and show them what you’re made of!


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