Pokemon Scarlet Best Order From Early To End Game

Pokemon Scarlet Best Order From Early To End Game
By all accounts, you can do any of the story paths in any order. Unless you want your first gym battle to be against a team of level 40s.

Pokemon Scarlet has you following three separate story paths that you can tackle in any order. But in the vast world of Paldea, you probably don’t know what order to do these challenges. Thankfully, this guide will be handy for how to best tackle the challenges all three stories have to offer.


1. Gym Leader Katy

With her low level Pokemon, you'll bake a sweet victory defeating Katy's team!

Gym Leader Katy's Team

  • Nymble (Level-14)
  • Tarountula (Level-14)
  • Teddiursa (Level-15) Tera Type: Bug

Katy’s team has the lowest levels out of all the other gym leaders. Because of this, it's best to beat her gym first to gain some experience. 

Her Bug types are weak to Fire, Rock and Flying types, but there’s plenty of Flying type Pokemon to find early game. It’s also good if you picked Fuecoco or if your Quaxly knows Wing Attack.


2. Gym Leader Brassius 

While a bit a stronger than Katy, you should still be able to cut Brassius Grass types out of the competition.

Gym Leader Brassius' Team

  • Petilil (Level-16)
  • Smoliv (Level-16)
  • Sudowoodo (Level-17) Tera Type: Grass

Brassius’ Pokemon are slightly higher than Katy’s. If you’ve fought Katy first then your team should be at a high enough level to take on Brassius’ team.

Like Katy’s team, Brassius’ team is weak to Fire and Flying types. They also have an Ice and Poison type weakness. Any Fire or Flying types you used for Katy will leave his Grass types in the soil.


3. Stony Cliff Titan Klawf Being the lowest level Titan Pokemon, it's best to smash this Rock type at the beginning.

  • Level: 16

By the time you reach Titan Klawf, you might’ve already found a bunch of Water, Grass, or Fighting type Pokemon. Taking on Katy and Brassius should give you enough experience to fight against Titan Klawf and withstand most of its attacks.

Titan Klawf is a Rock type, so Water, Grass, Ground, and Fighting types will give you an ace up your sleeve. This’ll be good if you picked Sprigatito or Quaxly, and you can even find Makuhita in the area and  Paldean Wooper early in the game.


4. Team Star Segin Squad Boss: Giacomo

Giacomo's team is the lowest of all the Team Star bosses, so knock the the lights out of this Dark type user's Pokemon!

​Team Star Segin Boss Giacomo's Team

  • ​​Pawniard (Level-21)
  • Revavroom (Level-20)

Giacomo uses the least number of Pokemon out of all the other bosses. They’re also around the same level as Titan Klawf. If you’ve kept any Fighting or Fairy type Pokemon around, they should be at a good enough level to take out Giacomo’s team.


5. Open Sky Titan Bombirdier

Titan Bombirdier is the second weakest of the Titan Pokemon. With the right strength, you'll send this giant bird Pokemon flying towards defeat!

  • Level: 20

Titan Bombirdier has some pretty strong-hitting attacks, so it’s best to make sure your team is above level 20 before taking it on. Though the experience you’ve gained up to this point should make your team high-leveled enough to face Titan Bombirdier and take its attacks. 

Being a Flying type, its Pluck move will hit for lots of damage. But if you’ve prepared any Electric or Rock Type Pokemon, or have an Ice type Pokemon, even this mighty Titan will have its wings clipped.


6. Gym Leader Iono 

Iono's Pokemon are around the same strength as the first two Titans. Do your best and earn yourself a shocking victory!

Gym Leader Iono's Team

  • Wattrel (Level-23)
  • Bellibolt (Level-23)
  • Luxio (Level-23)
  • Mismagius (Level-25) Tera Type: Electric

Iono’s team is slightly higher than Titan Bombirdier. Luckily, you can find Paldean Wooper and Phanpy by the time you’ve reached her gym. And if you’ve kept them on your team at this point, they’ll have the right moves and strength to take out Iono’s Pokemon.

Ground type moves will help here, but you’ll need to be a bit more flexible than that. Half of Iono’s team is immune to Ground type moves, so you’ll want to make sure your other teammates can bring their top game. 


7. Team Star Schedar Squad Boss Mela

Mela's Team is a few levels higher than Iono's, and can be abit tricky to fight. Plan well, and you'll defenitely put out her flames!

Team Star Schedar Squad Boss Mela

  • Torkoal (Level-27)
  • Revavroom (Level-26)

Mela’s a bit trickier compared to Giacomo. Her Torkoal has the Drought ability, which sets up Sunny weather to boost her team’s Fire power. Even worse, her Revavroom has the ability Speed Boost, which ups its Speed each turn.

Aside from plenty of Potions and Revives, having Pokemon with super-effective moves will help a lot. Torkoal’s Drought is dangerous, but not permanent. By the time you’re dealing with Revavroom, the Sunny weather will likely be gone. Use that to gain the upper hand and douse her flames!


8. Gym Leader Kofu

Kofu's team are almost as strong as Mela's. But if you've gotten past her, you'll likely be strong enough to counter Kofu's torrent of Water types!

