The 5 Best Characters from Injustice 2 (So far.....)

Watch Superman punch Batman into the next century.
Watch Superman punch Batman into the next century.

A Clash of Titans

This year we got to witness superheroes going at each other's throats in theaters , but what can get more epic than you getting in on those battles yourself? Injustice 2 will be set to expand on the already established story of the Dark Knight versus The Man of Steel in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Along with this epic premise, one can expect an incredible roster of superheroes to play as, and with the new “Gear System” every battle is guaranteed to be Unique. Even though only a select few characters were officially confirmed, I would like to give my opinion on the best characters that I would love to play as. 

Please note that the term “best”will be used loosely, generally referring to new game-play experiences and overall fun and not referring to how strong they really are.

5. Atrocitus


I guess chilling out isn’t in his style........

The infamous leader of the Red Lantern Corps, Atrocitus draws his power from Rage in the emotional spectrum. Atrocitus, a fan favorite is a less mainstream character finally coming out of the shadows. 

From the gameplay trailer, Atrocitus might opt for more brutal, rage-filled attacks partially relying on energy based moves like the Rage plasma. In my opinion, Atrocitus will be a breath of fresh air, since Green Lantern and Sinestro are widely known and it is high time for new Lanterns to take up the stage. 

4. Gorilla Grodd

I... am.... Grodd!!!! the original Prime Ape!!!

If you’ve watched the CW’s Flash, you might know how awesome Grodd really is. A highly intelligent primate with psychic abilities was an unexpected hit with fans worldwide and now we get to play him in Injustice 2. 

Grodd will mostly rely on a brutish fighting style and psychic attacks. Psychic attacks probably mean things like making your enemy beat himself up with his own hands. I mean, how cool is that?. A known enemy of mankind, what Grodd will be up to in the sequel is up to anyone’s imagination.

3. Aqua-man

That looks better. Best clothing choice you’ve made in a while. 

Being the King of Atlantis comes with a few perks, like telepathically controlling sharks to devour your enemies and or asking the Kraken to smash their heads into the floor. Aqua-man loses his shirt and presents himself as the warrior King he is. Wielding his iconic trident and Super telepathic abilities, one could wreak havoc on their enemies in a spectacular fashion. 

2. Batman

A billionaire who builds combat suits and beats up bad guys...Badass.

Come on, what kind of list would this be without Batman. The Dark Knight comes back with a new look and hopefully, new moves. And this time, with customizable gear and upgrades, who knows what Batman is capable of.

I for one cannot wait to see what gadgets and tech Batman will be bringing to the battlefield and the myriad of ways he dispatches his enemies using them.

1. Harley Quin

Being Jokers girlfriend, she sure does live up to that title.

If you don’t like Harley, you’re probably as messed up as Mr. J (that’s the Joker). When I first saw her reveal trailer I knew that she would be one of my favorite characters. It's not just about the game-play as Harley Quinn brings a little extra crazy into an already crazy story. 

From cool weapons like huge mallets and baseball bats to trusty sidekicks like your friendly hyenas. I mean, who doesn’t like to beat Wonder Woman or Superman up with a huge hammer and then have their faces eaten off by your lovely pet (i know that’s a bit dark, but what can I say?).

Every battle defines you in Injustice 2, and every character matters. These are my favorites to play as but feel free to comment yours down below. For more info on Injustice 2, check the Official Site.


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