How To Find Legendaries In Pokemon Go

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I'm Legend... ...Ary

Pokemon Go has some Pokémon called legendary, but what makes them a legend, just like Will Smith starring in that movie, killing zombies and getting mad at someone eating his bacon? These Pokémon help with keeping the Pokémon World in peace, most of them were created by Arceus, a Mythical Pokémon. They are named as legendaries due to their strong powers and extreme rarity, which makes them hard to catch, but hard doesn't mean impossible, so this guide is going to help you to catch Will Smith… No, wait…

How to Find Legendaries in Pokemon Go

  • Find a legendary Raid: A legendary egg appears on a Gym when Legendary Raids are available
  • Earn the Daily Bonus 7 straight: This is a matter of luck, but it's possible to happen to get a legendary Pokémon as reward. You just have to visit Pokéstops

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