Gym Leader Kofu's Team

  • Veluza (Level-29)
  • Wugtrio (Level-29)
  • Crabominable (Level-30) Tera Type-Water

After taking out Mela, you should be at a good enough level to take on Gym Leader Kofu. Any Pokemon in your team, especially Grass and Electric types, should also be at a high enough level to deal with his Water types. Use all you’ve gained to turn the tides and claim another win!


9. Lurking Steel Titan Orthworm 

Titan Orthworm's about as strong as Kofu's team. Go all out to break through this Steel type's defenses!

  • Level: 29

After Kofu, your team should be around the same level as Titan Orthworm. If you’ve kept any Fire or Fighting types at this point, they’ll be useful and at a high enough level for this Steel type worm. 

It’s best to not focus on using Ground type moves on Orthworm. Its ability, Earth Eater, will absorb any moves with that type to restore its health. But at this point in the game,you’ll likely have found other Fighting or Fire type Pokmeon (like Charcadet) that’ll help you break through this earth worm’s iron strong defense!


10. Team Star Navi Squad Boss Atticus

Atticus' teams are prett y strong, with their levels being around the 30s. But you'll still have a chance to resist this Poison type user's tricks!

Team Star Navi Squad Boss Atticus' Team

  • Skuntank (Level-32)
  • Muk (Level-32)
  • Revavroom (Level-33)
  • Revavroom (Level-32)

Atticus is Team Star’s Poison type leader. Don’t just rely on any Psychic types you’ve got, as Atticus’ Skuntank negates those moves. But  any Ground types you’ve kept with you, along with your general team, should be at a high enough level to take on Atticus. Atticus uses four Pokemon, but they all have a weakness to Ground type attacks, and Ground types resist Poison, so that’ll be your antidote to victory!


11. Gym Leader Larry 

Larry's team is a bit stronger than Atticus', But even this Normal type Gym Leader has a few weaknesses to exploit, so aim for well-earned victory!

Gym Leader Larry's Team

  • Komola (Level-35) 
  • Dudunsparce (Level-35)
  • Staraptor (Level-36) Tera Type-Normal

Larry’s team is somewhat higher than Kofu’s, but not enough to make battling him too much of a problem. His first two Pokemon can be taken out swiftly with Fighting types. However, his Staraptor sports Flying type moves, and Normal types are only weak to Fighting, so be prepared to use your other teammates if it comes down to that.


12. Gym Leader Ryme

Ryme's a Ghost type Gym Leader with a team a few levels higher than Larry's. But victory's not impossible, son don't fear her strength!

Gym Leader Ryme's Team

  • Banette (Level-41)
  • Mimikyu (Level-41)
  • Houndstone (Level-41)
  • Toxtricity (Level-42) Tera Type: Ghost

Unlike the other gyms, you fight Ryme in a double battle. It’ll be your six teammates against four opponents, so with the right levels you should be able to take on Ryme’s team smoothly.

Pokemon with Ghost or Dark type moves will help send her team packing. Normal types are also a good option since those are immune to Ghost type moves.


13. Quaking Earth Titan Great Tusk

Titan Great Tusks is about as strong as Ryme's team, but is still pretty strong. Counter this Titan's power with your own and claim your victory!

  • Level: 45

After beating Ryme’s Gym, your team should be at a good enough level to defeat the next Titan Pokemon. Titan Great Tusk has some powerful attacks, but since it's only one Pokemon it should be manageable. If needed, you can also buy X Items at Chansey Supply to double your teammate’s stats during the battle.

Great Tusks is a Ground/Fighting type, so Water, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, and Fairy type moves will deal tons of damage. So prepare for a tough fight and leave this titan in the dust!


14. Gym Leader Tulip

Tulips' team is almost as strong as Titan Great Tusks. But even this Psychic type Gym Leader can be outsmarted, so do your best to earn your next badge!

Gym Leader Tulip's Team

  • Farigiraf (Level-44)
  • Gardevoir (Level-44)
  • Espathra (Level-44)
  • Florges (Level-45) Tera Type: Psychic

Tulip is a bit trickier to fight. While she uses Psychic types, her Farigiraf is immune to Ghost types and Dark type moves only deal neutral damage to Gardevoir. . But with the strength your team has gained up to now, you should stand a chance against her. 

Regardless, bring a mix of Dark, Bug and Ghost types moves for the Pokemon that are weak against those types. Use all you’ve got to outsmart this Psychic type model!


15. Gym Leader Grusha

Grusha's Ice types are pretty strong, being about as strong as Tulips. But prepare well, and you'll defenitely melt through this gym leader's power! 

Gym Leader Grusha's Team

  • Frosmoth (Level-47)
  • Beartic (Level-47)
  • Cetitan (Level-47)
  • Altaria (Level-48) Tera Type: Ice

Grusha's team is around the same level of Tulips. Plus, Ice types share lots of type weaknesses. If you were able to beat Tulip, you should be able to take on Grusha next.

Ice types are weak to Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel type attacks. Bring any moves with those types and counter his cold attacks with your burning willpower!


