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5. Medieval II: Total War

Rain of fire

Rain of fire   

If you like your armies clad in nice, shiny armor like the Knights of the Round Table, then you can’t go wrong with Medieval II: Total War.

The Total War games’ fourth title takes place between 1080 and 1530, and puts Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa in the spotlight. It boasts a whopping twenty-two factions, although only five are available in the beginning, and only seventeen are included in the campaign mode. The starting factions are the Holy Roman Empire, the Republic of Venice, England, Spain, and France. The rest, such as the Byzantine Empire, Egypt, the Moors, Hungary, Scotland, and Portal, have to be unlocked.

The game features several graphical upgrades over its predecessors, including motion-captured attack animations, randomized unit appearances, and bloodied uniforms.

Religion plays a deeper role in Medieval II than in some of the other Total War games. For one thing, you can become the Pope and initiate the Crusades against certain enemies. And who doesn’t want to become Pope?

Medieval II is known for having a much darker tone than other titles in the franchise, which is appropriate, given the turmoil in the particular centuries the game is set.

Our rating - 5/5

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James Lightning's picture

James Lightning 5 years 11 months ago

Great post. I have always loved the Total War series. Gotta try out total war Attila.

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