[Top 10] Pokemon GO Best Defenders

Pokemon GO Best Defenders
Espeon, an evolved Eevee, makes an excellent defender for your gyms!

So, you arrive at a Gym and much to your delight, it happens to be your team’s color. The question is which one of your beloved pocket monsters do you want to leave at said Gym?

Which one will be able to defend the longest and give you the desired experience and better yet, the most Poke Coins? Read below to learn more about great Gym defenders who will give you the biggest bang for your buck!

10. Chansey

Chansey is your sunshine on a cloudy day!

I would take a chance on Chansey! This “Normal” Pokemon, also known as the Egg Pokemon, happens to be a Gen 1 pocket monster that hatched from the Kanto region. Please read on to find out more about why Chansey remains an “eggcellent” choice as a Gym Defender!

Why Chansey Makes a Great Gym Defender

  • As a Normal Pokemon, Chansey’s only weakness is fighting type Pokemon. Since Chansey is resistant to all other types of attacks, it has a better chance of remaining at the Gym longer.
  • Chansey, a ginormous pink tank, contains incredible stamina with a score of 487. That alone is enough ethos to convince me (and you) to leave it in a Gym!
  • Combat Power (CP) is 1,255, which is respectable.

Chansey details

  • Best movesets for Chansey include Hyper Beam, Pound, and Zen Headbutt.
  • Chansey is boosted by party cloudy weather conditions!
  • For Pokemon collectors, Chansey is listed as lucky #113 in the Pokedex.

9. Clefable

Who needs a fairy godmother when you have Clefable?

Clefable is one of the early pocket monsters in the Pokemon GO universe! This Gen 1 fairy type Pokemon flew in from the Kanto region. Read on to find out why Clefable is a strong choice to defend gyms!

Why Clefable Makes a Great Gym Defender

  • As a fairy type of Pokemon, Clefable is only vulnerable to poison and steel attacks.
  • CP for Clefable is 2,437 and stamina is 216, so Clefable could stand defending Gyms for a lengthy period.
  • Fairy type Pokemon are great defenders against powerful dragon type Pokemon (Gyarados comes to find), so Clefable would be a wise choice to leave in a Gym.

Clefable details

  • Best movesets for Clefable are Charm, Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, and Zen Headbutt.
  • Clefable is boosted by cloudy weather conditions.
  • For Pokemon collectors, Clefable is listed as #36 in the Pokedex.

8.  Espeon

A loyal Pokemon defender!

There will almost always be at least one type of Eevee mentioned in my articles. In my experience, they are one of the most fun and versatile Pokemon to use in trainer battles and to leave in Gyms. Espeon, known as the Sun Pokemon, is no exception, as this Gen 2 pocket monster from the Johto region is great to collect and use! Read more to find out why the psychic type Pokemon is great to have in battle!

Why Espeon Makes a Great Gym Defender

  • According to the Pokedex, “Espeon is extremely loyal to any Trainer it considers to be worthy. It is said that this Pokemon developed its precognitive powers to protect its Trainer from harm.”  Loyalty is a great trait for a Gym Defender!
  • Espeon is only vulnerable to bug, dark, and ghost attacks and strong against fighting and psychic types. This is great to defend against attacks from Metagross!
  • Maximum CP for Espeon is 3170; Offense is also strong at 261.

Espeon details

  • Best movesets for Espeon are Confusion, Psychic, and Zen Headbutt.
  • Espeon is boosted by windy weather conditions.
  • For Pokemon collectors, Espeon is listed as #196 in the Pokedex.

7. Flareon

High resistance makes Flareon a good defending choice!

Flareon is the fiery Eevee of the Pokemon GO universe! This Gen 1 pocket monster arrived from the Kanto region and remains a formidable force in trainer battles and defending Gyms. Read on to find out more why the Flame Pokemon is great to use in Gyms!

Why Flareon Makes a Great Gym Defender

  • Flareon is quite a force; its CP is 3,029. I know first-hand that this Pokemon can fight!
  • Offense for Flareon is 246; this pocket monster can attack opponents in the Gym.
  • The only weaknesses for Flareon are ground, rock, and water attacks. Flareon is resistant against bug, fairy, fire, grass, ice, and steel attacks, so it would be good to place to defend a Gym!

Flareon details

  • Best movesets include Ember, Firespin, Flamethrower, and Overheat.
  • Flareon is listed as #136 in the Pokedex.
  • Not surprisingly that Flareon is boosted by sunny weather conditions!

6. Gyarados

The dragon Pokemon is a great defender!

There are few Pokemon lists that would not contain Gyarados! This atrocious Gen 1 pocket monster derived from the Kanto region. Based on its high CP and stats. Gyarados remains a top pick for Pokemon for both trainer battles and gym defenders. Read on more to find out why Gyarados is a top pick.

Why Gyarados Makes a Great Gym Defender

  • Best movesets include Bite, Hydro Pump, Outrage, and Waterfall.
  • Gyarados is a beast in combat. Maximum CP is 3,391!
  • Stats are strong with 237 in Offense and 216 in Stamina! Therefore, Gyarados is useful in both Gyms and Trainer Battles.

