[Top 15] Pokemon GO Best Attackers (2020 Edition)

Pokemon GO Best Attackers
Manectric is a fast and strong attacker in Pokemon GO trainer battles!

Learn about the top 15 best attackers in Pokemon GO for 2020!

If you are seeking ideal Pokemon for attacks in combat, the 15 pocket monsters listed below have high numbers in offense and are fun to use in battle!  I have found, caught, and battle with each Pokemon listed below. Please read on to find out why these Pokemon are among the best to use when combatting in trainer battles.


15. Flareon

Great on a sunny day!

An evolved Eevee tops my list of favorite Pokemon. (Call me a fangirl if you will!) Flareon, the Final Eeveelution Pokemon from the Kanto region is hot, as it uses Flamethrower and other fiery moves to win. Flareon moves quickly and usually attacks once or twice before opponents can rebut.

What Flareon Excels In

  • Firespin and Over Heat are Flareon’s most powerful offensive attacks.
  • Flareon is fast and effective, as I used the Flamethrower move four times to defeat three Pokemon in one trainer battle.
  • The Maximum CP for Flareon is 3,029!
  • The Offensive score remains the highest for Flareon at 246.

Pokemon details

  • Considered the Flame Pokemon in the Pokemon GO universe.
  • Flareon is #136 in the Pokedex and can either be male or female, although most Flareons are male.
  • Its only weaknesses are ground, rock, and water attacks.

How to get Flareon

  • Evolve Eevee with 50 Candy; they are abundant in the wild and easy to catch.
  • Flareon cannot be hatched and less than a 20% capture rate.
  • Renaming an Eevee “Pyro” will evolve it into Flareon. This feature can only be used once, so be sure to evolve an Eevee with a high CP.

14. Gengar


Gengar, known as the Shadow Pokemon, is a Final Evolution Ghost and Poison Pokemon from the Kanto region. It remains a formidable and shadowy opponent in battle. I particularly enjoy using Gengar in Pokemon battles around Halloween.

What Gengar Excels In

  • Because Gengar is a Dual Type Ghost/Poison Pokemon, it has a variety of offensive moves.
  • Gengar uses a Dark Pulse move to defeat its opponent. I’ve used Gengar in Pokemon Trainer Battles, and defense is quite effective!
  • Most effective offensive moves are Hex and Shadowball.

Pokemon details

  • For collectors, Gengar is listed as #94 in the Pokedex.
  • Gengar can either be male or female.
  • This Pokemon is much better on offense than defensive attacks.

How to get Gengar

  • Fall, especially around Halloween time, is the best time to search for Gastly and Gengar.
  • Gengar, slippery and wily, has only a 10% capture rate. Use a lot of berries and Ultra Balls to catch it.
  • It is faster to evolve Gengar from Gastly using 25 Candy, as Gengar cannot be hatched.

13. Gyarados

Gyarados is a major flying and water attacker!

Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokemon, remains one of the most popular and powerful pocket monsters in the Pokemon GO universe. I love using Gyarados in Trainer Battles! Be prepared to hunt and catch a lot of Magikarp. 

What Gyarados Excels In

  • Dragon Tail and Hydro Pump are Gyarado’s signature offense moves.
  • Highly effective and fast in Trainer Battles.
  • Since Gyarados is a Dual Type Pokemon (Flying/Water), it has multiple forms of attacks.
  • The Maximum CP for Gyarados is 3,391; offense combat score is 237.

Pokemon details

  • Gyarados is listed as #130 in the Pokedex.
  • This Pokemon can either be male or female, blue or red. (I have a red shiny Gyarados.)
  • When venturing out for Magikarp or Gyarados, put on your raingear: both thrive in rainy and rainy weather conditions!

How to get Gyarados

  • Evolves from 400 Magikarp. This Pokemon was the most challenging and rewarding to capture and evolve!  
  • Gyarados cannot be hatched, but Magikarp can be with 2 KM eggs!  
  • Spawn locations include bodies of water: lakes, oceans, and rivers.

12. Heracross

Get out the bug spray!

Heracross, a regional Pokemon, is a Bug and Fighting pocket monster. Also known as the Single Horn Pokemon, Heracross derives from the Johto (Gen 2) region. Read on to know more about this unique Pokemon!

What Heracross Excels In

  • Counter and Megahorn are Heracross’s top moves on offense. CP is 3,101 and Offense is 234.
  • Heracross is fantastic in Trainer battles! It uses Close Combat against other Pokemon and causes damage to opponents.
  • This pocket monster is on my shortlist for battling other Pokemon. It is rare, fast, and effective!

Pokemon details

  • As a Bug/Fighting Pokemon, Heracross uses dual attacks.
  • Heracross is listed as #214 in the Pokedex.
  • I caught Heracross on Delray Beach in Florida. (Another excuse to visit Florida!)
  • This Pokemon can either be male or female.

