[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Heroes For Trolling

After a long intense night of close competitive Dota games, you and your buddies may want to end the night on a fun note. There are various heroes which are unintentionally (or intentionally?) great at frustrating players with their skillset. Mind you, if you use these heroes correctly, they could be great for domination but they are usually picked with the intent of fooling around.

To assist you in finding the best heroes to troll, we have compiled this list of the best 10 Heroes For Trolling. These heroes are very much relevant in the current meta, hence they help you troll your teammates and enemies alike!

10. Shadow Shaman

Many have come and gone but none can withstand the cursed abilities of this Shaman. Shadow Shaman is a great addition to your team against escape heroes as he offers you insane disable potential allowing your team to follow up with damage and spells. Apart from disabling, he is also known to push out lanes effortlessly and deal damage to buildings with his ultimate! He can also rat well in the late game if he has all the right items!

Why is Shadow Shaman great for trolling? 

  • Hex greatly reduces the mobility of heroes
  • Shackle locks down the enemy, dealing damage over time
  • Great chain disable, useful to troll and frustrate your foes!

Items to Buy on Shadow Shaman

  • Aether Lens
  • Blink Dagger
  • Force Staff
  • Glimmer Cape
  • Aghanim’s Scepter


9. Io

There are various mysterious entities in Dota but Io takes the cake for being the most mysterious. Is it a bulb, or is it a disco ball? We shall never know! All we know is that this ball of energy is powerful enough to turn the game around if he helps his allies on time! A perfect relocation can quickly turn the game around by saving your teammates or even by rating! Io provides decent sustain right from the laning phase! 

Why is Io great for trolling?

  • Can tether allies into the enemy fountain! 

Items to buy on Io

  • Guardian Greaves
  • Glimmer Cape
  • Ghost Scepter
  • Aeon Disk
  • Holy Locket



8. Bane

Bane is the culprit of endless nightmares in the shadow realm. He remains a solid counter to escape heroes and especially tanky ones. He can quickly disable them by applying debuffs, and locking them down for a good duration! This means that his foes can’t escape Bane’s wrath if locked down with Nightmare or Fiend’s Grip. The upside of having so many single targetted spells is that you can break the Linken’s as well.

Why is Bane a great disabler? 

  • Nightmare prevents enemy heroes from escaping and locks them down while Bane can attack them
  • Fiend’s Grip also locks fleeting enemies down, which can result in their deaths with some follow-up

Items to Buy on Bane

  • Glimmer Cape
  • Ghost Scepter
  • Force Staff
  • Aether Lens



7. Vengeful Spirit

You may think you have closed the chapter by killing her, only to see she has come back stronger to strike you down! Vengeful Spirit is notorious for being a great gap closer, and the best part is that she is level reliant as opposed to the farm! Tinker is often scouted out by Wave of Terror and if he is in range, he may be swapped out into his death! Not all heroes, especially in the support roles are seen to have such great initiating powers!

Why is Vengeful Spirit great for trolling? 

  • Nether Swap is great for trolling your allies, swapping them in midst of 5 enemy heroes!

Items to buy on Vengeful Spirit 

  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard
  • Force Staff
  • Glimmer Cape
  • Aeon Disk
  • Ghost Scepter



6. Outworld Destroyer

Being a ranged hero does wonders especially if you’re against melee heroes in the mid-lane. His foes do not fare well if they are facing OD. The INT disparity damage is simply too much to handle for them, combined with the magical damage output, and Astral save can turn around team fights. OD is essentially a beast against most mid-laners in the late game!

Why is Outworld Devourer great for trolling? 

  • OD can Astral his foes to make them miss on creep gold, similarly, he can use it on allies to trigger them!

Items to Buy on Outworld Devourer 

  • Black King Bar
  • Force Staff/Hurricane Pike
  • Scythe of Vyse
  • Aghanim’s Shard
  • Eul’s Scepter


5. Chen

Chen is criminally underrated, as most players fear to understand his true potential. As overwhelming as it may sound, Chen is one of the best junglers and early game gankers present in the game. Chen starts pretty slow in the early game, but with enough farm and levels can assist his allies in ganking and providing various items and auras. A late-game Chen isn’t squishy anymore! His items provide him with plenty of heals and escape! 

What makes Chen good for trolling?

  • Holy Persuasion converts jungle creeps into allied units controlled by Chen, allowing him to farm with them.
  • The abilities of the creeps can be used in the jungle, gank, or push lanes.
  • Can build utility items, which provide armor, healing, and magic resistance. 

Items to buy on Chen

  • Solar Crest
  • Guardian Greaves
  • Vladimir’s Offering
  • Pipe of Insight



4. Kunkka

The Admiral almighty himself! Kunkka is a known rapier hero and a great tank due to his strength gain which is naturally high from the early levels. He can effortlessly survive ganks as his high-status resistance and HP pool come to the rescue. His ultimate proves to be of great use as well as it makes sure he and his allies take the least damage in fights, allowing the fight to be in their favor. The tanky nature of Kunkka is only amplified further by high armor and high HP items. 

Why is Kunkka good for trolling?

  • X-Mark is great for trolling unsuspecting allies and enemies alike!
  • Ultimate that makes him and his allies tanky

Items to buy on Kunnka

  • Daedalus
  • Assault Cuirass
  • Armlet of Mordiggian 
  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Black King Bar



3. Tusk

Tusk is known to be a heavy hitter right from the laning phase. His icy disables and chilling moves paralyze the enemy and eliminate all their chances of escape. Tusk can hunt down enemies with his Snowball, which can also be used to save allies by clicking on them, making them get inside the ball! All it takes is one Smoke of Deceit to gank the enemy mid, which can be done quite easily with the Snowball and Tag team!

Why is Tusk great for trolling?

  • Snowball allows him to launch himself onto enemies or save his allies
  • Aghanim’s Scepter allows him to kick enemies away from him, even with BKB on!

Items to buy on Tusk

  • Blink Dagger
  • Desolator
  • Drums of Endurance
  • Force Staff
  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard
  • Shadow Blade



2. Tiny

This gargantuan elemental entity knows no bounds! Tiny sounds like the least intimidating name for a hero, but as the game progresses, he makes you feel tiny! Not only does Tiny deal heavy damage in the early game, but he can also be a fun-to-play hero since you can toss people! A quickly tossed enemy into allies soon becomes toast! Or the other way around if you want to grieve your allies (which we do not recommend!) 

Why is Tiny a great hero for trolling?

  • Toss can be used to throw enemies into allies or the other way around!
  • Low CD on spells

Items to buy on Tiny

  • Blink Dagger
  • Shadow Blade
  • Aghanim’s Shard
  • Echo Sabre



1. Techies

The sheer smugness on the Techies’ face indicates that you won’t be having a good game. The worst part of having Techies in the game is that you may never know how long it may last. You may have a quick 20 stomp or the game could go on for 2 hours! Techies are pretty one of the easiest heroes to play but are a nightmare to play against. The master players know the best spots for mining, and you may surely know what happens if you walk over them. It is pretty irritating to play against Techies but it is sure fun to play this hero!

Why are Techies good for trolling?

  • You get to trigger your enemies free of cost!
  • Serious AoE Magical damage
  • The low cooldown on spells

Items to buy on Techies

  • Kaya
  • Bloodstone
  • Octraine Core
  • Aghanim’s Scepter


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