Pokemon Go How To Get a Raid Pass

What's a raid pass, why is a raid pass used for
Calling this Raid Pass only "Raid", because a pass word is meant to be secret


Raid Passes are items used by trainers to join Raids. There are some different types of Raid Passes, such as: Regular/free Raid Passes (used to join a Raid battle), Remote Raid Passes(used to join not only nearby Raids, but also Raids all around the world), EX Raid Passes (can be used to join EX Raids) and Premium Raid Passes (can be used to unlock Premium Rewards in GO Battle League or join a Raid as well).

How to Find Raid Passes in pokemon go

  • In order to get a Free Raid Pass, you just need to spin the Photo Disc in a Gym.
  • In order to get an EX Raid Pass, you need to defeat a Raid Boss at the Gym
  • If you want to get a Premium Raid Pass, you need to purchase it from the in-game Shop. It costs 100 Pokécoins
  • You can get Remote Raid Passes on special events or purchase it from the in-game Shop

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