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best battleship games
Command the Heavy Firepower of the Greatest Battleships

7) Victory at Sea

Victory at Sea gameplay

Developed by Evil Twin Artworks, the award-winning Victory at Sea puts players in command of the many warships used in World War 2, including battleships, cruisers, carriers and submarines.  There are three modes of play: Historical Battle, where players try to win one of the real battles on the seas in WWII; Point Battles, which allow for inexperienced players to learn over 80 classes of ships and their capabilities; and Campaign, in which you start as a destroyer captain and advance in rank.

Allied Warships Return Fire Against Axis Fleets

While Victory at Sea is sandbox-style as opposed to mission-driven, there are orders sent from superior officers which must be followed, but it will be up to you how exactly you achieve you goals. 

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