[Top 10] Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Best Fire Types (Ranked)

Best Fire Type Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
When all eyes land on that last slice of pizza

When it comes to pokemon types, in terms of popularity, you would find fire-types either at the top, or near it.  Whether it’s from their appearance, to the power they display in their attack, just ask a Pokemon fan what they think about fire-types, and find out which ones have a deep loyalty to them.  Between pokemon fans, it makes for interesting conversation, with types being a way to start building bonds in the process.

When it comes to numbers, on how many pokemon are fire-types, is somewhere in the middle, compared to the other pokemon types.  Depending on each region introduced, they would have either a small few, like in Unova, which came out with plenty of them.  Or in Sinnoh, where the only fire-types introduced from that region alone were the starter and the legendary.

With Scarlet and Violet, there is a nice variety of them all over Paldea, as well as Kitakami and Blueberry Academy.  With Blueberry, they also allow you to catch all of the past starter pokemon, after completing some requirements.  So you have plenty of options to choose from, by the time you complete the whole game.

So now, finally, onto the list.  This one is from Video Gamer, and the author says staff, so here is the link:  10 Best Fire-Type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - VideoGamer.  And this one comes with stats.  By the way, this article came out before The Indigo Disk DLC came out, so I have to include things that are more up to date.

Oh, and to skip a step, all fire-types have the advantage against most grass-, bug- and ice-types.  They also take half-damage from fairy-type attacks.

10. Flareon- Strong


You can even find wild pokemon that can terastallize on their own.

One of Eevee’s original three evolutions from Kanto, which requires a Fire Store, but you can also catch in the wild somewhere in Paldea.  One of those pokemon that looks cute, but lethal if not properly trained.  It is a pokemon that does well in the game itself, but not one of the best choices for competitions. 

To quote the article:  “While it works great in the campaign and is a cool Pokémon, Flareon doesn’t work as well in competition due to its slow speed stat. Still, if it manages to deal a hit with Flare Blitz, a STAB move, Flareon is a great Pokémon to have on your team.”


  • High attack and special defense stats.
  • Flash Fire ability prevents damage from fire attacks, and increases its own fire attacks.
  • Guts hidden ability increases attack stats, if hit with a status effect.

Base Stats

  • HP:  65
  • Attack:  130
  • Defense:  60
  • Sp. Attack:  95
  • Sp. Defense:  110
  • Speed:  65


9. Coalossal- Strong


Why spitting is such a nasty habit.

A rock/fire type that was introduced in the Galar, this pokemon can be the tank of the team.  What it lacks in speed to take on fast opponents, it gains in a strong defense, allowing it to take a strong hit.  Also, having the right abilities equipped, can help it gain an advantage in battle.  Unless this pokemon is hit with a strong water- or ground type attack, then you better hope that your next pokemon can give you back the advantage.

As advice from the article:  “A solid defensive beast that looks cool and manages to tank a lot of heavy hits, Coalossal can work very well as a Hazard Setter. It can set up Stealth Rock, and its strong abilities allow it to deal with a hit-and-run Pokémon.”


  • Being a rock-type, it is also good for taking down flying- and other fire-types.
  • If equipped with the Steam Engine ability, its speed skyrockets if hit by a fire- or water-type attack.
  • If equipped with the Flame Body ability, it can burn any opponent that attacks it with a direct attack.
  • If it has a Flash Fire hidden ability, it can absorb fire attacks, to increase its own.
  • The only one with the Tar Shot attack, which can lower its opponents speed, while also making them weaker to fire-type moves.

Base Stats:

  • HP:  110
  • Attack:  80
  • Defense:  120
  • Sp. Attack:  80
  • Sp. Defense:  90
  • Speed:  30


8. Ceruledge- Strong

Ceruledge and Armarouge

Ready to bring on the heat. 

One of the evolved forms of Charcadet, which can only happen in Violet.  To make it happen, you need to give it a Malicious Armor item, which evolves it into this fire/ghost pokemon.  What makes pokemon a fan favorite, is that it's capable of dishing out plenty of damage to its opponents.  Although the ghost half also provides a couple of extra weaknesses, from dark-types and other ghost-types.

To add a compliment from the article:  “Ceruledge is a force on the battlefield. It works well with both of its abilities and can massively damage reasonably quickly. Its typing also helps it against physical moves while having good special defense.”


  • Ghost half gives it immunity from normal- and fighting-type moves, while also dishing out big damage to psychic- and other ghost-types.
  • Only pokemon able to use the Bitter Blade attack, which allows it to take the damage it dishes onto its opponent, and use it to restore its HP.
  • Flash Fire ability prevents damage from fire-type attacks, while adding it to its own fire attacks.
  • If equipped with the Weak Armor hidden ability, it increases its speed after attack, at the cost of its defense.

