Pokemon UNITE Best Supporters (All Supporters From Weakest To Strongest)

 Pokemon UNITE Best Supporters All Supporters From Weakest To Strongest
Dominate Pokemon Unite with resilient supporters!

In Pokémon Unite matches, supporters are characters focused on keeping their teammates alive who play a critical role in any team composition. In this article, I will rank all of the attackers from weakest to strongest in the current meta, which will allow you to outsupport the entire competition. These rankings are based on several factors, including scaling, accessibility, and ease of use.


6. Hoopa

Hoopa Stats (Level 15):

HP: 7902

Defence: 299

Special Defence: 200

Attack Damage: 309

Hoopa is a ranged special supporter that helps allies move efficiently around the battlefield. Hoopa’s versatility options can increase movement speed, drop enemy special defences, and warp allies to other lanes. This trickster’s greatest asset is its Ultimate Move, Rings Unbound, which temporarily changes Hoopa’s moveset into an all-out attacker and allows allies to teleport to Hoopa’s current location. However, Hoopa does little to no damage outside of its Unite Move transformation and requires immense team coordination to succeed. The worst feeling is casting your Unite Move and having no teammates come to your aid.

Hoopa Review

Versatile moveset caters to numerous situations and playstyles

Strong lane presence with ally movement options 

Unite Move opens boundless team fight possibilities

Extremely low damage output

Dependent on team coordination 

How to get Hoopa:

Purchase the Unite License for 10000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems in the shop.


5. Eldegoss

Eldegoss Stats (Level 15)

HP: 8002

Defence: 200

Special Defence: 149

Attack Damage: 310

Eldegoss is a ranged special supporter who helps the team by providing standard support and speed control. Movement options in Leaf Tornado and Cotton Spore can open opportunities for teammates to engage, while healing moves in Cotton Guard and Pollen Puff can heal allies. Eldegoss struggles to stand out among a roster of Supports with more defined roles in a team composition, but it can still hold its own when used correctly. 

Eldegoss Review:

Decent support and offensive choices 

Good sustain through healing options 

Movement speed options for more aggressive plays 

Overall performance is lackluster and underwhelming 

Outshined by the utility offered by all other supports 

How to get Eldegoss:

Purchase the Unite License for 6000 Aeos Coins or 345 Aeos Gems in the shop 


4. Wigglytuff 

Wigglytuff Stats (Level 15)

HP: 9452

Defence: 539

Special Defence: 482 

Attack Damage: 310

Wigglytuff is a melee special supporter that can disrupt and hinder opponents through numerous tactics. In addition to dazzling and singing opponents to sleep, Wigglytuff has surprising damage options in Rollout and Double Slap, which can catch opponents off-guard. However, Wigglytuff still needs team follow-up to capitalize on the openings it creates, which become fewer and farther between as enemies obtain the tools to manoeuvre around Wigglytuff’s combos.

Wigglytuff Review 

Decent disabling capabilities 

Suprising damage options as a support 

Highest defensive stats compared to other supporters 

Needs team coordination to capitalize on openings

Harder to function effectively late game 

How to get Wigglytuff:

Purchase the Unite License for 8000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems in the shop


3. Mr. Mime 

Mr. Mime Stats (Level 15):

HP: 9402

Defence: 420

Special Defence: 361

Attack Damage: 296

Mr. Mime is a melee special supporter that specializes in hindering and bursting down opponents. Confusion and Psychic can deal massive bursts of damage, while Barrier and Power Swap change how teammates and opponents move around the battlefield. Strangely enough, Mr. Mime functions more as a technical defender than an actual supporter. Despite this, Mr. Mime still requires some level of team support to fully achieve total dominance.

Mr. Mime Review

Threatening amounts of burst damage

Passive ability in Filter prolongs Mr. Mime’s longevity 

Extra stuns and crowd control for proper move combos

Creating walls to trap opponents in boxes is super funny 

Requires team support to fully function 

How to get Mr. Mime:

Purchase the Unite License for 8000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems in the shop


2. Clefable 

Clefable Stats (Level 15)

HP: 8000

Defence: 200

Special Defence: 150

Attack Damage: 300

Clefable is a melee special supporter that can control the pace of fights through movement and support utility. Healing moves such as Draining Kiss and Moonlight can provide teamwide healing, while disruption moves such as Follow Me and Gravity can alter enemy strategies because of their effects. Clefable features a relatively passive playstyle with low damage output and long move cooldowns, relying on certain windows of opportunity to make good plays.

Clefable Review

Strong teamwide healing capabilities

Defensive capabilities let Clefable control the flow of battle

Support utility offers huge benefits throughout the game 

No reliable damage output 

Long move cooldowns 

How to get Clefable:

Purchase the Unite License for 12000 Aeos Gems or 575 Aeos Gems in the shop


1. Blissey

Blissey Stats (Level 15)

HP: 10000

Defence: 200

Special Defence: 300

Attack Damage: 341

Blissey is a melee special supporter who can provide strong disruption and support to the team. This pink behemoth can heal allies, grant status immunities, disrupt enemies, and buff attack damage. As one of the bulkiest characters in the game, Blissey is extremely difficult to take down alone or with support. As with most supports, Blissey requires nearby teammates to fully utilize its defensive capabilities, and decent coordination is recommended to adequately protect allies.

Blissey Review

Strong supportive capabilities

One of the bulkiest characters in the game 

One of the simplest and easiest supports to play 

Egg Bomb and Helping Hand can smack enemies pretty hard

Minor coordination needed to utilize moveseets

How to get Blissey

Purchase the Unite License for 8000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems in the shop

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