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It doesn't even look organic.

9. Toad from Dying Light

The nasty thing debuts at 0:15.

The Toad’s weapon is the acid snot it throws at you.  Even if it misses, it can still explode on you, causing problems later.  The phlegm can also affect other infected, which can then doubly harm you.

Thankfully, Toads are weak and are easy to kill with melee weapons when they’re in small numbers.  Unfortunately, in a horde they are much less easy to kill because the effects of the phlegm multiplies by however many toads there are.  If there’s a horde, keep your distance and pick them off one by one if you can. 

Also, can we talk about just how obnoxiously gross the thing is? It’s fat, ugly, and throws snot at you. 

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