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This is a fantastic game.

7. Sidescroller Meets Dungeon-Crawler

This video demonstrates the feel of the game and the seamless transitions of frames.   

It looks and sometimes acts like a sidescroller or a dungeon-crawler, because that’s what the developers at Moon Studios wanted it to do.  It took pages out of the books of Metroid and Legend of Zelda in order to bring about the feel of earlier video games. 

However, what Ori and the Blind Forest also does is add in the RPG elements of story-telling and exploration.  The gameplay doesn’t just take you from left to right endlessly.  Oftentimes, you find yourself going right to left, then down, then left to right, then back up again as you figure out all the nooks and crannies of the forest. 

During escape sequences, the screen moves seamlessly even as you travel to the edge of the left side of the screen, only to show back up on the right side.  It’s sidescroller meets dungeon-crawler meets the 21st century. 


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