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Best Technology Comics
How’s it going readers, technology is around us all day. I mean it’s... Read More
  So many LEGO games, so little time. Which are the let downs... Read More
Heroes with various powers are fighting opponents
Learn to Save the City on Your Own Welcome Justice League! ... Read More
Top 10 Cartoons like Teen titans, Best cartoons, Super Hero Cartoons
Looking for Superhero Cartoons that can be enjoyed by teens and... Read More
Batman vs Ghost Rider Who Would Win, Batman vs Ghost Rider
Batman vs Ghost Rider: Here's Who Would Win Johnny Blaze and Bruce... Read More
Top 10 Female Superheroes Hollywood Should Cast Next Female... Read More
Best Superhero Actors
15. Dave Bautista – Drax Drax the destroyer.  When WWE... Read More
All Batman Animated Movies
For this list we will examine the official DC Universe Original... Read More
most popular superheroes
Who doesn't know these 10 superheroes? There are a few elements to... Read More
Top 10 DC Villains We Want to see in the Next DC Movie
As DC’s extended universe slowly begins to reveal itself throughout... Read More
scary supervillains
Fear is an entirely subjective emotion, what terrifies some will... Read More
DC Comics Wiki
April 2018 saw the release of Action Comics #1000. Not only is this... Read More
SHAZAM! The dictionary states that the word “shazam” is an... Read More
The new Justice League film coming out this December is likely to be... Read More
Superhero costumes are always evolving, whether it’s through new... Read More
DC, Superheroes, Movies
Unsung Heroes of DC  In the movie world, we’ve been treated... Read More
Marvel, DC, Villains
Foe for Foe, who are the meanest of them all?  In the world... Read More
Avengers Assemble!
10 Superhero Movies You Must Watch Remember when ‘superhero’ wasn’... Read More
The Joker - Batman's undeniable Nemesis Number One.
The Joker’s 10 Most Heinous Atrocities Even Genghis Khan would... Read More
Superman's funeral in 'Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice'.
10 Biggest Deaths In DC Comics History The Man of Steel is... Read More
The character roster for 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'
10 characters we’d love to see in ‘Injustice 2’ DC Comics’... Read More
 A Batman v Superman story done right.
Why would it not?     The original Injustice: Gods Among... Read More
Watch Superman punch Batman into the next century.
A Clash of Titans This year we got to witness superheroes going at... Read More
Batman: Arkham Knight game rating
After the death of Joker, crime rates have declined in Gotham and... Read More
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