10 Best Pokemon Games Loved By Millions Worldwide

Best Pokemon Games
All the main games in one picture!

What Are The Best Pokemon Games?

Pokemon has been loved by many for decades. But what are the absolute best games out there?

Here is a list of the top ten games based on how popular and beloved they are by the Pokemon community. 

#10 Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go gameplay

Pokemon Go is a mobile app game released by Niantic. It is a fairly recent game, however has reached multiple Pokemon fans, new and old. It essentially that brings Pokemon into the real world. Like any other Pokemon game, thetheThe goal is to catch them all. 

When you reach level 5, you get to choose which team you will be part of: Mystic, Valor, or Instinct. After that, you can battle gyms, win medals and battle or trade with other trainers. Walking helps you hatch Pokemon eggs and run into various Pokemon. You can get items or Pokemon eggs via Pokestops and completing Raid battles at locations in the real world. 

You can compete in Raid battles with different tiers of difficulty and Pokemon. The more difficult Raids can be completed when you team up with other players to take down a powerful Pokemon. Afterward, you get the chance to catch thate powerful Pokemon, and receive special reward items like rare candies or max revives. 

Pokemon Go also has Community Days, which promotes special moves and specific Pokemon swarms. You also have the chance to catch higher IV and shiny Pokemon! Weekly rewards for Research tasks and special Raid battles will allow you to catch randomly generated legendary Pokemon! 

Legends: Catch these and other legendary Pokemon via Raid Battles or completing weekly research tasks. You can add these to your Pokedex, and even encounter their shiny forms! 

Trade and battle with people, complete research tasks for rewards, and catch Pokemon in the real world!

Quest Life: Professor Willow will assign you daily research tasks related to Pokemon to keep you playing and searching for Pokemon! 

#9 Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu gameplay

Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee & Pikachu are the newest Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a combination of Pokemon Go and a remake of Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow.  

Players can experience the Kanto region for the first time, or return to it in a new way for veteran players. The updated graphics and characters are direct hits to nostalgia for those experienced players. They also look great to newer players who don’t want to play the originals. 

While the references to the first games are wonderful, Nintendo did change the gameplay up a bit. Trainers don’t gain experience points (EXP) by battling wild Pokemon anymore. Now, trainers get more EXP in the game by catching and chaining the same Pokemon. Players gain levels a lot quicker in this way, making the game a lot quicker to complete. 

The Nintendo Switch also introduced motion controls with catching Pokemon. Players can use the joy cons, Pokeball Plus, or the console itself depending on preference. This can immerse players into the experience, and make catching Pokemon more interactive and fun. 

 Players can still battle with their Pokemon in the game, and the storyline is the same from the original game. Gym leaders and NPC trainers are still scattered around as well as the Elite 4. There are even some new cut scenes within the game that were not in the original games! 

Rescue Mission: Lorelei, one of the Elite 4 members,  steps in to save you when you get ganged up on by some Team Rocket grunts. 

Explore the Kanto region, catch Pokemon with a new mechanic, and enjoy updated graphics to a beloved game! 

Nostalgia 101: Revisit the Kanto region as a male or female character with either Pikachu or Eevee by your side. 

#8. Pokemon Conquest

Pokemon Conquest gameplay

Pokemon Conquest is one of Nintedo’s spin-offside games within the Pokemon Universe. It has elements of Pokemon within it, however Nintedo tried to branch out from the traditional game formula. 

The game is set in Pokemon’s distant past. There are no Pokeballs, gyms or trainers. Instead, Pokemon are allies that choose to battle alongside humans. The basic premise of the game is to build an army of warriors and their Pokemon partners across the region. An enemy force on the opposite end of the region is doing the same in hopes of ruling the entire region. 

Players can recruit characters after defeating them in their home arena. Battles are very strategic, and players can win or lose based on one wrong move or decision. It is almost Fire Emblem-like in the way you cross the field and attack enemy forces in a turn-based battle royale. 

Strategy: Plan out your movements and attacks when fighting enemy warriors. Enemy Pokemon and even the landscape can take your team out. If you run into wild Pokemon while training, you or your other warriors can bond with them and add it to your team! 

One of the most entertaining parts of the game are the characters themselves. Each character has a Pokemon partner that they closely resemble. Their personalities also tend to match the Pokemon’s, which makes training and evolving their Pokemon fun to experience. As the player travels along the region, they will have moments to rest and bond with their warriors and Pokemon. 

Along with evolutions of Pokemon partners, the warriors also evolve with them. Warriors gain more armor and bigger weapons. Players start with Eevee, and can evolve along with Eevee into one of the eeveelutions. Players can choose which evolution it will be based on the items you receive in the game.  

Strategize, bond with characters, and enjoy exploring various battle arenas and puzzles. 

Bonding: One of the best parts of the game are the various characters and how they develop and grow with the player and their Pokemon partners. 

#7. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

The player turns into a Pokemon depending on how they answer a few social situation questions and are paired based on their personalities. That makes the player more connected to their Pokemon counterpart throughout the game. 

