[Top 15] Best Movies Like Prometheus

Movies like Prometheus
David make a life changing discovery.

Which movies reach for the stars to further human exploration like Prometheus?

Humans have been fascinated with groundbreaking technology to help us search for the answer to our existence and to save Earth from unknown threats. The movie Prometheus reveals the answer might not be what we want to hear. And that android we created to help us, might turn against us while making the decision humans aren’t worth saving. Below are 15 films like Prometheus.

15. The Cloverfield Paradox

The Cloverfield Paradox trailer

Earth is running out of renewable energy. It’s now up to a space crew to launch an experimental particle accelerator called “Shepard.” Despite pushback from conspiracy theorists, the team successfully activates the accelerator, but by doing so, they unleash chaos back on Earth.

The Cloverfield Paradox was originally titled God Particle. 

14. Jason X

Jason X Trailer

A greedy doctor wants to study Jason because of his unique ability to regenerate but refuses to freeze him for transport. Seriously, doesn’t he know who Jason is? Eventually, a scientist freezes him, but Jason is still in a lab for study. Now a group on a spaceship, accompanied by an android, must fight to prevent Jason from heading to their new Earth.

What’s scarier than a reanimated Jason? A reanimated Jason on space.

13. Life (2017)

Life Official Trailer

The question ‘are we alone?’ has been answered. A lifeform is retrieved by the space station where they intend to study it, except the dubbed “Calvin” has other plans. Now the crew must fight to survive while keeping the lifeform contained.

Experience life in this horror sci-fi film.

12. Ex Machina

Ex Machina Trailer

Caleb gets the ultimate opportunity to test out the capability of Ava, an AI robot. The creator of Ava is interested to see if the AI has the ability to speak for herself beyond programming. After a few sessions, Ava becomes manipulative and conducts a study of her own.

Who is really conducting the experiment?

11. Interstellar

Interstellar Trailer

In an attempt to save humanity, a space crew is developed to find a habitable planet. The team is accompanied by two robots, TARS and CASE. When the space crew is slung into a black hole, they lose a significant amount of time, and the robots ultimately surpass the human’s existence and bring the remaining crew to their final destination.

How far would you go to save humanity?

10. Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars Trailer

Astronauts set out to explore the red planet and find significant evidence to colonize Mars in the future. Tragedy strikes them, and one of the astronauts is stranded. A rescue team lands on Mars to find the lost astronaut still conducting research where he believes human-like creatures are inhabiting the planet.

The film won first place at the box office during its opening weekend.

9. The Matrix

The Matrix Trailer

There is a war being waged between humans and machines. Within a simulated reality, things may seem normal, but rebels who have broken that system and are looking for recruits. Neo is a computer hacker, who comes across “the matrix” and discovers there is more to reality than he knew.

The directors hired Yuen Woo-ping to choreograph the fight scenes.

8. The Last Days on Mars

Last Days On Mars Trailer

A crew stationed on mars is less than a day from completing their mission. This leaves just enough time for chaos to happen before their transport arrives. One of the scientists discovers a sample that may contain life right before he dies. This same life reanimates him, and the rest of the crew fight to survive until a spacecraft comes to rescue them.

They thought the mission was over, but it’s just the beginning.

7. Lifeforce

Lifeforce Trailer

A crew aboard the spaceship Churchill discover three naked humanoids amongst a bunch of creatures. Once the humanoids are in a research facility, the one female begins to drain the life out of everyone she sees. Now the crew must stop the humanoid from taking over the planet.

The movie was adapted from the novel The Space Vampires by Colin Wilson. 

6. Supernova

Supernova Trailer

A medical ship receives a distress call from a neighboring moon. They rescue a young man who smuggles an artifact aboard the medical ship. The object gives the young man superhuman power, and he continues to murder the crew. 

With a budget of about $90 million, the film only made under $15 million worldwide.

5. Ad Astra

Ad Astra Trailer

Earth is experiencing deadly surges. After sixteen years, the US Space Command learns the “Lima Project” crew may still be alive and near Neptune. They recruit the astronaut’s son, Roy, to initiate contact with him on Mars. When Roy arrives, he experiences the same surges and soon finds out his father's project to find extraterrestrial life may be doing more harm than good.

Brad Pitt stars as Roy McBride.

4. Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Trailer

Within a dark cloud lies an alien ship killing everything in its path. The starship Enterprise is the closest within range to fight it before it heads to Earth, but the ship abducts their navigator and replaces her with a robot replica. The crew aboard the Enterprise try and use the robot's ability to their advantage, but little do they know they already have the ability to defeat the alien.

This was Star Trek’s first film installment.

3. Infini

Infini Trailer

A rescue crew is sent to the ship Infini, but they distressed. The team is ordered to retrieve one remaining survivor. Soon after, they learn of a contagion that replicates itself into human form. The crew must do everything to contain the pathogen and prevent it from going to Earth.

Director Shane Abbess produced Infini in Australia on a low budget after waiting for Hollywood to green-light the film.

2. 2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey Trailer

Look no further into your search for intelligent life. HAL is a computer that can do it all. He can talk, and pretty much control everything. But, never speak ill about it; otherwise, you’ll end up like the Discovery One space crew sent to obtain an ancient alien artifact in space.

2001: A Space Odyssey won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

1. Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant Trailer

Humans have the ability to create artificial life in their image. Who’s to say those creations won’t want to play god too? In the case of Alien: Covenant, the AI David realizes his immortality and uses his intelligence to experiment on the new colony ship Covenant.

Alien: Covenant takes place where the film Prometheus left off.

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