Gyarados details

  • Gyarados is boosted by Rainy and Windy weather conditions!
  • Listed as #130 in the Pokedex.
  • Only vulnerable to Electric and Rock attacks.

5. Lapras

This vocalist is also a good defending choice! 

Lapras, a Gen 1 Pokemon from the Kanto region, is known as the Transport Pokemon. A rare and endangered pocket monster, Lapras, according to the Pokedex, is known as a singer. Read on more to find out why this melodic Pokemon is also a great Gym defender!

Why Lapras Makes a Great Gym Defender

  • Best movesets include Blizzard, Frost Breath, Surf, and Water Gun. 
  • Maximum CP for Lapras is 2641! That is helpful in Defending Gyms or Trainer Battles.
  • Stats for Stamina are 277. That is the main reason why Lapras would be a good in Gyms.

Lapras details

  • As a dual type water and ice Pokemon, Lapras only has four vulnerabilities: Electric, Fighting, Grass, and Rock attacks.
  • For Pokemon collectors, Lapras is listed as #131 in the Pokedex.
  • This Pokemon is boosted by Rainy and Snowy weather conditions!

4. Metagross

Highly effective in defending gyms and trainer battles! 

Metagross, a Gen 3 Pokemon, stems from the Hoenn region. Also known as the Iron Leg Pokemon, according to the Pokedex, Metagross has four brains! Read on more to find out how this pocket monster can outsmart its opponents defending Gyms!

Why Metagross Makes a Great Gym Defender

  • Best movesets are Bullet Punch, Earthquake, Meteor Mash, and Zen Headbutt.
  • CP for Metagross is 3791! Having a high CP is helpful in both Offense and Defense.
  • Metagross is a staple in both Trainer Battles and Gyms. I have used Metagross in battle and I have battled other Pokemon against them. Stats for Metagross are strong in both Offense (257) and Defense (228).

Metagross details

  • For Pokemon collectors, Metagross is listed as #376.
  • Metagross is boosted by Snowy and Windy Weather.
  • Only vulnerable to four types of attacks: Dark, Fire, Ghost, and Ground.

3. Muk

Gross, but a great gym defender. No Pokemon will go near it!

Muk, known as the Sludge Pokemon, is a Gen 1 pocket monster that wafted in from the Kanto region. According to the Pokedex, “Just a drop of this Pokemon’s body fluid can turn a pool stagnant and rancid.”  Read on to find out why Muk belongs in Gyms rather than in the sewers!

Why Muk Makes a Great Gym Defender

  • First, Muk is nasty. Its smell alone could drive Pokemon away! Muk’s maximum CP is 2757, which is helpful when defending gyms.
  • Since Muk is a poison type Pokemon, it is only vulnerable to two types of attacks: ground and psychic.
  • Stamina is stellar at 233. Muk can hold its own in defending a Gym!

Muk details

  • Best movesets are Gunk Shot, Infestation, Poison Jab, and Thunder Punch.
  • For Pokemon collectors, Muk is listed as #89 in the Pokedex.
  • Muk is boosted by cloudy weather conditions.


2. Rhydon

Tough and vicious! 

This rough and tough Gen 1 pocket monster stems from the Kanto region. Known as the Drill Pokemon, according to the Pokedex, “Rhydon’s horn can crush even uncut diamonds. One sweeping blow of its tail can topple a building.”  Read on to find out more about why this crushing Pokemon makes a great Gym Defender!

Why Rhydon Makes a Great Gym Defender

  • I have used Rhydon both in Gyms and in Trainer Battles. Rhydon is a formidable opponent!
  • Rhydon is a powerhouse when it comes to battle! CP for Rhydon is 3179.
  • Stats for Offense is 222 and Stamina is 233.

Rhydon details

  • Best movesets for Rhydon are Earthquake, Mud Slap, Rock Smash, and Stone Edge.
  • For Pokemon collectors, Rhydon is listed as #112 in the Pokedex!
  • Rhydon thrives in both partly cloudy and sunny weather conditions.


Snorlax won't sleep on the job when defending your gym!

According to the Pokedex, “Snorlax’s typical day consists of nothing more than eating and sleeping.”  Known as the Sleeping Pokemon, Snorlax is well-rested so it can defend Gyms. Read on to find out more how and why this sloth-like chill pocket monster makes the top ten!

Why Snorlax Makes a Great Gym Defender

  • Snorlax has a maximum CP of 3,225! That alone makes Snorlax a good Pokemon to defend a Gym.
  • Stamina for Snorlax is an impressive 330! It can last a long time in a Gym!
  • The only vulnerability Snorlax has is to Fighting attacks.

Snorlax details

  • Best movesets for Snorlax are Earthquake, Hyperbeam, and Lick. 
  • For Pokemon collectors, Snorlax is listed as #143.
  • Snorlax thrives in partly cloudy weather conditions.

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