[Top 7] MHW Best Long Swords That Wreck Hard!

Arguably the fanciest weapon in the game, use this if you want to feel like an anime protagonist while you slice through monsters.

That’s right, you guessed it, it’s time for another top 7 list of Monster Hunter World weapons that wreck hard!

If you’re a fan of Long Swords, the most stylish weapons in Monster Hunter, then you’re sure to be a fan of these seven weapons! Kicking off this list, we have:


1. Wyvern Blade “Luna”


Just as toxic and deadly as the monster it came from.

For a very long time, this was the top choice available for Long Sword mains in Iceborne. Crafted from the many parts of the elegant Gold Rathian, the Luna incorporates much of its progenitor’s power and deadly poison: its 957 base raw alone put it ahead of most of the pack, but it also comes with 10% of natural affinity, a chunk of white and purple sharpness, and 420 Poison which goes a long way in hunts.

Combining this weapon with classic raw damage skills like Agitator, Attack Boost, and Weakness Exploit massively increase its potential DPS, and its natural purple and decent affinity allow for hunters to slot it into a Master’s Touch build with little to no meddling. On top of that, the high Poison status adds a serious kick to its damage, even against monsters that are resistant to poison; it also has no bad matchups, since the only monster immune to poison is Zorah Magdaros.

Weapon Highlights:

  • One of the highest base raws available to early Iceborne Long Swords (with a potential base cap of 990), combined with a powerful Poison.
  • Positive natural affinity and a workable chunk of purple sharpness makes this weapon perfect for a Master’s Touch build.
  • A 1st level Decoration Slot allows for some extra comfort skills to be slotted in without worrying about decoration space in your armour sets.

Weapon Details: https://monsterhunterworld.wiki.fextralife.com/Wyvern+Blade+Luna


2. Ruinous Extermination

It doesn't have Extermination in the name for the fun of it - this thing wrecks hard.

This Ruiner Nergigante Long Sword is the main competition of the Wyvern Blade “Luna” as well as its exact opposite. Where the Luna is sleek and elegant, the Extermination is jagged and vicious. Where the Luna has a heap of a very potent status in Poison that helps most against non-Elder Dragons, the Extermination has a solid helping of Dragon element to best hunt down the Elders with. Finally, where the Luna works best with Master’s Touch and a sprinkling of Handicraft, the Extermination has so much white sharpness that you may never have to sharpen again.

In addition, despite both weapons having the same base raw of 957, this weapon does out damage the Luna in one key scenario - monsters that are weak to Dragon and resistant to Poison. This is a relatively niche scenario, especially in the early stages of Iceborne’s endgame when the Ruinous Extermination was most active: the Rath pair, their Azure and Pink subspecies pair, and Blackveil Vaal Hazak. If you are up against one of these monsters, the Ruinous Extermination will do as its name says and exterminate. However, this weapon is still powerful enough and comfortable enough to be run in most hunts without having to worry about building for the absolute meta set.

Weapon Highlights:

  • 957 raw, the same as the Luna’s, will see you through most hunts in record time.
  • 180 Dragon element and High Elderseal will allow you to carve through Elder Dragons like butter.
  • A free 1st level Decoration Slot and 110 hits of white sharpness make this perfect for when you want to go comfy hunting while still destroying everything in your path.

Weapon Details: https://monsterhunterworld.wiki.fextralife.com/Ruinous+Extermination


3. Hellish Slasher

Jagged and spiky, the Hellish Slasher is ready to dish out meaty damage while still being a comfort weapon.

Another contender for the Luna’s throne is the Hellish Slasher. First and foremost, this weapon is much easier to acquire than either of the other two, since it is crafted from Arena Rewards. It can also very easily close the power gap between it and the other two, despite starting out with a much lower raw - since it is a Rarity 11 weapon, it gets more augment space, which means its 924 raw can be increased to 974, close to the Luna’s cap of 990, and it can use the Non-Elemental Boost skill - something neither of the other two can do - because its 180 Dragon element is hidden.

Secondly, it works fantastically as for comfort hunters, perhaps even more than the Extermination. While it only brings 80 hits of sharpness, compared to the Extermination’s 110, this can be increased with Handicraft to 130. It also brings a +40 defence bonus to keep you in the hunt for longer, a High Elderseal just like the Extermination, and a 4th level Decoration Slot perfect for slotting in any comfort skill of your choice.

Weapon Highlight:

  • Almost as much raw as the Luna and Extermination, and about equal damage with Non-Elemental Boost, while being more easily accessible as an Arena Reward weapon.
  • A fantastic amount of white sharpness and a +40 defence bonus to keep you in the front lines for as long as possible.
  • A 4th level Decoration Slot makes fitting this into any build of your choice that much easier.

Weapon Details: https://monsterhunterworld.wiki.fextralife.com/Hellish+Slasher


4. Great Demon Halberd

Zip zap and zop with this electrifying Rajang longsword!