Base Stats:

  • HP:  75
  • Attack:  125
  • Defense:  80
  • Sp. Attack:  60
  • Sp. Defense:  100
  • Speed:  85


7. Armarouge- Strong

ArmarougeSay hello to my little friend!

The other evolved form of Charcadet, which can only happen in Scarlet.  To get this fire/psychic type, you need to give your Charcadet an Auspicious Armor item, which, I forgot to mention in the last one, can only be obtained in Zapapico.  The one thing both pokemon have in common, with their second types, is their weakness to ghost- and dark-type attacks.

From the article:  “Armarouge works excellent as a Trick Room setter and can significantly land strong Special Attack hits if you raise it with a modest nature. It might suffer due to its low-speed stat.”


  • From the fire part, it gains some protection from bug-type attacks.
  • With the psychic part, it can be used to defeat fighting and poison-types.
  • Flash Fire ability can make its fire attacks stronger, by absorbing the opponents fire attacks.
  • If equipped with the Weak Armor hidden ability, it can sacrifice its defense to boost its speed, when attacked.
  • The only one that can use the Armor Cannon attack, which can cause big time damage, but at the cost of reducing both defense stats. 

Base Stats:

  • HP:  85
  • Attack:  60
  • Defense:  100
  • Sp. Attack:  125
  • Sp. Defense:  80
  • Speed:  75


6. Skeleridge- Strong


Skeleridge's Torch Song:  One song you don't want to let touching you.

The final evolved which Fuecoco, the Paldea fire starter, can pack quite the wallop by the time you reach the end of the main game.  In order to get this one, you need to level up Fuecoco enough, in order to evolve it twice.  When it becomes fully evolved, it becomes a fire/ghost, gaining a new set of strengths, as well as weakness.  Also, can put up quite the fight, due to the large variety of attacks it can learn, especially sound-based, due to it being meant to be the singer of the three starter pokemon. 

From the article:  “Skeleridge is one of the best starters made in terms of design and packs a heavy punch. It has well-rounded stats, and Ghost typing helps it against other Pokémon types. Its unique move, “Torch Song,” allows it to attack while raising its Special attack.”


  • The only one that can learn the Torch Song attack, which also raises its sp. attack when used.
  • Being part ghost type, it is immune to normal- and fighting-type attacks.  It can also defeat psychic- and other ghost-type pokemon.
  • The Blaze ability can greatly raise the power of its fire attacks, once its HP is down in the red.
  • If equipped with the Unaware hidden ability, its stats can’t be modified by its opponent.

Base Stats: 

  • HP:  104
  • Attack:  75
  • Defense:  100
  • Sp. Attack:  110
  • Sp. Defense:  75
  • Speed:  66


5. Volcarona- Powerful

VolcaronaHome sweet home for somebody

This bug/fire-type pokemon is a pokemon that was introduced in the Unova region, which at the time, could only be found after completing the main story.  What makes this pokemon so strong, is that it’s design to not only put up a strong fight, but also make it difficult for its opponent to go away completely unscratched, mostly.  It has two big downsides to it though, one being that getting it to evolve from a larvesta takes a very long time to do.  The other being, since both types are weak against rock-type moves, it can be taken down easily with one strong shot.

Some advice from the article:  “If you teach it Quiver Dance, Volcarona can become a strong sweeper, and Giga Drain keeps Pokémon with its weakness in check. IT can also Terrastalize into Water type, which removes most of its weaknesses.”


  • The bug part provides a strong defense from fighting-type attacks.  It also can easily defeat psychic- and dark-type pokemon.
  • Flame Body ability can burn any opponent that attacks it directly.  It can also be used to help hatch eggs faster, if placed next to one while on the team.
  • If equipped with the Swarm hidden ability, its bug attacks gain power, when its HP is down to a ⅓ or less.

Base Stats:

  • HP:  85
  • Attack:  60
  • Defense:  65
  • Sp. Attack:  135
  • Sp. Defense:  105
  • Speed:  100


4. Arcanine- Powerful

A Pair of ArcanineA Hisuian Arcanine on the left.  A Kanto Arcanine on the right.

An old favorite from the Kanto region, this purely fire-type pokemon has been popular for so long, due to its majestic appearance.  It also has a Hisuian-version, which is a fire/rock-type, that you can gain at the end of  The Teal Mask DLC by completing a quest, but this part is about the Kanton version.  To get it, you need to evolve a growlithe, both versions, with a fire stone.  Unlike in the early years, where evolving using a stone meant that pokemon stopped learning moves from leveling up, once evolved, you get a full list of moves to choose from.

