[Top 10] Pokemon GO Best Fire Type (2020 Edition)

Pokemon GO Best Fire Type
Nine Lives for Ninetales in Pokemon GO

Find out more about the Best 10 Fire-Type pocket monsters in the Pokemon GO universe! 

When you are outside social distancing this spring and summer and will most likely encounter Bug and Grass opponents, what is the best type of Pokemon to use? Fire Type Pokemon, of course! Here are details about the most awesome Fire Type Pokemon in the Pokemon GO universe (including a couple of Dual Types) and how you can catch one or all to battle!

10. Arcanine

A rare treat!

If you are looking for a high-energy pocket monster with high scores on offense and stamina, Arcanine is your Pokemon! Arcanine, the grown-up evolved version of Growlithe, is a Gen 1 Pokemon from the Kanto region, and uses moves such as Flash Fire and Intimidate when attacking. Here are the high points, the details, and tips on catching Arcanine. 

What Arcanine Excels In 

  • Arcanine is fast in Trainer Battles! I used Arcanine recently and attacked three times with the Crunch move to defeat two opponents. 
  • In addition to speed, Arcanine has a lot of stamina (207) and can last a while in a battle. 
  • Offense score for Arcanine is 227. 
  • Maximum CP for Arcanine is 3029—that is high! 

Pokemon details 

  • Arcanine’s body makeup is interesting, as its appearance consists of a furry canine and feline hybrid.  
  • If you are collecting Pokemon to complete your Pokedex, Arcanine is listed as #59. (I’m trying to catch all the Fire Pokemon!) 
  • Full details: link to full details page

How to get Arcanine 

  • Arcanine can be yours by catching and evolving its puppy-precursor, Growlithe, with 50 Candy. 
  • As a fiery pocket monster, Arcanine prefers sunny weather for finding and catching.
  • It is a rare Pokemon to catch in the wild (around 10%), so finding Arcanine will be a fun challenge! 

9. Charmeleon


Charmeleon, also known as the Flame Pokemon, has claws and fangs, looks orange-red, and sports a flame at the tip of its tail. This is the epitome of a Fire-Type pocket monster! Charmeleon is a First Evolution Pokemon, lodged between Charmander and Charizard from the Kantu region.

What Charmeleon Excels In 

  • If you want to take Charmeleon to the gym in battle, the best moves to use are Fire Fang and Flamethrower! 
  • Like Arcanine, Charmeleon is a fast-moving Pokemon! In a Trainer Battle, Charmeleon attacked twice using Fire Punch and defeated two opponents. 
  • Only vulnerable to ground, rock, and water attacks; holds up well against other types of attacks. 

Pokemon details

  • Charmeleon loves sunny weather conditions and will emerge in the wild or thrive in battle! 
  • Maximum CP is 1653, so Charmeleon would be great for lower level battles. 
  • Strongest in attack, then stamina, and then defense.  
  • Full details: link to full details page

How to get Charmeleon 

  • Charmeleon can be evolved with only 25 Charmander Candy. 
  • I caught Charmeleon in June, so I am suspecting it will be more available in late spring and summertime! 
  • It can be found in a drier and sunnier climate, on the beach, or in neighborhoods. 
  • The capture rate is about 10%; Charmeleon is known to be elusive!

8. Flareon

Great on a sunny day!

Eeveelutions are among my favorite because Eevees evolve into several different types of Pokemon. I have four Flareon in my personal collection, as they are resilient and fun to use in battle.  Please read on if you want to learn more about this feisty fiery pocket monster!

What Flareon Excels In 

  • Excels in CP (Combat Power). The highest CP that Flareon can achieve is 3029, which is impressive! 
  • Flareon moves fast using Flame Thrower in Pokemon Go trainer battles. 
  • In addition, Flareon has high stats for the offense, and good stats for defense and stamina. 

Pokemon details 

  • Flareon and other Fire Pokemon will battle better in sunny weather. I battled Flareon on a rainy day, and although I won the trainer battle, it was harder to defeat opponents. 
  • Only vulnerable to three types of attacks: ground, rock, and water. 
  • Full details: link to full details page

How to get Flareon  

  • Eevees are abundant and easy to catch almost anywhere! 
  • I highly recommend catching as many Eevee as possible and evolving them into your preferred Pokemon with 25 Candy. 
  • You can type in the name Pyro before Eevee evolves so it will transform into Flareon. 

7. Growlithe

Who's a big sweetie?

The adorable puppy-like Pokemon version of Arcanine, Growlithe is a fiery opponent and a fun Pokemon to catch. Growlithe is a Gen 1 pocket monster from the Kanto region. Here are some fun aspects of Growlithe:

What Growlithe Excels In 

  • Ember and Flamethrower are Growlithe’s most effective moves in battle. 
  • In battle, Growlithe is known for stamina, offense, and then defense. 
  • I used Growlithe in battle and defeated two different types of evolved Eevees, which is not easy to do. (Growlithe is most effective with any Eevee except Flareon.) 

Pokemon details 

  • Growlithe is only vulnerable to ground, rock, and water Pokemon. 
  • Listed as #58 in the Pokedex and originated from the Kanto region. 
  • Full details: link to full details page

  How to get Growlithe 

  • Although considered as uncommon, Growlithe can be caught in residential areas. 
  • Growlithe prefers dry climates and sunny conditions for battle and capture. It is a perfect Pokemon to catch on a sunny day!
  • They can be hatched from 5 KM eggs. 

6. Houndoom

You ain't nothin' but a Houndoom...

Unlike Growlithe, Houndoom has an intimidating look possibly because of its dual Dark/Fire-type, or because of its horns for ears and a pointy tail. This Gen II First Evolution pocket monster derives from the Janto Region. Houndoom is great to use in battles because it is fast!

