[Top 5] 7 Days To Die Best Vehicle Mods!

[Top 5] 7 Days To Die Best Vehicle Mods!
Post-apocalyptic street racing !!


Mods are great! They make a game you have played a million times more fun, easier, or even more challenging. Having a vehicle in 7 Days is very important if you plan to explore the world around you. While there aren’t many vehicles in the game, there are several mods to help you drive around Navezgane in style. Here are 5 of the best vehicle mods for 7 days to die in no particular order.

5. Snufkin’s Server Side Vehicles

Snufkin’s Community Pack Server Side Vehicles is a collection that is constantly being updated. This mod will give you access to 25 different vehicles; some are ridiculous, but who cares? If you are looking to spice up your driving in 7 Days, this mod is for you.

Why this mod is fun:

  • Choose from 25 new vehicles
  • You can finally drive on the water!!
  • Shark Blimp….

Get it here: Snufkin's Community Pack Server Side Vehicles | 7 Days to Die Mods

4. Ultimate Vehicle Mod

This mod will add 46 base vehicles, including some military vehicles. The Ultimate Vehicle Mod also adds road spawning vehicles into the mix. It also includes prefabs that can be upgraded to working vehicles. This mod is still being updated every so often, which makes it worth it.  

Why it is fun: 

  • 46 new vehicles
  • Updates to the mod are made regularly
  • Tanks and sports cars!!

Get it here: Ultimate Vehicle Mod at 7 Days to Die Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)

3. Bdubyah’s Vehicles All in One

This mod will allow you to create new vehicles. Buying special quests from the trader will unlock this incredible perk. The higher your barter is, the better quests you can buy. Don’t forget about the Grease Monkey perk; upgrading it will allow you to craft higher-tier items. 

Why it is fun:

  • Unlock quests to build new vehicles
  • Higher tier cars vehicles will be faster and have more storage space
  • Mega Gyroplane

Get the mod here: GeekMyVehicle at 7 Days to Die Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)

1. Oignon’s Vehicles Pack

If you have ever wanted to ski or sled in Navezgane, your wish has come true. Oignon’s Vehicles Pack will unlock the ability to use skis, snowboards, and even a sled. This may seem silly but I love the idea of skiing to the trader. 

Why it is fun:

  • Adds 7 new vehicles
  • Who doesn’t like snowboarding
  • The office chair and scooter are priceless!

Get it here: Oignon's Vehicles Pack at 7 Days to Die Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)

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