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“The Mastermind” best known as Albert Wesker is a character from the well-known horror franchise Resident Evil. His character originated in the video game Resident Evil 5, and he was introduced as the killer of Chapter 25 Resident Evil: Project W.

His personal perks are Terminus, Awakened Awareness and Superior Anatomy. Each perk gives players the advantage with vaulting speed, revealing the auras of survivors when you are carrying one and giving them false hope when the Exit Gates are powered, making them suffer from the Broken Status Effect.

The builds below are fit for a player’s certain playstyle, it is best to view each one carefully to make s​ure which one is right for you. 

1. Anti-Generator Build 


Nowhere to Hide:

When you damage a generator, the auras of all survivors will be revealed once they are standing within 24 meters of your position for 5 seconds.


Once a survivor is put into the Dying State, every affected generator nearby explodes, losing 10% worth of progress! After that it will begin to regress. Any survivor that is repairing a generator once it explodes will scream and suffer from the Incapacitated status effect for 25 seconds.

Call of Brine: 

When you damage a generator, it will begin to regress at 200% of the normal regression speed! The aura will also be yellow and each time a survivor completes a good skill check, you will receive a loud noise notification!

Corrupt Intervention: 

When the trial begins, the three generators that are located farthest from you will be blocked by The Entity for a total of 120 seconds! This leads to survivors being unable to repair those generators for the duration and the affected generators will be highlighted in white.


Helicopter Stick:

Once a survivor uses First Aid Spray to cure themselves of the virus, it will reveal their aura for 8 seconds

Iridescent Uroboros Vial: 

At the beginning of the trial, survivors will be infected with the Uroboros. They will then suffer from the Exposed Status Effect for 30 seconds when reaching maximum infection

What makes this build great?

This build is at #1 because of its amazing add-ons and perks! The add-on Iridescent Uroboros Vial is a must have for your loadout and will give survivors a hard time as soon as the match starts by them becoming infected with Uroboros. This build also features multiple perks that can prevent the survivors from completing a generator and making them pay once you damage it. Perks such as Call of Brine makes the generator regress once it is damaged and Eruption which causes the generator to explode when a survivor is in the dying state or the survivor will scream, revealing their location. 


2. The Anxiety Build

This Wesker build is designed for players who prefer to use their Terror Radius to make trials as intense as possible. Survivors that are within your Terror Radius will pay the price, whether it is by the Exposed Status Effect, receiving a 50% penalty that slows progression, or your Terror Radius transferring to another survivor with the new obsession once the other loses a health state. This build is guaranteed to help you succeed through the trial. 


Awakened Awareness:

When you are carrying a survivor, you can see the auras of other survivors that are within 20 meters of your position. This gives you the advantage to go after the next survivor once you hook the other one!


While carrying a survivor, any other survivors that are within your Terror Radius will suffer from the Exposed Status Effect, the effect for 30 seconds on survivors who leave your Terror Radius. This also pertains to those within your radius when hooking or releasing the carried survivor.


Survivors that are within your Terror Radius have a 50% penalty when healing, and healing skill checks move 50% faster. This will make it difficult to complete their healing process and once the skill checks pop up at a faster rate, it will lead them to missing it, notifying you of their location. 

Dark Devotion: 

You are obsessed with one survivor and when that obsession loses a health state, your Terror Radius will transfer to the obsession for approx. 30 seconds. The Radius will be set to 32 meters and what makes this better is you will be granted the Undetectable Status Effect for the remainder of the trial.


Portable Safe:

Survivors injured by the Virulent Bound will suffer from the Hemorrhage Status Effect until fully healed

Egg (Gold):

This increases the duration of the additional Virulent Bound Window by 50%

What makes this build great?

The build offers a variety of ways to aid in your ability to prevent the survivors from doing almost anything! It features great perks and add-ons that makes it difficult for them to heal. If you enjoy tormenting the survivors regardless with your Terror Radius, this build will fit your playstyle. 


3. The X-Ray Build

This specific Wesker Build is intended for players who depend on revealing auras to stop a survivor in their tracks. Such as when they open a chest or when you perform a basic attack on them, instantly causing them to drop their item. The charges from that item will eventually disappear, rendering it useless to the survivor as time goes on.


Franklin’s Demise: 

Performing a basic attack move will lead to the survivor dropping their item instantly! While it is on the ground, it will take up to 90 seconds for the item to lose its charges if it is not retrieved by a survivor. You are able to reveal the previously dropped items on the ground when they are within 32 meters of you. It will be highlighted in white first, then slowly fade to red once the charges from the item are gone.


With this perk, the trial starts out with two additional chests. Once a survivor interacts with a chest, their aura will be revealed and it there aura will also show when they pick up an item when they are within 64 meters of your location! 


