10 Crazy Predictions about Mass Effect 4 That May Just Come True: Page 8 of 10

Space, A never-ending frontier
A new era is about to unfold.

8. Playing Cupid

Whether you slept with everyone you could or found your one virtual soulmate, you know a thing aor two about romance.

Another new type of interaction you’ll be dealing with could be convincing members of the crew to hook up. You will need a high enough Paragon score to pull this off, but you will be able to drop hints about other crew members to whomever it is you’re talking too.  Talk enough about a crewmember and you just may find the two spending a lot of time with each other. If not, well not everyone is a match made in heaven.

This will be a completely optional thing, but it will thrill people who always felt two characters would be cute together.  You could also use it if you have a devious side and want to get a crew member you really dislike to make a fool of themselves in front of someone who’s clearly not interested. Be careful though because, like all other dialogue options, they can have big consequences.

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