10 Best Alien Invasion Games You Should Play

10 Best Alien Invasion Games You Should Play
They're coming.

We all know that the aliens are out there. And it is only a matter of time before they attack us. Here are some games to prepare you for the upcoming invasion.

Ever since Space Invader, us gamers have been obsessed with the possibility of an alien invasion. Aliens are perhaps the most frequently represented enemies. They can be green, purple, big or small, they can be masterminds like the Reapers or part of a hive-mind like the Zerg. No matter the form they take, we love them. More importantly, we love killing them. Here are some games that are the best at that:

10. Serious Sam 3: BFE

I bet he doesn’t floss.

The first entry on this list is an action packed first person shooter. Serious Sam is a throwback to the old style of shooters, featuring pickups, no cover system and a wild variety of guns. It is fast, it is wild, and it does not care. The game is known for its humor and style. Also, you can rip out parts of your enemies.

My personal rating: 3.5/5

No cover. All man.

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