Top 10 Best Pokemon for PvP

Best Pokemon for PvP
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#10 Blissey

Blissey is the real world version of a tank. the It is well known among players as the defense heavy and EXP producing Pokemon in main games and Pokemon Go. It’s stats will also help it in player versus player (PvP) battles in Pokemon Go.  Blissey can take hits to lengthen the battle, and allows the player time to heal up the other Pokemon. It is often seen as the cute Pokemon, or Nurse Joy’s healer, but Blissey has made its place known in the gaming world. Don’t mess with Blissey, unless you have a plan. Eurogamer lists it as one of the best to have on your team for the Great, Ultra and Master Ball league PvP battles. 

Why Blissey is awesome for PvP:

  • High defense stats to stay it in battle longer
  • Can have perfect IV Blissey that still adheres to various league rules - so it can be used in battle for multiple leagues
  • Perfect matchup for Machamp - which can be a team destroyer. 

Blissey stats:

#9 Slaking

Slaking can be seen as the “lazy” Pokemon. It’s ability is literally “Truant” which means he takes alternative turns to rest. Don’t be fooled by that perceived laziness. This Pokemon is known for having massive HP and Attack stats in Pokemon Go and the main Pokemon games. It is a powerful addition to any team, provided that it has useful moves. It also makes gyms “tall” in Pokemon Go, which will deter challengers. 

Why Slaking is awesome for PvP: 

  • High CP and Attack stats defends gyms and does massive damage to opponents
  • Using moves like “Play Rough” give it more coverage and make it formidable in battle
  • Fairy Moves can be great matchup for Fighting and Dragon types

Slaking stats:

#8  Alakazam

Alakazam is the all knowing wizard of the Pokemon world. It might not be looking for an “Arthur” to make a King, but that doesn’t make the Pokemon any less impressive. It is a powerful Physic Type Pokemon. It can learn Fairy and Ghost type moves to help with coverage. A “glass cannon” that can do high damage, but should only be used on super effective Pokemon. 

Why Alakazam is awesome for PvP:

  • Powerful attacker 
  • Great coverage moves 
  • High CP 

Alakazam stats:

#7 Kyogre

Kyogre is essentially a great big whale. It is only fitting that a whale would rule the oceans. It is aa Legendary Pokemon from the third generation Pokemon games. It is a Water Type that learns the best Water type moves. It is also very defensive, so it can take a few hits while dealing damage. 

Why Kyogre is awesome for PvP:

  • Can tank hits during battle
  • Rock/Ground are common types to battle with, so Kyogre is a good counter
  • Best Water Type Pokemon in the game

Kyogre stats:

#6 Salamence

Salamence is the trademark “dragon”, both in power and appearance. It is fittingly a Dragon Type introduced in the third generation Pokemon games. It is a pseudo-legendary Pokemon that can learn a variety of moves. It is a primary Dragon Type, but is secondary Flying Type. It can learn Fire, Flying and Dragon Type moves, which is great for coverage on any team

Why Salamence is awesome for PvP:

  • Higher Attack stat compared to Dragon favorite, Dragonite
  • Dragon/Fire type moves for coverage
  • Excellent general option to add to any team

Salamence stats:

#5 Rhyperior

Rhyperior is basically a Rhydon with more rocks. It is, to no surprise, the evolution of Rhydon. While its design may not be the most original, that doesn’t mean it is not a serious battling contender. It’s powerful Attack and Defensive stats help make it a formidable Pokemon. It can take on many types of Pokemon and survive multiple battles. It is also a great addition to an Attack heavy team.  

Why Rhyperior is awesome for PvP:

  • Powerful against many types in the game
  • Stronger than most Ground type options 
  • Good coverage for Electric types going after the Water Pokemon on the team

Rhyperior stats:

#4 Machamp

Machamp is the answer to most people’s wish of having more than two hands. It is the best Fighting Type Pokemon in the game. It’s high Attack stats make it a powerhouse. It can also take down highly defensive Pokemon - like Chansey or Blissey - easier than most Pokemon available. It is also a good option to have to take out opponents quickly. 

Why Machamp is awesome for PvP:

  • Strongest Fighting Type 
  • Best Counter to Blissey - highest defensive stat Pokemon 
  • Powerhouse against many types of Pokemon

Machamp stats:

#3 Rayquaza

Rayquaza is a Chinese dragon costume that came to life and destroys lives. It is a legendary Pokemon from the third generation Pokemon games. It is a Legendary Pokemon with the Dragon Typing. It is the strongest Dragon Pokemon in the games, and can be a strong adversary. It also learns powerful Dragon Type moves that are effective on many types of Pokemon. 

Why Rayzuaza is awesome for PvP:

  • Exceptional move pairing 
  • Strongest Dragon Type Pokemon 
  • Powerful Attack against many Pokemon typings

Rayquaza stats:

#2 Dragonite

Dragonite is the definition of a “cute, but deadly” Pokemon. It is the most well rounded non-legendary Pokemon to have on a team. It’s bulk and strength make it difficult to take down. It’s Dragon Typing also does damage to multiple typings. It also learns stronger moves than other Dragon types learn, such as Outrage. 

Why Dragonite is awesome for PvP:

  • Strong against almost anything
  • Learning Outrage puts it above all other non-legendary Dragon Types
  • High bulk as well as high attack stats

Dragonite stats:

#1 Mewtwo

Mewtwo may be a copy, but it won’t be seen as any less than other Pokemon. It is the top Pokemon to have on your team. It’s high Attack, Special Attack and Bulk make it a well-rounded Pokemon. It is Physic Type, that can also learn Fighting, Ghost, Ice, Fire, Electric and Psychic type moves. It’s legendary status also gives it legendary stats in battle. Any player can use Mewtwo to their advantage. 

Why Mewtwo is awesome for PvP:

  • Learning moveset can be catered to any weakness on the team
  • Better Attack and Bulk compared to Rayquaza 
  • Can learn Focus Blast to clear out multiple Pokemon with ease

Mewtwo stats:

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