If you have the determination to hunt a Rajang, you might get the materials necessary to craft this absolute behemoth of a Long Sword. With a blistering 1023 base raw and a solid 60 hits of blue sharpness, which can reach 50 hits of white with Handicraft, this weapon rips through the competition. The 120 additional Thunder element is barely worth mentioning, considering how weak Thunder hitzone values are in Iceborne, but bonus damage is bonus damage.

This Halberd’s only major downfall is its -15% affinity, which can be negated with some augments or by making use of the 4th level Decoration slot that it comes with.

Weapon Highlights:

  • 1023 base raw, the highest raw available to Long Swords pre-Fatalis, which is bolstered by a sprinkling of Thunder element.
  • Enough sharpness with Handicraft for a Master’s Touch build to work.
  • A 4th level Decoration Slot, great for customisability and perfect for combatting the weapon’s natural negative affinity.

Weapon Details: https://monsterhunterworld.wiki.fextralife.com/Great+Demon+Halberd


5. Safi’s Shatterblade

Luna. Extermination. Slasher. Halberd. Long ago, the four meta Long Swords lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when Safi’Jiiva was released.

Each one of Safi’Jiiva weapons are well known to be powerful, especially for the more elementally inclined weapons, but for the Long Sword, there is only one correct choice: the Safi’s Shatterblade. While its base raw is only 981, Augments and Safi Awakenings can bring it up to a whopping 1106, powering past the competition. It also has 180 Blast, helping you with damage and part-breaking by proccing explosions, 5% natural affinity, and a 4th level Decoration Slot to boot. The Safi’s Shatterblade is powerful in any situation.

The Shatterblade’s only competition is the Lightbreak Edge, the Raging Brachydios Long Sword. With a mighty raw of 990 (which can go up to 1023 with Augments) and an even higher Blast status of 270, this weapon can just about match the Shatterblade blow for blow, and its natural purple sharpness gives it an edge. However, it has less sharpness, white and purple, than the Shatterblade’s pure natural white, making this weapon better suited for Master’s Touch builds and speedrunners.

Weapon Highlights:

  • The Shatterblade is a potent explosive weapon usable against almost any monster - only Zorah Magdaros is immune to Blast.
  • Its 1106 potential raw puts it heads and shoulders above any other Long Swords available upon its release.
  • Its 4th level Decoration Slot opens up plenty of room for customisation.

Weapon Details: https://monsterhunterworld.wiki.fextralife.com/Safi's+Shatterblade


6. Dark Claw “Demise”

This scythe is perfect for cosplaying the Grim Reaper as you send monster after monsters straight to their deaths.

With the arrival of Alatreon came the new Long Sword king of Dragon, the scythe-like Dark Claw “Demise”. Its 924 base raw doesn’t quite match up to the Extermination, but its 660 Dragon element is almost four times greater, making it a perfect selection for the new Dragon-weak monsters in Iceborne.

The Dark Claw “Demise” is also a supremely comfortable weapon; with two 2nd level Decoration Slots for customisability you won’t ever worry about running out of slots, and with a whopping 90 hits with purple sharpness (which goes up to 140 with Handicraft) you’ll never need to sharpen in a hunt again, leaving more time for styling on monsters with your wicked scythe.

Weapon Highlights:

  • Possibly the most comfortable endgame Long Sword available, with two slots and masses of sharpness.
  • Very solid base raw and a massive 660 Dragon element allow it to power through Elder Dragons, like Alatreon and Fatalis.

Weapon Details: https://monsterhunterworld.wiki.fextralife.com/Dark+Claw+Demise


7. Fatalis Zaggespanon

Get ready for the damage with this Fatalis longsword!

There is, of course, only room for one Long Sword on the throne, and by the time Iceborne’s release cycle ended, there was only one Long Sword that could fill it: the Fatalis Zaggespanon.

An absolutely monumental 1155 base raw (which you can increase to 1188 with Augments), natural purple sharpness, two 4th level Decoration Slots, and 150 Dragon element with High Elderseal for bashing Elder Dragons. No other Long Sword comes close. The weapon’s only downfall is the same as all other Fatalis weapons, its -30% natural affinity, but this can be easily conquered with skills like Critical Eye and Weakness Exploit - skills that are already standard in any meta damage build.

Weapon Highlights:

  • 1155 base raw - it doesn’t get higher than this. Topped with 150 Dragon element for extra damage.
  • A decent chunk of white and purple, comfortably high with Handicraft - which is easy to do, with all of the 4th level Decoration Slots you get.

Weapon Details: https://monsterhunterworld.wiki.fextralife.com/Fatalis+Zaggespanon


And with that, we reach the end of our Long Swords in MHW: Iceborne that wreck hard! Hopefully, you learned something new, and hopefully, this has inspired you to farm for one of these powerful weapons!

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