As explained in the article:  “Not only does it have great stats, but it’s also a speedy attacker that becomes a menace for its opponents. Arcanine works well with any team and can land effective damage against its opponents either with a quick STAB move or a Will – O – Wisp.”


  • If one has the Intimidate ability, it can weaken its opponent(s. defense, once it enters the battlefield.
  • If one is equipped with the Flash Fire ability, it can absorb fire-type attacks, to power up its own.
  • If one has the Justified hidden ability, its attack power is increased, when hit with a dark-type attack.

Base Stats:

  • HP:  90
  • Attack:  110
  • Defense:  80
  • Sp. Attack: 100
  • Sp. Defense:  80
  • Speed:  95


3. Charizard- Powerful

CharizardWhen your pokemon really wants your attention

Here is an all time favorite, the original fire starter of the franchise.  Charizard is a pokemon that looks like a dragon, yet isn’t a dragon-type originally.  To get this pokemon, you can either transfer one from Home, defeat it in an event tera raid, or catch a Charmander at Blueberry Academy, and level it up.  For the last one, you have to gather up enough points in order to bring it, along with all of the other starters that came before Scarlet and Violet.  As it being a fire/flying type, it gains a few extra perks, along with an extra weakness to rock-type attacks.

As stated in the article:  “Not only does this Pokémon deal excellent fire damage with great stats, but it also looks cool doing it. It can work as a Fire-type sweeper; if it Terasstalizes into Fire type, its attacks are to watch out for.”


  • As part fire-type, it gains some defense against ice-type attacks.
  • As part flying-type, it gains immunity against ground-type attacks, while having an added advantage against fighting-type pokemon.
  • Only comes with the Blaze ability, which increases its fire attacks, when its HP is at its lowest.
  • If it comes with the Solar Power hidden ability, its sp. attacks go up, while its max HP goes down.

Base Stats:

  • HP:  78
  • Attack:  84
  • Defense:  78
  • Sp. Attack:  109
  • Sp. Defense:  85
  • Speed:  100


2. Chi–Yu- Very Powerful

Chi-YuWhen a fish has to be out of water

Yeah, there is something about that goldfish, which happens to be a dark/fire-type legendary pokemon.  It is one of four Paldea legendary pokemon that is part of the Treasures of Ruin side quest that you get from one of the teachers.  To get it and others, which are locked up in four different vaults, you need to look high and low for eight stakes each that need to be pulled out.  Each one comes with an ability that affects one specific pokemon stat, friend and foe, except for each other.

As pointed out in the article:  “Even though it has a weak health stat, it also reduces its opponent’s Special defense stats by 0.25% with its ability “Beads of Ruin.” A Special attacker through and through, this Dark-Fire type Pokémon can efficiently deal with its foes and even take out tanks.”


  • Part fire-type gives it some defense from bug- and fairy-type attacks.
  • Part dark-type makes it immune to psychic attacks, and gives it an advantage against psychic- and ghost-type pokemon.
  • Beads of Ruin ability lowers all sp. defense, including its teammate.

Base Stats:

  • HP: 55
  • Attack: 80
  • Defense: 80
  • Sp. Attack: 135
  • Sp. Defense: 120
  • Speed: 100


1. Iron Moth- Very Powerful

Volcarona and Iron Moth

Two Moths ready to turn up the heat

A Paradox pokemon that looks like a robotic-version of Volcarona, that is only found in Violet.  Unlike the other version, this one is a fire/poison-type pokemon, giving it a different set of advantages and disadvantages in the process.  One of them being, with both types being weak against ground-type attacks, meaning that it can be TKO out of battle.  This pokemon can only be found in Area Zero, and you can’t catch one until you completely finish the main storyline.

With how the article phrases it:  “A paradox Pokémon that has been banned in competition and, for a good reason, Iron Moth, has stats so strong that it can plow through anything. This Fire-Poison-type Pokémon has eight resistances and only one weakness; it can even set traps and poison its opponents.”


  • Being part poison-type gives it some immunity from being poisoned in any way, while also being one of the few that can easily defeat most fairy-type pokemon.
  • Comes with the Quark Drive ability, which changes the field into an Electric Terrain, giving its highest stat a boost.
  • Comes with a big variety of moves to choose from.

Base Stats:

  • HP:  80
  • Attack:  70
  • Defense:  60
  • Sp. Attack:  140
  • Sp. Defense:  110
  • Speed:  110

Fire-type Pokemon

When you enjoy spicy food with spicy friends

If you do decide to make a fire-type pokemon a key part of your team, make sure its teammates are ready to step in to take over, if its opponent has a better advantage. In a double battle, team one up with a pokemon that can give its stats a boost, like changing the weather into one involving sunlight.  A lot of options to choose from, and a lot of experimentation to try out.

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