How to get Heracross

  • Heracross cannot be hatched and is a regional Pokemon only available in southern Florida, Latin America, and Texas.
  • This pocket monster is a diamond in the rough. After research, I’m grateful to have Heracross in my collection!
  • When you visit the locations listed above, there is a 30% capture rate.

11. Honchkrow

The big boss!

Honchkrow is a Dark and Flying Dual Type Pokemon. Also known as the Big Boss Pokemon, Honchkrow derives from the Sinnoh (Gen 4) region and excels in Snarl and Sky attacks on opponents! Read more to find out about this bossy pocket monster.

What Honchkrow Excels In

  • Honchcrow is great on the offensive and uses Psychic in Pokemon GO trainer battles!
  • The maximum CP for Honchkrow is 2,777 and the offense is 243.
  • This Pokemon prefers foggy or windy weather conditions for boosts and stardust.  

Pokemon details

  • Honchkrow can be male or female.
  • Honchkrow is resilient with a strong Stamina skill (225).   
  • Weaknesses are electric, fairy, ice, and rock attacks. 

How to get Honchkrow

  • Evolves from Murkrow with 100 Candy.
  • Honchkrow is an elusive pocket monster, with a catch rate of 10%.
  • You can catch Murkrow easier in the evenings (darkness).

10. Houndoom

Nice doggie!

Houndoom, a Dual Type Dark and Fire Pokemon from the Johto (Gen 2) region, is a fervid offensive fighter.  

What Houndoom Excels In

  • Houndoom thrives in foggy and sunny weather.
  • Offense and stamina are Houndoom’s strengths.
  • Firefang and Snarl are Houndoom’s most notorious moves.

Pokemon details

  • This Pokemon is listed as #229 in the Pokedex.
  • Uses Foul Play move and is quick to strike in Trainer Battles. I’ve had Houndoom beat two opponents before losing in play.

How to get Houndoom

  • Evolves from Houndour with 50 Candy.
  • Neither Hondour nor Houndoom can be hatched from eggs.

9. Jolteon

Lightning strikes!

Jolteon, the electrical First Eeveelution, strikes down opponents with shocking and thunderous attacks! 

What Jolteon Excels In

  • Jolteon is excellent in offense and decent in defense; the only weakness is stamina.
  • Only vulnerable to ground attacks.
  • Thunder shock and Volt Switch are the main offensive moves.

Pokemon details

  • From the Kanto region, #135 in the Pokedex.
  • Jolteon thrives in rainy weather conditions.
  • Useful in combat in training battles!

How to get Jolteon

  • Easiest to evolve Jolteon from Eevee using 50 Candy.
  • Jolteon cannot be hatched.
  • Write the word “Sparky” to ensure the Eevee will evolve into Jolteon.

8. Kabutops

Kabutops Smash!!

Kabutops, a rock/water dual Gen 1 Pokemon from the Kanto region, uses Rock Smash and Stone Edge to defeat opponents.

What Kabutops Excels In

  • Best offensive moves are Fury Cutter, Rock Smash, and Waterfall.
  • Strong in offense, then defense, then stamina.
  • Thrives in partly cloudy and rainy weather conditions.

Pokemon details

  • Kabutops can either be male or female but are mostly male.
  • Moves quickly in Pokemon GO Training Battle.

How to get Kabutops

  • It can be evolved with 50 Candy.
  • Kabutops cannot be hatched, can only be captured.
  • Rare to catch in the wild (less than 20% chance).

7. Kadabra

An extra-magical Pokemon!

Kadabra, a psychic First Evolution Pokemon from the Kanto region, uses Dazzling Gleam and Psycho Cut to defeat opponents.

What Kadabra Excels In

  • Kadabra excels in the offense, then stamina, then defense.
  • Thrives in windy weather in battle.

Pokemon details

  • It can be male or female but is mostly male.
  • Kadabra is #64 in the Pokedex, sandwiched in-between Abra (#63) and Alakazam (#65).

How to get Kadabra

  • Best way to obtain Kadabra is to evolve 25 Abra Candy.
  • Kadabra cannot be hatched.
  • There is a 25% capture rate in the wild.

6. Kingler

Kingler is great in a pinch!

Kingler is a pocket monster with a formidable claw to attack opponents in battle.

What Kingler Excels In

  • Crab Hammer and Metal Claw are Kingler’s signature moves.
  • Kingler is fast in Trainer Battles! I used Water Pulse twice and defeated two Pokemon.
  • Offense is the strongest, followed by Defense, and then Stamina, due to Kingler’s large and heavy claw.

Pokemon details

  • Can be female or male.
  • Kingler battles better in rainy weather.
  • Only susceptible to electric and grass attacks.

How to get Kingler

  • Kingler cannot be hatched.
  • Since Kingler is a water Pokemon, it is easier to capture it near beaches, lakes, and rivers.