16. Team Star Ruchbah Squad Ortega

Ortega's the second strongest of the Team Star bosses. But go all out with your own strength, and victory won't just be a fantasy!

Team Star Ruchbah Squad Ortega's Team

  • Azumarill (Level-50)
  • Wigglytuff (Level-50)
  • Daschbun (Level-51)
  • Revavroom (Level-50)

Since Ortega’s team is around level 50, your team should be strong enough to face him. All of Ortega’s Pokemon are weak to Poison and Steel type moves (except for Azumarill, who receives neutral damage from Steel moves). Once Revavroom is out, its Misty Surge will boost the power of its Fairy type moves, so Pokemon that resist Fairy moves (Poison, Steel, and Fire) will help a lot here. 


17. Team Star Caph Squad Boss Eri

Eri's the strongest of the Team Star bosses. But though her Fighting types pack a punch, the strength you've built up to this point will help you overpower her!

Team Star Caph Squad Boss Eri's Team

  • Toxicroak (Level-55)
  • Passimian (Level-55)
  • Lucario (Level-55)
  • Annihilape (Level-56)
  • Revavroom (Level-56)

Eri’s team is higher-leveled than Ortega’s, but also a bit lower than the next Titan’s, so you’ll likely have a better time facing her team and gaining some experience first.

Aside from Lucario, Eri’s team is very vulnerable to Psychic, Flying, and Fairy moves. But be careful when she sends out her Revavroom. Its “Stamina” ability will boost its Defense stat each time it gets hit, so try to focus on using Special Attack moves as much as possible.


18. False Dragon Titan Dodonzo

Titan Dodonzo has you tackling three Titan battles instead of two. But even these mighty Pokemon aren't impossible to beat, so show them jsut powerful your own team is!

  • Level: 56

Titan Tatsugiri

  • Level: 57

This is the only Titan in the game that sports three battles instead of two. Luckily, they’re all against one Pokemon, and you’ll Have Arven to back you up in each phase.

Dodonzo is only weak to Grass and Electric moves, while Tatsugiri’s only weak to Dragon, Fairy, and Ice type moves. Since you’ll be dealing with two different Pokemon, you’ll want to be flexible with what Pokemon you bring and what moves you’ll teach for this fight. 


19. Penny 

Penny's team is ful of Eeeveelutiosn, they're still higher levled than the final Titan Pokeon. So make sure your own team is strong enough to take her on

Penny's Team

  • Umbreon (Level-62)
  • Vaporeon  (Level-62)
  • Jolteon  (Level-62)
  • Flareon  (Level-62)
  • Leafeon  (Level-62)
  • Sylveon  (Level-63) Tera Type: Fairy

Penny is the final boss of Starfall Street. She only uses a team of eeveelutions, but they’re still pretty high in level, so caution is key. 

That said, her team doesn’t hit too hard, so use this opportunity to gain some experience for the tougher fights ahead. Give this fight everything you’ve got and put Operation Starfall to a close!


20. Arven

Arven's team is about as strong as Penny's, but has a lot more variety. But after all of the trials you've faced, you'll definitely stand a chance against him!

Arven's Team

  • Greedent  (Level-58)
  • Cloyster  (Level-59)
  • Scovillain  (Level-60)
  • Toedscruel  (Level-61)
  • Garganacl  (Level-62)
  • Mabosstiff  (Level-63) Tera Type: Dark

Arven’s team is more varied than Penny’s, making him a little tougher to fight. But if you’ve won against Cassiopeia then the experience should put your team on equal levels with Arven’s. Bring a variety of Pokemon types and moves with you, and close the book on this path of legends!


21. Nemona

Nemona's team is a lot stronger than Arven's and Penny's. Go all out with your own team and show this Champion-ranked trainer what you can do!

Nemona's Team

If Sprigatito was chosen:

  • Lycanroc (Level-65)
  • Goodra (Level-65)
  • Dudunsparce (Level-65)
  • Orthworm (Level-65)
  • Pawmot (Level-65)
  • Quaquaval (Level-66) Tera Type: Water

If Fuecoco was chosen:

  • Lycanroc (Level-65)
  • Goodra (Level-65)
  • Dudunsparce (Level-65)
  • Orthworm (Level-65)
  • Pawmot (Level-65)
  • Meowscarada (Level-66) Tera Type: Grass

If Quaxly was chosen:

  • Lycanroc (Level-65)
  • Goodra (Level-65)
  • Dudunsparce (Level-65)
  • Orthworm (Level-65)
  • Pawmot (Level-65)
  • Skeledirge (Level-66) Tera Type: Fire 

Nemona’s team has the highest levels compared to Cassiopeia and Arven. And her team is just  as, if not more, varied than Arven’s.

But with the EXP gains from Arven and Casseopia, plus more from the Elite Four and Geeta, no doubt your team will be strong enough to face Nemona. Plus, you can go and do some grinding before battling her if needed. Once you’re ready, face her in battle and end this road in victory!

And that’s the best route to take in Pokemon Scarlet! With this route, your team should be at a consistent, even level against the opponents you’ll face. So set out towards the Paldea region and reach the concussion to all three of these stories!


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