Bethesda Reveals First Ever Elder Scrolls Mobile Game

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Elder Scrolls Comes To Mobile

Bethesda studios had a massive E3 show this year, revealing a variety of new games, including not one but two Elder Scrolls games. One is the long awaited Elder Scrolls 6, unveiled with a 30 second preview that drove the crowd nuts. That game will probably drop on PC and consoles, like it's predecessor, Elder Scrolls 5. The other is Elder Scrolls: Blades, the first of its kind to ever to be focused on the mobile platform.

2018 marks a trend towards increased focus on mobile gaming, with both Fortnite and PUBG going mobile. As such, it’s not much of a surprise to see Bethesda jump on the bandwagon as well. But here’s the difference between Bethesda’s mobile game and other games: the new Elder Scrolls game will be made specifically for mobile. It isn’t going to be a PC game ported over to mobile, no. Elder Scrolls Blades will have controls and gameplay physics specifically manufactured with mobile users in mind, meaning controls will be fluid and easy on phones for once. Like any console game, Blades will include a wide range of attack options as well as plenty of customization and a complex progression system. But Bethesda is going further in the quest to appease the growing mobile player. They’ll do that by making Elder Scrolls: Blades the first game of its kind to be completely playable in vertical screen mode. This means the game can be played with one hand, making it much easier to play on mobile. Blades also promises to be packed with content, with three game modes. This includes Abyss, Arena, and Town. Abyss is basically just survival mode in a dungeon. Arena is a multiplayer mode for fighting other players. And Town is the main game hub of Elder Scrolls: Blades where quests will be found. The game will also come with a town building mode, which will be deeply incorporated into progression. Town building will allow players to upgrade their hub and unlock new NPCs, which in turn will unlock new quests. These towns will be accessible to friends, and their towns will be accessible to you.

Well, all of that sounds fabulous, but there only one problem. Mobile games never look very good, because of limited hardware capabilities. Bethesda is quick to brush that aside, promising that the game will look beautiful, showing us some gameplay on the iPhone X. Blades was also available to play on the iPhone X as a demo at E3. Keep in mind however, the iPhone X is currently the most powerful smartphone out there (by a lot), so even if Blades does run well on the iPhone X, will it run well on older iPhones or Androids? How many people will actually be able to play this game without crashing their phones? Will Elder Scrolls even look as good as advertised? We’ll keep you updated as more details are released.

Elder Scrolls: Blades will be coming to Android and iPhone for free this fall.

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