5. Magmar

Too hot to handle!

Magmar, a First Evolution pocket monster from the Kanto region, is a fiery Pokemon to use in combat.

What Magmar Excels In

  • Karate Chop and Fire Spin are Magmar’s signature offense moves.
  • Magmar is a fast pocket monster. In Trainer Battles, it moves quickly; I was able to attack twice before using defense.

Pokemon details

  • Either male or female.
  • Magmar is #126 in the Pokedex, evolved from Magby.
  • The Final Evolution Pokemon is Magmortar.

How to get Magmar

  • Evolving Magby with 50 Candy is easier than finding Magmar in the wild. 
  • Magmar cannot be hatched; it is a rare Pokemon.
  • There is a 30% capture rate in the wild.

4. Magneton

Magneton has a magnetic personality! 

Magneton, a First Evolution Electric and Steel Pokemon, uses magnet force to crush its opponents in Pokemon battles.

What Magneton Excels In

  • Resistant to all types of attacks except for fire, fighting, and ground.
  • The offense is much stronger than defense.
  • With its magnetic personality, Magneton is known for Magnet Bomb and Zap Cannon, among other attacks.

Pokemon details

  • Best if not used against Fire, Fighting, or Ground Pokemon.
  • Magneton battles best in rainy or snowy conditions.
  • Magneton is listed as #82 in the Pokedex and is from the Kanto region.

How to get Magneton

  • Can be evolved from Magnemite with 50 Candy; Magnezone is the final evolution from 100 Candy.
  • It is uncommon, but I caught Magneton in the wild.
  • Magneton is found in commercial and residential areas.

3. Manectric 


Manectric, also known as the Discharge Pokemon, is a dog-like Generation 3 electric pocket monster that derives from the Hoenn region.

What Manectric Excels In

  • Manectric’s only weakness is Ground attacks, so it plays strong with both offensive and defensive moves.
  • This Pokemon excels in offense and thrives under rainy weather conditions.
  • Snarl and Wild Charge are Manectric’s strongest attacks. Attacks quickly in Pokemon GO trainer battle.

Pokemon Details

  • It can be male or female.
  • Listed as #310 in the Pokedex.
  • Resistant to multiple types of attacks: Electric, Flying, Steel.

How to get Manectric

  • Can be found on college campuses, parks (that is where I found mine), and residential areas. Basically, where there are people, Manectric can be found.
  • I caught Manectric in the wild; it can also be evolved.
  • Manectric is evolved from Electrike with 50 Candy.

2. Omastar

Omastar is at home with rock and water!

Omastar, also known as the Spiral Pokemon, is a unique Dual Type combination of Rock and Water Pokemon. This Gen 1 pocket monster stems from the Kanto region. Read more to find out about the unique Pokemon!

What Omastar Excels In

  • Because Omastar is a Dual Type Pokemon, using both rock and water in battle are advantageous.
  • CP for Omastar is 2,786; offense is 207.
  • The Rock Throw and Water Gun are two of Omastar’s signature offensive moves.

Pokemon Details

  • Omastar can be female or male; they are predominantly male.
  • Partly cloudy and rainy weather is ideal to catch and boost Omastar.
  • This Pokemon is listed as #139 in the Pokedex

How to get Omastar

  • It is rare for Omastar to be caught in the wild; I have only seen two in the four years that I have been playing.
  • Omastar cannot be hatched, but Omanyte can with 10 km eggs.
  • Omastar is evolved from Omanyte with 50 Candy.
  • Spawn locations include places with a body of water, cities, quarries, and trails.


1. Vaporeon

A cute but fearsome opponent in trainer battles! 

Vaporean is one of my favorite Pokemon; in fact, my Buddy, the pocket monster “familiar” that can accompany trainers on adventures, battles, snapshots, and walks, is a Vaporean named Blue.

What Vaporeon Excels In

  • Offensive moves are Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump, Last Resort, and Water Gun.
  • Vaporean is fast! In a recent trainer battle, Vaporean used Aqua Tail for the offense. It quickly powered up in battle and was used five times to defeat two opponents.
  • Vaporeon is a formidable opponent when it uses Hydro Pump and Water Gun in Gyms.

Pokemon details

  • If you wish to have Vaporeon as a Buddy, they are always hungry and require berries before they will walk with you!
  • Vaporeon is a water Pokemon that is an evolved “eeveelution”.
  • Vaporeon is considered as the best Eevee in the bunch due to the Water Gun move.    

How to get Vaporeon

  • You can catch Vaporean by catching and evolving 25 Eevee Candy.
  • You can leave it up to chance when evolving Eevee, or you can write the name Rainer when the Eevee is evolving. That will change the Eevee to Vaporean.
  • Vaporeon is extremely rare (but not unheard of) to catch in the wild.

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