Shortly after turning into a Pokemon, a wild Pokemon finds the player. They will be your partner throughout the game. The Pokemon will take the player to their guild, which is filled with various Pokemon. From there, the player will learn about quests. 

Quests are various tasks posted by Pokemon within the guild. The player can complete these quests to get EXP and recruit more Pokemon to the guild. Most quests will send the player and their partner to various dungeons to find items, other Pokemon, or recruitable Pokemon. 

As the player completes these quests and progress through the game, they will learn about the region legendary Pokemon. They are incorporated within the storyline. Usually, there are Pokemon from a different guild that are after the legendary Pokemon for their power. It is up to the player and their guild members to stop them and protect the legendary Pokemon. 

Legendary recruitment: Meet various legendary Pokemon as a Pokemon yourself. Battle and then possibly recruit them for your guild. 

Become a Pokemon, battle with your partners in the guild, and save the world. 

Be the Pokemon: Join a guild and make friends with various Pokemon while being a Pokemon yourself!

#6. Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Moon gameplay

Pokemon Sun and Moon are one of the most recent Pokemon generations within the main games from Nintendo. It is also the next main game after the success of Pokemon Go mobile app. The game is catered to veteran players as well as new players coming over from Pokemon Go. 

Based on the islands of Hawaii, it is in a region of various islands. Hawaiian and island themes are used throughout the game to immerse the player within the region. Pokemon, both new and old, within the region also match the island theme. Alolan form Pokemon were also introduced, which altered forms of Pokemon from previous generations.   

Nintendo did change up the game formula a bit with this game by introducing island challenges. Gym leaders have been replaced by island Kahunas that can be challenged after the player finishes various island challenges. 

Z-moves were introduced in Sun and Moon as well. Z-moves were crystals that Pokemon held and powered up specific moves. There are Z-moves for every type of Pokemon in the game, and every Pokemon can hold a Z-crystal in battle. 

Sun and Moon also incorporated multiple cut scenes and storyline moments throughout the game to invest the player with the various characters. There are new rivals, a new professor, a new evil team, and Kahunas. The game incorporates all these characters with distinct personalities and motivations. 

Alolan forms: Raichu changes due to living in Alola. It goes from an electric type to an electric/physic type with the ability Levitate. 

Explore a new region, meet new Pokemon, and check out all the Alolan form Pokemon! 

Pokemon for All Ages: Pokemon Sun and Moon are fun games that are made a bit easier to adhere to new players coming from Pokemon Go who don’t know Pokemon as much as veteran players. 

#5. Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon Y Gameplay

Pokemon X and Y were the first games to come out without pixelated graphics on the new 3DS system. The better graphics were a huge selling point on the game. Not only did gameplay flow smoother and look crisper, but it made the Pokemon look the absolute best. 

Players were introduced to a new Kalos region with new Pokemon. New rivals and professor will round out the experience along the way. The region was based on France, and touches of French culture and architecture are throughout the game. Players could also shop and customize their characters within the game. 

Mega-Evolution was also introduced in these games. It allowed Pokemon to Mega Evolve, which changed their forms and powered them up in battle. It only lasts for the battle, and only one Pokemon can Mega Evolve on the player’s team per battle. Another perk of Mega-Evolution is that it can change Pokemon typing as well, which can help or hurt the Pokemon in battle. 

A new Pokemon typing was also introduced in the game: Fairy type. It helped introduce new Pokemon as well as make Pokemon from previous generations more powerful when given the Fairy typing. Fairy typing was made to battle dragons, fighting and dark types. Fairy types are weak against Poison and Steel type Pokemon, powering up these kinds of Pokemon too.

Fairy Type: A new playable Fairy typing to learn and battle with makes X and Y a great addition to the Pokemon game franchise. 

Experiment with a new Pokemon typing, explore a new region, and enjoy the beautiful graphics in this addition to the Pokemon universe. 

A Whole New World: Explore and enjoy the beautiful world of Pokemon with new graphics, Pokemon and story! 

#4. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire 

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire are similar to Pokemon Let’s Go in that they are remakes of earlier games. These games are remakes of Ruby and Sapphire, which were Pokemon games for the Gameboy Advance. 

This updated version of the game provides better graphics as well as new post-game storyline that players actually want to complete. Plus, they provide that punch of nostalgia for players who played Ruby and Sapphire. Veteran players can remiscene about the original games while new players can experience the game without being deterred by the graphic quality or not owning a Gameboy Advance. 

Similar to Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire can also Mega Evolve. Starters and region specific Pokemon get the option to Mega Evolve. This not only powers them up, but it can also change their typing and how they look. 

Mega Evolution: Power up and change the form of your favorite pokemon. 

Walk down the road of nostalgia, Mega Evolve your Pokemon, and complete the exciting post-game storyline! 

Delta: The Delta Episode is one of the best post-game storylines Pokemon has made to date, and helps increase the playability after defeating the game. 