When a survivor is being carried, the remaining survivors that are within your Terror Radius will then suffer from the Exposed Status Effect. The effect will linger for an additional 30 seconds for survivors who will leave your Terror Radius. This also applies to the survivors that are within your radius when they are rescuing the hooked survivor. 


This perk definitely makes your presence known as your Terror Radius will be increased by 26%. You will also gain 100% more blood points for actions in the Deviousness Category


Loose Crank:

Your movement speed of The Mastermind will be increased during the Chain Bound Window by 8%

Uroboros Virus:

Once a survivor becomes Critically Infected, their aura will be revealed for 4 seconds. 

What makes this build great?

The add-ons featured above allow your movement speed to be increased as well as the survivor becoming critically infected. Through the trial, the infection will build over time, this will reduce their movement speed and once Wesker will slam that criticalled infected survivor using his Virulent Bound, it will lead to him carrying the survivor instead of downing again. 


4. Cursed and Obsessed 

This Wesker build is a must have as it lets you curse a survivor and they suffer the consequences. You will also make the obsession suffer once they are injured by having your Terror Radius transfer onto them, letting you go undetected. 

Hex: Plaything:

When a survivor is hooked for the first time, they will become cursed which activates your totem Hex: Plaything. The survivor will suffer from the Oblivious Status Effect until that totem is cleansed. However, the survivor that is cursed have an opportunity to cleanse it for the first 90 seconds. Regardless, the totem's aura will also be revealed once the survivor that is cursed is within 16 meters.


When a survivor has completed 70% progress of a generator, it will trigger a loud noise notification. This is perfect because you will then be granted the Undetectable Status Effect, and the survivors will be unable to hear your Terror Radius and view the for the next 16 seconds. This can only be triggered once on each generator.


Once you put a survivor into the Dying State with a basic attack, this will cause all generators with a 32 meter vicinity to explode and they will instantly begin regressing, thus losing 8% of its progress.

Dark Devotion: 

This perk lets you become obsessed with one survivor. Once that obsession loses a health state, your Terror Radius will then transfer to the obsession for 30 seconds, the radius will be set to 32 meters. You will also have the ability to go undetected, making matters worse for the obsession and remaining survivors.


Red Herb:

Increases the interaction time of the First Aid Spray by 2 seconds


Survivors that use the First Aid Spray suffer from the Oblivious Status Effect for 30 seconds.

What makes this build great?

This build features chaotic ways to make a trial nerve-wracking for survivors. Whether they are the obsession, cursed, or suffering from any of the status effects when attempting to cleanse or heal. This build is worth it and is guranteed to help you win!


5. Broken and Blind Build

For our last build, survivors will struggle and not have a chance to complete anything! Since The Mastermind is all about strategy and speed, Superior Anatomy, one of Wesker’s main perks, increases your vaulting speed by 30-40%, which is useful in a chase because you have a high chance of immediately downing the survivor. This build also makes it even more difficult  to escape once the Exit Gates are activated. With the perk Terminus, once the gates are opened, all survivors, whether injured or dying, will suffer from the Broken Status Effect; they will be unable to heal. What makes matters worse for them is that this effect will last for an additional 20-30 seconds.


Iron Grasp:

Your powerful grasp will prevent the survivor from escaping you while they are being carried. This perk also decreases their wiggle effects, causing you to strafe sideways by 75%. The wiggle duration will also be increased between 4-12%.


As a survivor is in the process of completing a generator, they will suffer from the consequences of the Blindness and Exhausted Status effects.


Survivors that are hooked, injured, or in the dying state will suffer from the Broken Status Effect until the exit gates are opened. The effect will persist for 20-30 seconds! Once the gates are activated, this perk will be available. 

Superior Anatomy:

This perk will increase your vaulting speed between 30-40% the next time you vault a window! When a survivor also performs a rushed vault that is within 8 meters of you, Superior Anatomy will activate.


Green Herb:

Once you grab a survivor mid-bound, the infection gain will be increased by 30%.

Uroboros Virus:

When a survivor is in the critically infected stage of the virus, their aura will be revealed to you for 4 seconds. 

What makes this build great?

Once you capture a survivor while mid-bound, the infection rate will rise. However, if you don't grab them and they are already infected, they will then become critically infected (if they don't use First Aid Spray in time). This will reveal their location to you, allowing you to head over there as quickly as possible. 


Expert Tips:

Avoid Open Areas: 

Wesker excels at taking out survivors in open areas, even when they attempt to loop. Wesker has the ability to use his Virulent Bound to quickly grab survivors or slam them into a wall. It is best to keep an eye on the map and track down survivors who have wandered off. 

Keep Survivors Infected:

Once Wesker performs a basic attack on a survivor with Virulent Bound, the survivor will then become infected. They can only cure themselves by spraying with First Aid. Each spray will be used twice, allowing survivors to cleanse the infection up to eight times as the trial progresses. 

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