[Top 5] MHW Best Female Layered Armor and How to Get Them

MHW Best Female Layered Armor
Hunt in style with layered armor!

[Tops 5] MHW Best Female Layered Armor and How to Get Them

In Monster Hunter World, your choice in armor is probably the most important decision you will make. However, with the addition of layered armors, you can now hunt in style! Layered Armors allow you to visibly wear a set of armor while keeping the stats and abilities of a different set. This means that you no longer have to worry about how your armor looks, as you can just cover it up with one of the many choices of layered armor. These are 5 of my personal favorite layered armors in the game, customizable so you can hunt in style!

5. Great Girros Layered Armor

This layered armor makes the list for how cool it looks. That’s it. I love the look of this armor, and was so happy when there was a layered version available for me to wear. This one gets an honorable mention for being the raddest most edgy armor set you can imagine!

What’s Good About Girros Layered Armor

  • Look really cool! Like I can’t think of a more rad-looking low-rank armor set.
  • The actual armor is crappy, but with layered armor, that doesn’t matter!
  • Super easy to craft

How to get Great Girros Layered Armor

  • 500 Research Points
  • 5 Night Hoods
  • 3 Great Girros Thickhides
  • 3 Fierce Dragonvein Bones
  • 2 Malformed Frenzybones

4. Passion Layered Armor

This layered armor is one that comes from the Sizzling Spice event that periodically takes place in the Monster Hunter universe. It, basically, makes you look like an Aztec priest, with colorful plumed ceremonial dress. I love the look of this armor, and often go out wearing it just for the screenshots.

What’s good about Passion Layered Armor

  • Looks really cool! Like really cool!
  • Was part of a limited event, so it’s kind of like a collectible!
  • Shows a lot of skin, if you’re into that kind of thing.

How to get Passion Layered Armor

  • 5 Sizzling Spice Tickets (available when the Sizzling Spice Event is happening)

3.Guardian Layered Armor

This armor is cool in a classic kind of way! If you are going to slay dragons, why not dress the part? This layered armor is one of my personal favorites, and will become one of your favorites too!

What’s good about Guardian Layered Armor

  • Just looks cool. All of these look cool, of course, but this one really just makes you look like a true dragon killer.
  • Actually kind of hard to get, so it’s cool for bragging rights.
  • Gives your hunting experience a real Dark Souls vibe.

How to get Guardian Layered Armor

  • 1 Namielle Ticket
  • 5 Pure Dragon Blood
  • 3 Spiritvein Slogbones
  • 2 Prosperous Crystals
  • 2000 Research Points

2. Aloy Frozen Wilds Layered Armor

Have you ever wanted to roam the new world as your favorite robot-killing huntress, Aloy? Now you can, with this layered armor. Well, not really now, now, but soon! This layered armor was just announced as part of a collaboration with the new Horizon Zero Dawn game (which also looks good), and will make you look like you should be killing dragons. And robots. And robot dragons.

What’s good about Aloy Frozen Wilds Layered Armor?

  • A definite style improvement over the original Aloy Armor (which is already out)
  • This collaboration stuff is always cool
  • I mean, nobody looks as well-equipped to handle a dragon than Aloy. These ones don’t even have robot parts!

How to get Frozen Wilds Aloy Layered Armor

  • Complete event quests “The Survivor” (Hunt a Stygian Zinogre) and “Firebreak” (Hunt a Savage Deviljho)
  • Use materials gained from these quests to create the Shield-Weaver+ and Banuk a+ layered armor!

1. Astral Layered Armor

These kinds of rankings, especially on things such as style, can be quite subjective. The Astral Layered Armor takes the top spot because, in my own opinion, it is the coolest-looking thing you can wear. You look so elegant in it that you almost don’t want to dirty it up by hunting monsters! Of course, none of your armor ever shows dirt, so you can hunt to your heart’s content!

What’s good about Astral Layered Armor?

  • It just looks fancy. No way around it. You look like you should be at a dinner party or reading someone’s fortune or something.
  • Limited Time Reward, so it is as prestigious as it is beautiful!
  • Comes in pieces, so you can wear parts of it with other layered armors!

How to get Astral Layered Armor

  • Get 5 VIP Gratitude Tickets (during the Grand Appreciation Fest), and exchange them for the 5 pieces of the Astral Layered Armor

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