#3. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver 

Pokemon HeartGold gameplay

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are remake games of Pokemon Gold/Silver. Similar to Pokemon Let’s Go and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, these games pack a punch into nostalgia for veteran players. 

It was released along with generation 4 games, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Nintendo just released the Nintendo DS to replace the Gameboy Advance. It was still a portable system that had more power and programmability. Thus, this remake looked better and could provide more features than the original. 

One of the biggest features to the game was having Pokemon follow the players around. The programmers were able to program all the Pokemon as sprites to follow behind players. It was a fun addition that promoted further bonding with players and their favorite Pokemon. 

There were also additions to the main storyline, such as more backstory on the player’s rival, Silver. There were more character development between player and rival as well as another rival added into the mix. More scenes with Gym Leaders and Team Rocket are also included within the game. 

Rival: Silver’s backstory makes him more interesting and fleshed out compared to the original game. 

The game has even included legendaries from other games outside of the Johto and Kanto regions. Rayquaza, Kyogre, Groudon, Latios and Latias are within the world as well. They are all post-game, and need to be captured after being given specific items to summon them. 

Similar to the previous remakes on this list, these games also provided better graphics compared to the original. This appealed to veteran players as well as newer players who just bought a DS and were looking for games to play. 

Have Pokemon follow you, travel along revived region locations, and enjoy all the references to new and old Pokemon games. 

Remake: Both games are beloved remakes that do the original justice while introducing new players to the magic of Pokemon. 

#2. Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal 

Pokemon Silver gameplay

Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal were the second generation games introduced to Pokemon players. They had big shoes to fill since the first game, Red/Blue/Yellow started the universe, and were so beloved by fans. These games delivered to that hype as a great sequel to the first games. 

One of the biggest features in these games were the fact that they were all in color. The original games were in black/white, with color included in the later released Pokemon Yellow. Adding color gave new life to the game, and made it that much more pleasing to play. 

These games also introduced the Johto region, a brand new region for players to explore. New Pokemon and characters also appeared, which gave veteran players new Pokemon to learn and train compared to the previous game. It also introduced these Pokemon to new players who might not have known about the previous game. 

Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal also brought a new typing to the game: Dark type. Dark type Pokemon were strong against Physic and Ghost type Pokemon, while weak to Fighting and Bug type Pokemon. This new typing helped to weaken the powerhouse that was Physic type, and make the game more balanced. 

The day cycle was also introduced to the game, which affected what kinds of Pokemon appeared in the wild. It also affected evolutions, since some Pokemon needed to be evolved during a specific time of day. New evolutions via friendship were also introduced. New eeveelutions and other friendship based evolutions gave original Pokemon new forms. Pokemon Crystal also introduced the first female player, helping female players connect more with the series. Lastly, shiny Pokemon were introduced with the Red Gyarados storyline. 

Shiny Pokemon: This game started it all. Every game after these games included shiny Pokemon, and many players hunt for these shiny forms. 

These games also connected to the original game by allowing the player to travel to Kanto after beating the Elite 4. This gave veteran players a way to connect to the previous game while experiencing new events. The player could battle gyms in any order, and find references to the previous game hidden throughout the region. Then they can take on Red, the Champion of the Kanto region. As well as an Easter Egg for players who played as Red in their Red/Blue/Yellow games. 

Go become a Pokemon champion twice, evolve Pokemon with friendship, and explore two whole regions in these games! 

Different Versions: These versions all gave players different experiences and storylines, which increased the playability of the different versions. 

#1. Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

Pokemon Red gameplay

These games being at number one are no surprise to veteran players. These were the original games that started the Pokemon game craze. They brought the original 151 Pokemon and introduced the idea to to “catch ‘em all.” 

These games began the game formula that most main games have followed afterward. The player chooses a starter Pokemon and are given a Pokedex and told to collect badges. After collecting eight badges, the player can then challenge the Elite 4 and Champion to become Champion and win the game. 

These games introduced the player to Legendary Pokemon, such as Mewtwo and the legendary birds. The games balanced storyline with the battle mechanics to attract different kinds of video game players. They introduced typings associated with Pokemon, and how they interact with one another in battle. 

The games haven’t aged well when introduced to new players, especially since Gameboys aren’t circulating as much as they were in the past. Many kids today wouldn’t even know what a Gameboy was, unless their parents or relatives had one. Kids may also be deterred by the graphics in comparison to the games they play now, which may affect their enjoyment of these games. 

Gameplay: While the aesthetics may be lacking when compared to other Pokemon games, Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow are still a joy to revisit and replay. 

All aesthetics aside, the game plays well. Players who can look past how the game looks in comparison to future games, will find that they are actually fun. The pacing is fast, the linear storyline and characters are explained without being overdone, and the mechanics are easy to learn for any level of video game player. 

Explore the first region in the Pokemon universe, learn about the lore, and go catch ‘em all! 

Lore: One of the strongest pulls that these games have are the lore within it and behind many future games afterward. 

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