What Houndoom Excels In 

  • Houndoom excels in offense first, then stamina, then defense. 
  • Only susceptible to fighting, ground, and rock- type moves, otherwise Houndoom is strong against other types. 
  • Uses Foul Play and Snarl as primary attacks against opponents. 

Pokemon details 

  • Houndoom is listed as #228 in the Pokedex. 
  • This is a fun Pokemon to use in trainer battles because of its attack and speed! 
  • Full details: link to full details page

How to get Houndoon 

  • Although Houndoon cannot be hatched, it can be evolved from Houndour with 50 Candy. 
  • Houndoon thrives in dry climates and is more easily found in residential neighborhoods.

5. Magmar 

Too hot to handle!

Magmar is an unusual looking First Evolution Pokemon with a duck-like beak and a reptilian body with a flame on the tip of its tail.  It is a blast to use in battles with high CP and offense! Keep reading on to learn more about this unique Pokemon. 

What Magmar Excels In 

  • Ember and Fire Blast are Magmar’s signature moves! 
  • Magmar has a maximum of 2394 CP and strong attack, stamina, and defense moves. 
  • Uses Fire Punch as an attack in trainer Battles. 

Pokemon details 

  • Magmar is #126 in the Pokedex and hails from the Janto region. 
  • Only weak to ground, rock, and water attacks. 
  • Full details: link to full details page

How to get Magmar 

  • Magmar cannot be hatched but can be evolved from 50 Magby Candy. 
  • This Pokemon loves heat and is easier to find and use in sunny weather! This will be a fun pocket monster to catch this summer. 

4. Ninetales 

What does the fox say?

A Final Evolution from Vulpix, Ninetales is known as the Fox Pokemon, and radiates both beauty and ire from its yellow mane and menacing red eyes! This fire Pokemon will defeat opponents with moves such as Fire Spin and Solar Beam.

What Ninetales Excels In 

  • Defense, stamina, and attack moves are Nintetales’ strengths. 
  • Like most other fire Pokemon, Ninetales is only vulnerable to ground, rock, and water attacks. 
  • Ninetales loves sunny weather and thrives in it in battle and with Pokemon Candy. 

Pokemon details 

  • Considered as a Gen 1 pocket monster from the Kanto region. 
  • Ninetales is listed as #38 in the Pokedex. 
  • Maximum CP for Ninetales is 2279; that is respectable!
  • Full details: link to full details page

How to get Ninetales  

  • Easier to find and better to battle within sunny weather. 
  • Ninetales cannot be hatched but can be evolved with 50 Vulpix Candy.

3. Ponyta

For bronies everywhere!

Although Ponyta is the coltish unevolved version of Rapidash, it is fun to capture and does well in battle. Ponyta, a Gen 1 pocket monster, bolted from the Kanto region. Read below for more details about this fiery Pokemon!

What Ponyta Excels In 

  • Ember and Fire Blast are Ponyta’s best moves! 
  • Ponyta fares well in the offense, then stamina, and then defense. 
  • With a score of 170, Ponyta’s attack is almost as high as Rapidash (207). 

Pokemon details 

  • Listed as #77 in the Pokedex. I caught my Ponyta in late summer (September). 
  • Only vulnerable to Ground, Rock, and Water attacks. 
  • Full details: link to full details page

How to get Ponyta 

  • Fortunately, Ponyta does not have to be evolved from another Pokemon. 
  • It can be easily hatched with 5 KM eggs. 
  • Ponyta is an easy-going Pokemon to capture in the wild, as it has a 40% capture rate and will be fun to evolve someday to Rapidash!

2. Rapidash 

Ride like the wind!

Rapidash is the adult and evolved counterpart of Ponyta. Beautiful with unicorn-like features and fiery legs, mane, and tale, Rapidash is a dynamic pocket monster and a force on the battleground. Here are more details about this amazing Pokemon!

What Rapidash Excels In 

  • Fire Spin and Fire Blast are Rapidash’s signature move in battle. 
  • Like many of the other Fire Pokemon, Rapidash is only resistant to ground, rock, and water attacks. 
  • This Pokemon attacks quickly in trainer battles!

Pokemon details 

  • Rapidash thrives in warm weather locations and conditions. 
  • The maximum CP for Rapidash is 2461; that is high!
  • Full details: link to full details page

How to get Rapidash 

  • It can be evolved with 50 Ponyta Candy, and they are more common! 
  • Rapidash is an elusive and rare fire Pokemon with only a 15% capture rate. 
  • This is one of my favorite Pokemon to collect and evolve from Ponyta. I hope you will like your Rapidash as well!

1. Slugma 

Hang out with a beach slug!

Slugma, the last-but not to be a forgotten-pocket monster on this list, existed in the Johto region (Gen 2).  Eventually, Slugma, also known as the Lava Pokemon, evolves to Magcargo, but holds its own in Pokemon battles, especially for beginning trainers. Please read on to hear more about Slugma!

What Slugma Excels In 

  • A great pocket monster on defense, then stamina, and then offense. 
  • Ember and Flame Burst are Slugma’s signature offense moves! 
  • Only weaknesses are ground, rock, and water attacks.
  • The Maximum CP for Slugma is 1702. 

Pokemon details 

  • Another bonus with Slugma is that when evolved into Magcargo, it will evolve into a dual Type Fire/Rock Pokemon. 
  • Slugma is listed as #218 in the Pokedex, right before Macargo, who is #219. 
  • Full details: link to full details page

How to get Slugma  

  • Slugma can be hatched using 2 km eggs or evolves to Magcargo using 50 Candy. 
  • This Pokemon also prefers dry and arid climates and can be found on the beaches, in neighborhoods, or in parks. Slugma is a great Pokemon to capture in the summertime! 

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