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This is a fantastic game.

6. The Irony behind the Forest Being Blinded

The Spirit Tree lights the skies ablaze.  

There is a cruel irony to Ori’s predicament after Naru dies.  Originally, when Ori became lost to the Spirit Tree, Naru found him and began raising him as her own.  All was well until the Spirit Tree called out to Ori to bring him home because the Spirit Tree was under distress.

The light got Ori’s attention, but Naru was scared of the light and hid them both from it.  Meanwhile, the light that night kills Kuro’s children, so she becomes vindictive towards it.  She attacks the Spirit Tree, which is what purges the land of the light and blinds the forest. 

The ensuing famine is what eventually kills Naru and sends Ori out on his own.  Had Naru let Ori investigate the light originally, perhaps Kuro’s children would have lived and the famine would not have happened. 


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